Monday, September 26, 2022

Pics and babbling and creepy dolls and BOO!


Today I heard a lot of people in a group asking where to get the creepy doll on the right. (She's on display at Uber.) You can get her from the Haunted Family gacha at D-LAB here.

So hey, what've you guys been up to? I've been getting my parcel ready for Halloween. I'm glad I have a landlord who lets me keep my 'EXTRA' flag flying during holidays because you kids know I like to use up ALL my land allowance for ALL the things.

WOO! And that's not even all of it.

Remember the old days, when this blog was just pictures of me standing around gaping at things in SL? I miss those days.

They're watching me.

I checked the Destination Guide and went over and checked out Fear - Lana. It's a pretty surreal place with a lot of great places to take photos. I didn't capture the full experience here because my Windlight settings are always on Nam's Optimal Skin 2. Props to all the skilled photographers out there who can make magic in any setting. 

I'm wearing the bloody Bridget Dress by Beauty Factory Store. If you hurry, you can probably still grab it for 75L. They have non-bloody versions too. The garters are from Michan. The bloody Chiara hair is from Mina. It's almost Halloween - GET YO BLOOD ON!

These dudes were hanging out by a creepy gazebo. Anyhoo, it was a nice little stroll through an artsy sim. I recommend a trip there if you're bored. (Yeti Boots by Mogul, 75L - still available at Saturday Sale prices today. LOVE TO THE CREATORS!)

OK, I'm running out of things to say and feeling kind of blah. I'll close with a pic of this red Loro puffy vest and headscarf from Bjorn. Pretty much everything I wear is from the weekend sales. I'm a cheap-o like that. 

I'll be back later when I'm feeling more peppy. Big hugs to you. ❤

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Big damn ballgowns and such

Does anybody remember this The Baby Construct hair from retro creator Crimson + Clover? At the time in 2010 it was all the rage because it had an alien FETUS in it. I still love it, although I can't get it to work perfectly on my (I finally got a) mesh head. 

And oh, HELLO! It's been a while, huh? If you caught my now-deleted last post a couple years back -- mainly a YouTube video -- I apologize for being so obnoxious in it. I wasn't myself back then. That's my excuse. 

Meanwhile, I realize Blogger is so yesterday but I got the urge to dust mine off and blab a little, so here we go. 

Let's throw in a photo of this are-you-kidding-me FABULOUS Lora ball gown from Belle Epoque. LOOK AT IT! I've been wearing it everywhere, probably much to the annoyance of everyone around me in stores. DAT TRAIN THO! I love the ruffled details and the whole "here I am" vibe of it. I was originally going for a steampunk Cinderella look, but anyone who knows me knows that I can't hold back from adding ALL THE THINGS to my AV when I'm getting dressed, so the final look turned out to be a hodgepodge of, well, all the things. Oops.

Yes, those are wings because of course they are.

I'm trying to rediscover the joy of writing, if only in meaningless blog posts, and I'm failing a little. If you're reading this post, thanks for bearing with me. 

Here are some random thoughts:

  • After being gone from SL for a while, returning was a big learning curve for me as I navigated the ins and outs of mesh bodies and mesh heads. It's interesting that we created all these mesh things just so we could slap the equivalent of system layers back on everything, but whatever, SL. You do you. :)
  • So much has changed, but one thing has stayed consistent: People still irritatingly stop and loiter at landing points in stores. I still TP in and land on people and flail around awkwardly until one of us manages to move. STEP AWAY FROM THE LANDING POINT WHEN YOU TP IN, KIDS! 
  • And on that note, naked dudes keep TPing into my parcel and acting crude. Some things never change. Freaks me out every time.
  • If you've followed this blog for a while, I'm still hanging with my beloved Bunny. 

  • Speaking of blogs (kind of), I'd like to thank Blueberry for keeping me on their bloggers list after all this time. I'm working on a Blueberry post, Blueberry - I swear. I'm scared that they'll see my non-stellar photography skills and finally boot me out.
  • And speaking of photos, I'm so upset that Photobucket and/or Blogger have turned this entire blog into an eyesore. They've replaced a bunch of photos with BIG DAMN ADS. It's gross. I hate it. I need to move this blog to somewhere else, but old habits die hard.
  • We're a little late, but can I show you guys my Halloween ensemble last year? I can never have too many big damn ballgowns. I'm not sure what I was trying to be. I guess something sinister and purple.

