Sunday, February 27, 2011

'What's Skin Fair? Some kind of a sex slave auction?'

*points at headline* A male friend of mine actually asked me that question the other day. Ha ha! He has a good point. If you have no clue what a skin fair is, the mind can reel with erotic possibilities.

OK. Blogging under the influence of Ambien. Ready? Here we go:

Ahwwwwww yeeeaaaaah!

Look at that hair! Look at that skin! Now look at some words!

Miraculously someone took this blog seriously enough to deem me worthy of an early blogger's pass to the Vanity Universe Skin Fair. Before you think I'm bragging, don't. The privilege didn't include mountains of blogger packs of skins. Well, actually I did see some other bloggers get those. They're cooler than I am. As for me, I bought almost all mine. My MasterCard is wailing in pain now. Or victory.

I'm already bored. Let's switch subjects for a sec:

Hey, ever since Hamlet Au once advised bloggers to use plenty of pictures to break up SL blog posts, I've been doin' it! So before we get to skins, let's pause for a quick look at the makeover the Amaretto horses just got:

yeep get it the hell away from me

The new Amaretto update horses remind me of the first time I tried shrooms in college. I had kind of a bad trip: Angels plummeted from the night sky and smashed into millions of pieces all over the beach. The moon cloned itself and they both spun around like pinwheels. The stars literally laughed at me, raining maniacal "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"s down on my head. And you know how it is, I made it worse by thinking, "What if all this stuff is really going on all the time, and we can only see it when drugs lift the cloudy veil that shrouds our sober selves?" At one point I looked over at my then-boyfriend (who grew up to be a permanent mental hospital resident — DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDS!) and his face was stretching out in a very terrifying "American Werewolf in London"-kinda way. He looked exactly like this horse.

"Amaretto Breedables: We slap a saddle on your bad drug trip and giddy the hell up!"

OK, that was kind of a weird digression. Sorry. I'll probably come back and edit it out.

And now, back to skin.

After I got my sneak peek . . . you know what, wait. I need to say something else. I've seen way too much of this in blogs lately: "sneak peak." Please stop it. Unless it's a stealthy mountaintop creeping up behind you, it's not a "sneak PEAK." It's "PEEK." You know, like peeking through a keyhole? (Although when was the last time you saw a keyhole, let alone peeked through it?)

Anyway, after I got my sneak peek of the skin fair, I was filled with regret that I didn't take a decent picture of the venue for my SL photo album-slash-blog. So I went back to do that a couple of days after the fair opened. Here's a picture of skin fair this year:

I think the sim only allows in two people at a time. I've been trying for a week now. Sheeeeesh.

The Vanity Universe Skin Fair lasts through March 6. If you do get in, I encourage you to follow these simple rules:

1. For the love of God, be careful when you're clicking that "Buy Demo" button. There's a reason why the "Buy Demo" button is often right next to the "Buy the Fatpack" button, and it's because wise creators know there are plenty of idiots like me who are drinking cheap merlot while they're cruising the Skin Fair.

Six-dollar wine + Skin Fair = "Oh sh*t, I thought I was getting a demo but I ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT THE FATPACK!":

This photo should be titled, "Portrait of an Oh Sh*t Moment," and appropriately, this skin looks a little pissed off. It's called Entice by Daring. I'd never heard of Daring before. Later, when I talked to Creator Daring Cresci, she told me her store has only been open for two months. You go, girl! You give good skin.

2. Wear as few attachments as possible and turn on your Avatar Rendering Cost monitor (is it a monitor? radar? display? indicator? pick a word!) before you TP into Skin Fair. That way, you can walk around feeling smug and superior to all the people with long red numbers.

3. DON'T BE A SHEEP and run to the most popular skin designers' booths first. You can get back to them another day. (Good luck with that.) Instead, sprint by those booths yelling, "BAAAAA, BITCHES!" (that was a sheep sound) and go scope out some new-to-you creators. You might be pleasantly surprised. I was!

Let's get back to Daring. Besides the skin I bought on accident, I bought two other skins from Daring:

This one's called Anxiety, and in case you can't tell, I'm wearing the boobalicious version of it. But before we go any further, you need to stop what you're doing and run over to The Dressing Room and get this Aurora hair (70L) by CheerNo. It evokes reactions like this one:

[2011/02/26 21:28] Ooolah (ulaa.coronet) shouts: omfg your hair!!! JESUS WEPT! [INSERT MORE EXPLICIT SHOUTING HERE] WHOA!

