Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm going to change this title when I think of one

Oops, it looks like I lost two blog followers. That makes me sad. That also happened when I wrote about breedable chickens too. Dang. I should have learned my lesson back then. Oh well. Frankly, I would run the hell away from this blog right now too if I could. It dwells in the Land of Fail these days.

Anyway . . .

You guys are sick of all those highfalutin fashion pictures out there. I know you are! So here's a simple picture of me, looking slightly stoned, trying to keep my balance in the snow. (Pose: from the Freestylin' set by !bang.) I took this photo on my work computer, which I think was the first Dell computer ever made, so that's my excuse for the bad quality. *cough*

That Chiffon Silk Kerchief skirt from The Secret Store has earned a place in my coveted "Favorite Clothing Ever" folder. Get it at The Dressing Room Blue for a mere 60L. I'm also loving the new short leather jackets (180L) from bubble. That's my fashion blast of the day. Bask in it, baby!

Speaking of babies, I'm beta-testing a prim baby from a new prim baby company, MunBabies:

*listens to the sound of more blog followers running away*

DON'T WORRY! I'm not going to write about it. Frankly, I don't even know what the hell I'm supposed to do with this thing. How do you beta-test a baby? It didn't come with instructions. It cries and laughs and makes a rattle-shaking sound when I poke it. But am I supposed to feed it or something?

Does it breed?

The beta-tester folder included a version to pose with:


That's a little too MILF-y for me. Kind of looks like I'm preparing to give birth AGAIN. Or at least getting ready to conceive. "Open for business, boys! Come to Mama!" (Try that pose in real life -- I can almost guarantee you'll die laughing. I did! In fact, up the laugh factor and do it while you're holding a real baby. In a basket.)

"Hi there, little squinty baby with a toupee! I'm your new stripper mom! Welcome to your new home! Well, actually, it's a big snowy yard. We don't have a lot of furniture right now. Frankly I can't even rez you on my parcel at the moment. Not enough room at the inn and all that. We do have a lot of pets though!"


DON'T LEAVE! I'm not going to write about them, I swear!! Well, except I sold three. WOO HOO! That means I've made about a 700L return on my 25000L investment in these things. I ROCK!

I'm not even interested in selling them anymore. And I'm not even that attached to them as pets. What I love is the power of creation. You know, as in, what happens if I breed this glowing white one with this shiny violet one? It's like having a furry little chemistry set!!

Let's end this post with two quick pics. I like to call this one, "When Bad Pillows Happen to Good Friends":

Ha ha! I went over to check out my friend Epione's new cabin. She writes a blog I love, Translucent Journey. I was touched to see that she's using the furniture I got her for Christmas. For the record, it matched her last house. But she changes houses so often, I should have known better. ("Hi, I got you some pretty pastel furniture for your rustic earth-toned cabin! Now you  have to use it or my feelings will be hurt!") Oops.

She does have a real head, I swear.

And now, a Neon Frog plea:


Please slap this board if you get a chance today. Do it for those of us who long for a moose. Here's your limo.

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MunBabies Blog
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LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Love the way you write! And don't worry, I'm NEVER going to stop following your blog!xxxxx

Tashi Core said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tashi Core said...

Ack! Typo! In the deleted comment. Sorry. :(
I love your blog as much as ever, but I decided to do a cleanup of my own blogger profile. I am now "following" your blog using my blog's blogroll instead.
I remain your supporter. :D
Cheers, Tashi

Steven said...

THERE! You gained a follower. I mean I read it all the time, I just never did the FOLLOW thing. You rock.

Serenity Semple said...

Emeraaaa. I love your blog, just keep it the way you are! XD Yer posts are so fun and funny (funny good way not funny laugh at you way). And I sooo wanna get into the cats thing, you gotta hook me up with some info in world sometime. :3

Arianna Earst said...

Hey Emerald! Love all your blog posts and you know it too :-) I don't really "follow" people on my Google account since I usually read all my blogs in a feed reader but I couldn't resist. Feel free to follow me back. Thanks. Ta ta!

Chalice Carling said...

Oh Em. Don't you worry about the follow thing. I think people watch you covertly and secretly love you from afar. You are my blogging idol and I send you little affirmations all the time willing you to blog more stories.

I admire the person who created the baby but it's a scary looking thing. Did you leave it under a bus per chance? That face looks like a plate. Regardless, you did well birthing it in that humongous basket. Hands you a doughnut pillow and some cream.

Are they the 'Sit On My Face And Tell Me That You Love Me' range of throw pillows? Very chic.

Never change...never leave. We love you.

Deoridhe said...

I only followed you this week to set up my supah awesome bloglist of "hey this updated! Yay!"


Anonymous said...

Emerald, some of us are lurkers..I have followed you from the start, but don't want my Yahoo info 'shared'. I am in your friend's list and you are a permanent tab in my Firefox...Keep writing, keep that sense of humor, girl....more people read you than the pics on the side.
Mystery Thorne

Emerald Wynn said...

DOH! I sooooo didn't mean for that to come across as a "woe is me - nobody likes my blog" thing. I meant it more as a "whoops, I knew the breedables would annoy people" thing.

But thank you to everyone here. I am so blessed to call you friends and appreciate your support. I'm so not worthy!! :)

Chalice: Haha! I would NEVER buy a friend some sit-on-my-face pillows. Well, never say "never," but you know what I mean. I think Epione forgot to turn off her AO before she laid down in that pic.

Lucy Lourbridge said...

I'm a lurker.. *peeks out from under the table*... I have no idea how to follow the blog, but maybe I should learn. And um, that baby is creeeeepy! *goes back to hiding under the table*

Astrid Kiranov said...

I love your blog and whatever you decide to write about. Breedables, fashion, goofy adventures, all of it. :) I'm a huge lurker and check your blog every day. Heck, if I logged in more, I'd even think about IM'ing you to bug you and see if you wanted a hunt buddy. I love doing hunts. And now, I run away because I'm all shy and am seeming silly.

PS, I agree with Chalice...that baby looks scary.