  • I've noticed that this blog is still getting some traction from my Elisa Lam post. If I would've known so many random people were going to be reading it, I would have made it a little more comprehensive. Oops.
  • I love creators who include a picture of their products in the folders. It helps so much when I'm digging through my 282K inventory and trying to decorate a place or get dressed. 

And on a final note, I've missed everybody. If you see me, please say Hi. I'm pretty shy and keep to myself mostly, but I'm still happy to see everyone. 

Signing off for now. Big hugs to you. - Em 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thank you, SL14B!

I know most of you are probably at Hair Fair today, but in case you're not paying attention to other stuff, it's the last day to visit SL14B. They're gonna blow up that magnificent cake (**sniff**) at 4 p.m. SLT. So get over there and have some fun! (If you feel so inclined, I mean. I'm not one to boss people around.)

I love that lady in the background of that pic up there. I waited patiently for her to leave ... but she wouldn't. So I finally said "to hell with it" and let her photo bomb this pic. You're welcome for the 10 minutes of entertainment, lady. I bet she was fascinated by my mesh jeans, prim shoes and system shirt. Me too.

Here's a throwback to the early days of this blog, when no one was reading it (kind of like now!) and all my pictures were of my AV's back as I stood and stared at things in wonder:

I'd love to hang that thing in my RL bedroom.

One of my favorite SLB exhibits this year was this merry-go-round where you ride PEOPLE:

Nice! I know it probably has a deeper intellectual meaning, but meanwhile I'm just like, "YEEHAW! RIDE ALL THE PEOPLE!" 

They talk to you while you ride them, too.

On a side note, I love how a few posts ago, I was all, "Hey, I got a computer with the BEST GRAPHICS CARD EVER!" and yet my high-res photos are still kind of jaggedy and crispy-looking. I blame this one slider in my graphics card driver control panel thingy. It asked me if I wanted optimal graphics or optimal performance. At first I said, "GRAPHICS, BABY! I WANT TO SEE!" but then my games kept crashing and stuttering and blah blah blah. But everything's peachy now that I've scooted that slider over to "performance." I guess I can only ask so much from a LAPTOP, even if it does call itself a gaming laptop.

But enough of the tech talk. I have a new boyfriend now! ...

*parade wave!*

Now that's my kind of man! Strong with a nice hat.

This exhibit is called ... well, shoot, I forgot to write down the name. My notes just say "weird merry-go-round." But it's by the group Aequitas

Their notecard says: 

"Aequitas is a non-profit multinational conglomerate of dada intellectuals involved with the exploration of biological impulses and their effect on modern psyche through the medium of anti-conceptual physics and minor abstractions."

Uh. OK. So much Googling to be done now. *shame* 

Suddenly I feel like such a mental lowbrow. But hey, Aequitas, your merry-go-round is cool!

OK, I'm signing off now. I have to catch up on some Better Call Saul episodes. Have the loveliest of days, kids!

(And the pink elephants say: "When will she stop with the Windlight settings? And where is her FOOT?")


Tuesday, June 27, 2017



I need a mesh head mentor. It's all Greek to me. I'M SCARED! Do I start with a body and then get a head or vice versa?

As for the heads, do they make a girl-next-door looking one? Because that's me. Or are they all sultry supermodel-type heads? Because that's not me. I couldn't deal with that look (on me) without laughing.

In real life, I look like an aging muppet. I have to stay somewhat true to myself in the AV version or I'll feel like a phony. A girl's gotta have a code.

Oh ... wait, you want pics with this post? Ummm ... OK, hold on ....

First, a disclaimer: I am not making fun of this designer or these clothes.

That said, ready? GO: 

In real life, I live in Redneckville, Tennessee. I am not lying to you when I say that I recently saw a woman walking around the MALL in a getup like the one above. It was acid-washed. (All you youngsters will probably have to Google "acid-wash." Sorry.)

