Saturday, September 4, 2010

Small screen goddess

Once again, Curio Obscura is bringing the awesome to Hair Fair:


Telly Tower. Price: 350L . . . I think. Even during a mildly populated blogger preview, I only lasted about 20 minutes at Hair Fair before my AV started popping and locking like she was trying out for "Breakin' 3." Then I got that grey screen of doom, the one that tries to make you feel better about crashing by insisting that even though you've been logged out, you can still chat . . . when you can't. They lie.

Anyway, there are 17 screens in that hair. When a friend touches one of them, his/her profile picture appears on it. Let's pause for a moment while I roll around on the floor with glee . . . .

. . . . OK.

The hair color and accessories are customizable by menu.

Creator Pandora Wrigglesworth is releasing four new hairstyles, including Telly Tower, at Hair Fair 2010 (Sept. 4 - 19). A portion of sales go to Wigs for Kids, a charity organization that provides hairpieces for children suffering radical hair loss for medical reasons.

This next hairstyle rotates, so much so that I had a hard time snapping a picture of it (what else is new?):


Carousel Hair. (Nice bangs!)

Those eyes are from A:S:S. By now you probably think I'm A:S:S's eye bitch. YOU'RE RIGHT. Kidding. I just really like that store's eyes. And eventually I'll come back here and tell you what those eyes are called. I forgot to make a note of it. Thank God the V2 viewer has that handy "Help, I forgot what the hell I'm wearing" tab.

[Update: They're from the Love in Your Eyes (Divine) collection in El. Just go ahead and surrender to the fatpack.]

Yes, I'm a proud V2 user. It makes me feel like a ninja, considering how many people hate it. (I master the forces of evil!) Plus, the tattoo layer has changed my life. I used to chase skins; now I'm a makeup junkie. All those skins that once made me say, "Aw, I like this skin, but I wish the eye makeup was a little darker" are under my command now. Feel my power.

That combo up there is the Cynthia skin in Rose by Mynerva with the Back to Basics (in black) eye makeup tattoo layer by Glamorize. Much love to IndiaRose Muircastle for passing me the Glamorize LM. Just about everything in that store is 10L, if not cheaper. Makeups galore!!!

WOW, we got off track. Sorry. Back to the merry-go-round. It has prancing hair horses:


Whoops, black splotch. Too lazy to fix that. Sorry.

Curio Obscura also wants to make sure no one ever bugs you with that age-old annoying, "Do you know what time it is?" question again.


Grandfather Clock hairstyle. It actually keeps real SL time with its fully animated, no-lag pendulum. Awesome.

(Hahaha! It wouldn't be Hair Fair without a "How the eff do I fit this whole Curio Obscura hairstyle in the picture?" moment.)

The fourth new hairstyle is a surprise. (Actually, I forgot to buy it.)

So when I recovered from my initial Hair Fair crash, I logged back in just when the four sims opened up to general admission. Before I could even finish loading, people were already screaming about my prims.


*takes a bow for singlehandedly lagging up a sim*

Sheeeeeeesh. I guess it wouldn't be Hair Fair without the ARC police either.

In other news, I'm thinking of starting a series called "What I Was Wearing When I Logged Off Last Night":


Well . . . it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I blame the Ambien.


• To read all about Hair Fair 2010, including a list of participating creators and SLURLs, click here: Hair Fair 2010 Web site.

• To read about this year's recipient charity, Wigs for Kids, click here: Wigs for Kids Web site.

• To visit the Curio Obscura booth at Hair Fair 2010, TP here: Curio Obscura Hair Fair Booth.

• To check out Curio Obscura's blog, which has much better pictures than mine, click here: Curio Obscura - For the Strange and Wonderful

• To get your affordable makeup on, visit Glamorize for a smorgasbord of tattoo layers: Glamorize

• If you haven't tried any Mynerva skin demos yet, you need to: Mynerva

• To join the "When Is That Bitch Gonna Stop Talking About A:S:S Eyes?" club, TP here: A:S:S


LisaMun Aronowicz said...

LOLOL! Those sure are the most outrageous but cute hairs I have ever seen! Thanks again for giving me my weekly fix! hehe..

Aisuru Rieko said...

love love love Curio Obscura hair!

Aradia Jameson said...

Oh my god! I love those hairstyles! Curio have always made me laugh :D