Yeah. Like that.

The Feather Outfit in Brown (120L) is by Acid & Mala. There's a longer version of the top (100L) over at the Elliot location as part of this month's Oh My Stars-Oh-Rama event. It's a little less tribal-hoochie than this one.

I also bought Daring's Moody skin in shade 5:

It's got a slightly sweeter face, IMHO. Look at the cute little nose!!  (Hair: Whitney in Treacle, streaked, by Truth)

As you know, I'm all about the face. I'm not as picky about the naughty bits as many other skin lovers are. (Probably because nobody sees them.) Those people may want to take a good look at the nips on these skins though. And the landing strips. And some of the butt shading. They may not appeal to everyone. Also, all three skins have a dark hairbase . . . and no other option. They all have cleavage options, though, and the Entice skin has abs/no abs versions.

Single skins at Daring are 799L. Fatpacks of five makeups are 2499L.

This post is getting tedious. I'm gonna stop now.

Vanity Universe's third-annual Skin Fair
Daring, the store
The Dressing Room
Acid & Mala on Elliott
Gargoyle pose at top by Saturnine Dreams

P.S. This is my cat Tila Tequila. Don't you wanna just chase her with a lemon? I'm trying to resist the lure of these things and pretty much shake my affection for breedables altogether. But I'll admit, when I clicked the "Cuddle Me!" button on the cat's menu and saw this animation, I did say, "AWWWWW!" out loud.

If you too are going through an SL cat phase and you missed out on the limited-edition colored SweetCatS for Valentine's Day, I have a ton of these boxed kittens in all colors for sale at 1200L each (not bad, considering they were originally 850L), except for the one pink one and the one rainbow one I have. (Those are significantly higher.) There's a red one out at my stall right now. If you're interested in buying another color, drop me a nc. And HELL YES, that was a sales pitch. I'm broke.

Emerald's Seedy Back-Alley Cat Sales! (Three stalls of all your wildest cat dreams come true! OK, some of your wildest cat dreams come true.)
Emerald's Awesome Horses at Low, Low Prices!
More of Emerald's Awesome Horses at Low, Low Prices!
And Even More Horses at Low, Low Prices!
(yeah, um, oops, I've gotten a little carried away with procreating animals)
Emerald's Very, Very, Lame, Cheap and Mediocre Biobreeds Dogs (I have one thing to say about these things: YAWN. They're total fail for me - I'm giving up on them. But I have some bland-looking crated labs for sale, cheaper than the ones you'll buy at the main store. And wow, I really made them sound appealing, huh?)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

She says that love is for fools who fall behind

"Dear Second Life, Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Helena Bonham Carter!"

Ha ha ha! I didn't do that on purpose, but what a happy accident. She's awesome.

This Plume Valentine hair is magnifico. You have until the end of 2/15 to grab it as part of the Valentine's Hunt at Fellini Couture. Find six hearts to make a complete outfit (dress, hair, jewelry, face tattoos). They're not free though. The heart with this hair in it is 100L, and I'm so not telling you to look for it on the wall of hair in Plume. (Lionheart skin in BloodGeisha by The Plastik.)

For Valentine's Day fashion, I choose to blog this Tribute to Emilie dress (650L) and matching Lace Rag Wings (250L) by Aliza Karu's AngelsDemons Creations. This outfit has been in my inventory for almost a year. For the next month, I'm following the tough-love instructions of my friend Alicia Chenaux and only blogging things already in my inventory. I'll add freebies, hunt items, lucky chair/board wins and blogger review items to that list. I'm spending way too much money in SL, and it stops today. TODAY, I tell you!

Until March 13, I'm only spending lindens I make from selling horses and cats. And then I'm sticking to a strict budget.


If you haven't been to the store AD Creations, you should check it out. It's full of exquisitely detailed whimsical, gothy, through-the-looking-glassish stuff for the Helena Bonham Carter in you.

Don't try to tell me that's not FREEKIN' GLORIOUS! I won't believe you.

The MM board at that store is always awesome. I also love this cute little Gothic in Red dress (350L) I bought there:


My head keeps spinning around like a scene from "The Exorcist" whenever I get on a pose stand these days. Between that and frequently logging in to an imaginary balance of only 20L in my account, I'm getting highly irritated with this place. As far as I'm concerned, Linden Lab owes me a Big Damn Discount on my Premium Membership rate at this point. I didn't sign up for this chaos.