So, first, yes: I hang my head in mild shame when I admit that I was at an all-American, middle-American MALL and not shopping on Rodeo Drive or in a chic boutique somewhere. Don't tell Anna Wintour.

But anyway, that's a bathing suit, right? If not and I'm just woefully behind in the SL fashion scene, I apologize. Regardless, it still doesn't matter. We're pretty much all members of The Beautiful People Tribe in Second Life (meaning, I have yet to see a cellulite tattoo/skin layer) and, as such, we could all wear this thing anywhere inworld, no problem. But in the food court at a Tennessee mall ("MAWL")? Not so much.

Part 2:

I am SO JEALOUS of this chick's virtual butt, I want to weep. If I had a butt like this IN ANY WORLD, I feel like all my problems would be solved. I would just parade up and down ALL THE STREETS with it -- except I'd also wear a T-shirt that said, "JELLY?? Yeah you are!" on the back. 

Meanwhile, people all around me would gasp and drop to their knees and worship my glorious BOOTAY! They would chant, "BOOTAY! BOOTAY! BOOTAY!" and give me a unicorn.

It'd be the closest I'd ever get to being a princess. 

Maybe if I eat more tacos, it'll still happen someday. 

But so speaking of, we do have ACRES AND ACRES OF WOMEN wearing leggings/jeggings/pants like this in Tennessee. I try not to stare. And before you get all excited and make plans to move here, I should clarify that -- like a cheeseburger on a fast-food restaurant menu -- it usually doesn't look like the picture. So I'm just gonna say that I commend those gals for their fierce, um, pride and bravery. Rock on with your bad-ass badonkadonks, ladies! (But a tunic or an oversized shirt over those painted-on stretch pants would look cute too. *cough*)

Everything I know about the female anatomy, I learned at Walmart.


Back to SL: I wanted to buy those leggings up there, but -- just like RL -- I think my butt is too flat in SL. Are we buying mesh butts now too? Plus, I'm assuming those are worn with appliers. Which brings us back full-circle (see what I did there?) to my "WTF MESH" dilemma.

I need a mesh body/head stylist. I could even pay you for your time if you catch me on Payday Friday.

OK, I'm still sprinting through the almost-empty SL14B sims, so I'll wrap up this babbling Even though the birthday performances are over, the sims are still open through July 2 and, blessedly, there's almost zero lag now, so if you haven't checked it out over there, you should go. 

I feel kind of bad for people who don't get EXCITED about the annual SLB festivities. I love the creative exhibits and the fun free gifts (that I love to snatch but almost never unpack). It's amazing how far SL has come.

Thank you, Creators! I bow down before you.

love, Em

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Me and my shadows

I joined SL in 2008. I don't know if I should feel accomplished or like an absolute dweeb. Mostly the latter, I think. But that's OK.

Nine years later, thanks to a decent computer, I can finally see things like Windlight settings. And shadows. And other people. And landscaping. And things don't look as jaggedy. It's like seeing this place for the first time. I can't get over how gorgeous the water looks.

I'm impressed, SL! What a difference a graphics card makes!

Anyway, switching topics:

A couple of years ago, my friend Pay was SOOOO generous and gave me a place to live when I was homeless. The land has changed hands since then, but the new owner was nice enough to let me come back and rent my former parcel from her. I'll be sharing it with a friend, but it's still, um, rather spacious at the moment:


(Yeah, bear with me while I screw around with EVERY Windlight setting ever made. Sorry.)

I guess I need to put a BIG. DAMN. HOUSE right there in the middle of it, but that's never really been my style (except during the holidays, when my ice castle goes up). So it's still a work in progress, to put it mildly, but at least there are chairs now.

You can find "The Magical Land of E" HERE.

For now, I've set permissions to allow everyone to unpack boxes there and stuff, although my landmate and I are still working out our respective living areas. I think she's going to be up in the sky. If not, obviously I won't have as much room on the ground, but until then, if you happen to be an SL wanderer and you need a place to organize your inventory or you just want to chill out on my deck or hang out up on the moon or ride my balloon or whatever, please feel free to swing by and make yourself at home. I'm hardly ever there. If I am, please don't laugh at my standard AV body and -- holy cow -- today I'm wearing a system shirt. Don't tell anyone.

