Friday, November 7, 2008

My life in bad pictures

I read my friend Meara's blog post about the challenge to blog every day during National Blog Posting Month (otherwise known as NaBloPoMo - what the HELL, why do we need another weird acronym in our lives -- have we really gotten THAT LAZY?).

I said I would do it.

But I can't.

OMG, I would lose every reader if I subjected people to this kind of long-ass rambling blog post every day. Especially today, when I'm just throwing out stuff that hasn't fit in other posts.

Like this random bloggage:

-- Lately I've been spending a lot of (RL) time on Facebook. All of my (now happily married, emotionally stable, gainfully employed) college and high school friends are there, as well as some SL friends who have transitioned into RL friends. Facebook has an SL app in beta called SecondLink for SL residents. I don't understand it. If my AV links to you in SecondLink on Facebook, are we also linked in real life on Facebook? In any case, I don't think the app is going over very well. I can't find anyone to try it with me.

HEY I'm talking to you, Su Lin!


Once upon a time, Su Lin and I vowed to get our real lives back. She succeeded. I failed miserably. **sniffs and waves from the other side of the border**

-- I wandered over to OpenLife to give it a shot and enjoy the fresh feeling of being a noob with bad hair in a foreign land again. But apparently OpenLife doesn't have a viewer for Mac yet. Or if they do, I can't find it. Damn.

-- Speaking of noobs, yeah I did the D-Hunt at Blockheadsville. Cool build, fun hunt, great prizes. 

And hey, even if they don't have prizes in them, you can still copy those noobs. 

And take them home. 

And put them in your yard:



(EWWWW! That "Roadkill Noob" is really graphic if you zoom in. Yes I did! And how did this blog get so pointless?)

During that hunt, I glanced at this Wanted poster outside of a saloon there and realized that chick looked vaguely familiar:


I'm "Wanted"! But only worth $500 bucks?????

Wow, I need to update my profile pic. I haven't looked like that in a long time. 

I miss that face though. Ever since I accidently distorted my face to weird Jay Leno-ish proportions during a bad Ambien trip one night, I haven't been able to get my shape back to my much-adored (by me) original mod. It's always close but no cigar. I even bought the base shape from Laqroki ALL OVER AGAIN and tried to start from scratch.

Now I write my body dimensions down. If I ever get in a fatal car accident, my parents are going to wonder why there's a notebook by my bed with things like "Head Stretch - 76," "Love Handles = 27" and "Egg - 65" written in it. Or how about "Buoyancy - 23" and "Cleavage - 46"? (My mother will be so disappointed.) My cryptic Zyngo statistics are in there too. I'm working on a mathematical formula for Zyngo success at my favorite Zyngo hangout, Gamma Games! I'm gonna clean you and your Zyngo empire out one day, Ethen Rieko!

And now for a part of my blog that I like to call, "Cool AV, Man!"


At the D-Hunt, I also ran into my friend Merrick, who is not usually the Banana Dance personified but happened to be running around like this:


Sorry your mouth never rezzed, Merrick, but cool AV, man!

I finally tried to TP out of that hunt and encountered one of those horrific TP borks where you can't reach your final destination and get dumped with an apologetic error message in a weird bizarro place:



Thank God it was daytime.

I maybe would rather be plunked down in the usual TP-error dumping ground, that Orientation Welcome Center (or whatever it's called), which can be just as scary.

AND FINALLY, I'd like to thank those of you who read my previous blog post and said, "Hey, if you think those boobs look big, check out the Hal*Hina skin boobs!"

So I did:


Hubba hubba, but hell no.

I look way too nice and happy. One friend said I'd look great as a Sailor Moon character in this skin. She also said, "You look so happy and cute -- I want to hug you!"

NOOOO! I don't hug! 

Well, sometimes I hug my friend Bon, but only when I have my Random Calliope Amandote! hugger on (it gives a gift of jewelry to whomever you hug) . . . and then I force him at gunpoint to give me back the jewelry. What? He's not gonna wear it! (See necklace in the Wanted poster above.)

Get your own free Amandote! Hugger HERE. Just in time for the holidays!

Anyway, if you like the boobalicious anime look, that Hal*Hina skin is called No. 5 in Cherry. Wait, that's not Cherry. . . . Maybe it's "Beige." Or "Natural." Bad blogger, bad!

Meanwhile, I'll go back to being an icy bad-ass bitch in Calypso in Diamond by oBscene (Halloween gift):


Love the beauty mark!

The End.


Anonymous said...

I always knew Merrick was cool like a banana...

Emerald Wynn said...

Hey Laleeta - I like your new photo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks I like yours :D !

Sehra Kauffman said...

Your dinner looks slightly less appetizing....

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

Heya! I clicked on your ads a few times cuz I'm a rebel like that : ) Anyhoo, you can follow the link below to get into OpenLife with a Mac, you just use a Second Life viewer.

I should warn you though, it's worse than being a noob there. Not all scripts work and I'm pretty sure animations still don't work. No AOs!!! I still haven't found any shoes either but I'm trying to make some lol! Look me up and I'll pass you some hair and clothes : ))

Anonymous said...

Eme where have you gone? i miss you :'( !

Aisuru Rieko said...

where did you go??? miss yooooooou!

Anonymous said...

Still miss you :'(

Peter Stindberg said...

/me is missing you too

Alicia Chenaux said...

Yeah, to add what others are saying, we TOTALLY MISS YOU!!! Let us know if you're doing ok!