Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Bloom (but mainly a lot of rambling about Blythe)

On my Mac, these pics look lighter and crispier and cooler with more contrast. On my crappy work computer (don't tell my boss) they look like hell. If they look like hell on your computer, just pretend they're awesome. Maybe I'll mess around with them later. OK, let's begin:

In 1972, the toy company Kenner released a doll with an oversized head and giant eyes. Named Blythe, she was yanked off the shelves several months later because she SCARED THE BEJEEZUS out of little kids.

Fortunately for those of us who now love Blythe, in 2000, photographer and doll aficionado Gina Garan used Blythe in a stop-motion Christmas commercial for the Japanese department store chain Parco:


I don't like the part where those other two come crunching through the snow. :(

"Have a Blythe Christmas."

I guess society had gotten just a little bit more twisted since the '70s, because people all over the world watched this commercial and screamed, "I WANT THAT THING!" So the company CWC, along with the Japanese toy company Takara, started releasing new Blythe dolls. And all the collectors of creepy dolls lived happily ever after.

That's kind of the Blythe story in a nutshell. I love Blythe dolls. However, I also happen to be a single woman clinging to the remnants of her 30s. It's hard enough finding a normal guy to date these days without tilting the odds even more by decorating my bachelorette pad with a bunch of freaky dolls. So I only have two of them. In a box. In my closet. Under a blanket.

If you're wondering why the hell I'm even talking about Blythe, I'll get to that - I promise!

I could get into this big thing about how there are four different Blythe body types, and how all I really want is one Blythe doll with each body type, but I won't. Suffice it to say that if you want to learn more about Blythe, I'd visit the following Websites:

Gina Garan's This is Blythe
Blythe Body Type Chart by Puchi Collective
Blythe Doll list at — which I REALLY love because it shows all of them and categorizes them by body type

Anyway. Look at my dollies!!!

I have Candy's Precocious Mushroom (WTF does this mean?):

. . . and Sunday Very Best, which I bought by accident because I thought it was an earlier version called Sunday Best. Dammit. I still love her though:

Sometimes I like to lurk around on eBay -- where I stole these pictures -- and watch these things. I'm psyched to see that Mushroom has gone up about $200 in value since I bought her last year. (Does anybody still say "psyched"? Probably not.)

Someday when I feel like impulsively spending about $300, I'm getting this Ribboneta Wish:

Hello Kitty!

But enough about me!

If you want a Blythe doll but don't want to shell out the big bucks for it in RL, creator Emma Gilmour of Sand Shack Surf Co. has created the next best thing, as far as I'm concerned, with her Bloom Doll AVs. I'm proud to be the first person to blog them and take a picture of one.

This is Spooky Bloom, but she's not as scary as my photography skills.

I'm gonna have a field day with these things. A field day, I tell you!

There are six girl AVs available and two boy AVs for 600L each. I bought all the girls. Sorry boy Blooms, but I'm just not into doll gender bending.

Each AV includes two shapes, the head, skin, poses and a collector's doll box. As with the real Blythe dolls, you have several eye options, eye lid options and lash options - all menu-driven.

There are some ROCKIN' pics of them on Flickr! I am in awe of the artistry and the creativity that's on display in that pool. Damn.

OK, so, I'm at work and I have to get back to work. But first:

This was supposed to be the lead picture in this post but I realized too late that the SHOES DIDN'T REZ. **kicks SL** If it were up to SL, I'd be barefoot all the time. Or even footless, for that matter.

I'm going to be honest with you: Modding hair to fit that BIG DAMN HEAD can be kind of a bitch.

I'm wearing Chloe . . . OOPS, I MEAN LAYLA! . . . by Truth in Streaked Crow (I think). The Queen of Hearts outfit is from RFyre. Tattoo is a former group gift from LuNi Designs. And the shoes . . . well, eff you, shoes.

I'm ashamed to say I hastily slapped this look together so I could write this blog post. These AVs deserve a lot more care in the styling. A real Blythe doll, for example, comes with a zillion little cool accessories.

Shoot - my boss wants something. I have to go!

Sand Shack Surf Co.
Bloom Doll Flickr Pool


Deoridhe said...

Creepy dolly OMG!!!

I thought about getting one, but balked at the 600$L pricetag, which is totally hypocritical because I later went out and spent that to wake up my pet bunny.

Aisuru Rieko said...

oh I knew you'd love these! I'm going to blog in Bloom so I can be the 2nd person to do so :P no it's because it's pink week in the color challenge and I wanted to be a big-headed doll :D

Terri Zhangsun said...

Many times, I can't believe that I am a woman in her 40's playing with a virtual doll. Now, I am a woman in her 40's letting her virtual doll play into another virtual doll....what's next?

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

I must admit I'm not really into dolls, rl or sl, but I do love reading your posts because you always crack me up! *LOL* Thanks for making my day Emerald! *hugss*