Thursday, June 9, 2022

Big damn ballgowns and such

Does anybody remember this The Baby Construct hair from retro creator Crimson + Clover? At the time in 2010 it was all the rage because it had an alien FETUS in it. I still love it, although I can't get it to work perfectly on my (I finally got a) mesh head. 

And oh, HELLO! It's been a while, huh? If you caught my now-deleted last post a couple years back -- mainly a YouTube video -- I apologize for being so obnoxious in it. I wasn't myself back then. That's my excuse. 

Meanwhile, I realize Blogger is so yesterday but I got the urge to dust mine off and blab a little, so here we go. 

Let's throw in a photo of this are-you-kidding-me FABULOUS Lora ball gown from Belle Epoque. LOOK AT IT! I've been wearing it everywhere, probably much to the annoyance of everyone around me in stores. DAT TRAIN THO! I love the ruffled details and the whole "here I am" vibe of it. I was originally going for a steampunk Cinderella look, but anyone who knows me knows that I can't hold back from adding ALL THE THINGS to my AV when I'm getting dressed, so the final look turned out to be a hodgepodge of, well, all the things. Oops.

Yes, those are wings because of course they are.

I'm trying to rediscover the joy of writing, if only in meaningless blog posts, and I'm failing a little. If you're reading this post, thanks for bearing with me. 

Here are some random thoughts:

  • After being gone from SL for a while, returning was a big learning curve for me as I navigated the ins and outs of mesh bodies and mesh heads. It's interesting that we created all these mesh things just so we could slap the equivalent of system layers back on everything, but whatever, SL. You do you. :)
  • So much has changed, but one thing has stayed consistent: People still irritatingly stop and loiter at landing points in stores. I still TP in and land on people and flail around awkwardly until one of us manages to move. STEP AWAY FROM THE LANDING POINT WHEN YOU TP IN, KIDS! 
  • And on that note, naked dudes keep TPing into my parcel and acting crude. Some things never change. Freaks me out every time.
  • If you've followed this blog for a while, I'm still hanging with my beloved Bunny. 

  • Speaking of blogs (kind of), I'd like to thank Blueberry for keeping me on their bloggers list after all this time. I'm working on a Blueberry post, Blueberry - I swear. I'm scared that they'll see my non-stellar photography skills and finally boot me out.
  • And speaking of photos, I'm so upset that Photobucket and/or Blogger have turned this entire blog into an eyesore. They've replaced a bunch of photos with BIG DAMN ADS. It's gross. I hate it. I need to move this blog to somewhere else, but old habits die hard.
  • We're a little late, but can I show you guys my Halloween ensemble last year? I can never have too many big damn ballgowns. I'm not sure what I was trying to be. I guess something sinister and purple.

  • I've noticed that this blog is still getting some traction from my Elisa Lam post. If I would've known so many random people were going to be reading it, I would have made it a little more comprehensive. Oops.
  • I love creators who include a picture of their products in the folders. It helps so much when I'm digging through my 282K inventory and trying to decorate a place or get dressed. 

And on a final note, I've missed everybody. If you see me, please say Hi. I'm pretty shy and keep to myself mostly, but I'm still happy to see everyone. 

Signing off for now. Big hugs to you. - Em 

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