Oh, and no SLexing please, unless you absolutely get caught up in the throes of passion. In that case, please try to keep it in or near the water. I'd really like the place to stay free of bodily fluids for a while. And I hate logging in and being shocked by virtual genitals that aren't mine.

There's an old-school pose stand (and privacy) in that gazebo over there if you need to change clothes. Please be nice to Bunny. He's getting up there in years too.

(Haha, even the most supreme graphics capabilities can't make up for the fact that I still suck at taking pics. Sorry. I'm more of a words person.)

And oh yeah, there's booze and cake on the deck. Because OF COURSE!

Cake and margaritas for ALL THE PEOPLE!! WOOOOOOOT! 


  • Complete Palisades Bar set from What Next. I think it was 550L. Includes 2 stools, drinks, drink giver and garnishes. A non-alcoholic version is also available, as is a less expensive version without all the accessories. 
  • The interactive cake/slice/sugar spill in the background is a What Next group gift.
  • Aries hair in Colors 1 pack from Blues; includes HUD for the texture-change ram horns.
  • "Chill" system shirt from my 2008 inventory folder. Long sleeves courtesy of "I Can't Match My Slink Hands to My Arms Today."

OK, now that I've made my parcel somewhat presentable (cough), I'm gonna go out into the world and check out SL14B. (I say that every day. Tonight I'm DOING IT!)

Have a fabulous and colorful day! ♥

The Magical Land of E
What Next

Friday, June 23, 2017

Well hello!

HAY THERE!!! I've missed you guys!!

So it's my first time logging in since 2015 (I think) and I log on to THIS hot mess.


You can't really tell in this pic, but my hands are sticking out of my back.

Anyhoo ...

I finally got a computer with decent graphics. I never knew SL had so much color. I always thought it was just a jumble of vague gray shapes. But WOW, kids! Everything is so FABULOUS!

This is my first time trying to navigate ALL THE THINGS on a PC (sorry, Macs, but your graphics are so yesterday and I wanted a VR headset), so please bear with me while I try to figure some things out.

Like how to work this computer. And mesh bodies. And heads. And probably many, many other things. My AV is the now the official Queen of Throwback SL, I'm sure -- particularly since my feet are backwards and my hands are sticking out of my butt.

But whatever, youngsters. I've been around for almost 10 years. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!

And on that note ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SECOND LIFE! WOOT WOOT!!! I'll be hanging on these SLB sims for the next few days. LOVE THEM.

More later!

**picks up my floating shoes and hobbles off to the giant birthday cake**

XO, Em

Thursday, October 13, 2016

What the hell has happened over here??

None of my photos are showing up anymore.


Thanks, Photobucket.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

None of my words are working today (Free 'Pray for Paris' T-shirt)

 photo Paris T_zpseg6bxn9i.jpg
(Not responsible for my avatar's Resting Bitch Face.)

There are people out there who will write deeply moving and possibly comforting things about Paris today. I'm not one of those people. All I can say is "I'm so sorry."

For those who are also at a loss for words, here are a couple of options:

Chopard Couture has a free mesh "Pray for Paris" T-shirt (shown above), including versions for men and women, on the SL marketplace HERE, as well as at the inworld store.

– A lot of people are hanging out over on the Paris 1900 sim, where you can grab a free "Je suis Paris" sign in the gazebo:

 photo je suis_zpslxi8nkuj.jpg

That's about as far as I got in SL today before I crashed. My graphics card couldn't handle all the action, but here's a YouTube video that'll give you an idea of what's been going on over at that sim, courtesy of Grange Wood. (I don't know Grange. People were shouting about this video in open chat. I scanned through it and I don't think anything X-rated is going to pop up, no pun intended.)

I'm sure someone will organize some kind of structured event soon. When I was there, it was mainly just a sea of people standing around talking – which sometimes can be pretty comforting. 

My faith is a little shaky these days, but yes, in case anyone's listening, I too am praying for Paris – and all of us, actually.

Additional credit: Hair – Louisa by Truth. I love this style because it looks like an updated version of his now-retro Emerald hair, the naming of which remains a highlight of my SL life. ;)