That's a new hairstyle by Truth, BTW. It's called Sandra and it's going in my "Favorite Truth Hair" folder. Thank you, Truth, for getting the lyrics, "Look at meeeeee, I'm Sandra Deeeeeee!" stuck in my head all weekend. My friends thank you as well.

Here's a front view, but because my hair is Burgundy and the cute color-change headband is black, I advise you to look at THIS BLOG or my friend Joonie's blog for better pictures:

(Ummmmmmm, I don't think I'm gonna buy this Las Petits Details skin, 90L, at Chic Boutique. I've seen it looking cute as hell on other people though, so I'll put the SLURL below.)

The Sandra hair includes two versions of bangs and a streaked option. Awesome.

So, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow (no, really?), and I'm really proud of the SL community for not overdoing it this year. I really haven't seen as much sickeningly gooey, cheesy stuff as I usually do. And since I've started entertaining myself with virtual breeding experiments, I've been amused by all the "Give your sweetheart the romantic gift of a [horse, cat, dog]!" advertising I've seen. It makes sense, though. A breedable animal is a gift that keeps on giving. Hell, long after your boyfriend has left you crushed and alone, your Valentine's Day horse could still be popping out many-traited and, as such, valuable offspring. Then you can buy yourself a new boyfriend. (Or girlfriend. Whatever floats your boat.)

KittyCatS, for example, has some limited-edition SweetCatS in eight colors available at the main store through Feb. 19. (That seems random — maybe Feb. 20?) Unlike the competition, these kittens are available in-store — you don't have to breed and breed and breed your existing cats and pray that they'll drop a holiday-edition basket. (I'll get to that in a minute.) The only catch is, you don't get to choose the color, and these babies are 850L a shot. It's like a slightly insane gatcha machine. I wanted a pink or a red one or even a very rare rainbow coat. About 4000L later, I gave up. Needless to say, one of the teal cats in this pic is now for sale at a discounted 500L at Emerald's Cat House! (Yes, I bolded it. I'm broke.)

They'd also make for a cute V'Day gift for your SL BFF.

"Happy Valentine's Day! I got you an 850L kitten! Now you have to take excellent care of it and keep it alive or I WILL KILL YOU."

Not to be outdone, BioBreeds has holiday-edition male (Valentino) and female (Valentina) labs for sale right now for 700L each until 4 p.m. SLT, Feb. 14:

"Happy Valentine's Day! I took some labs to a tattoo parlor and got them covered in these slightly creepy floral tattoos for you! I just want you to know how much you mean to me and how much my life has chang . . . OMG LOOK OUT HERE COME SOME PETA ACTIVISTS RUN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RUN JUST GRAB THE DAMN DOGS AND RUN!"

Wildwoods Cats is a little more market-conscious. Through Feb. 15, our pregnant cats all have a chance, albeit a realllllly rare one, of dropping a limited holiday edition elegant kitten, like this Broken Heart Plushie:

Hell no, my cats didn't birth this one. I bought it from a really apathetic guy who sold it to me for not-that-much. They're selling in auction right now for around 7000L to 8000L. My pregnant cats that are scheduled to give birth tomorrow and Tuesday are my last shot at breeding my own. I feel like the bizarro-land version of "Willie Wonka's" Charlie — the one who DOESN'T get the golden ticket and bribes his way into the chocolate factory instead.

The same deal goes for Amaretto Breedables. Through Feb. 14, all pregnant mares have a chance of birthing a rare Valentine's Day horse, such as this That's Amour horse:

Or we can give up and buy one, in this case for 45000L at TLC Ranch. ("Hi there horsey! I'll see you in about five months when someone's selling you for 3000L.")

I have an oozing bump under my eyelid, so I think I'm going to wrap up this really thrilling post. I'll close with this random picture:

Lilac, forest, cobalt, crimson, sky: I collect black Wildwood cats with colored eyes. I will not rest until I have one for each existing eye color. (It's good to have a hobby). I named that little guy with the red eyes Lucifer. The Catholic in me has been wracked with guilt and fear ever since, seriously.

Fellini Couture
The Plastik
AngelsDemons Creations
Chic Boutique
Wildwoods Cats
Amaretto Ranch Main
TLC Ranch (That's Amour horse, 45000L)

Buy my cats (Emerald's Cat House)
Buy more of my cats
Buy my horses
Buy more of my horses
(Coming soon: Buy my dogs)

Posted: February 13, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

The mere price of 140,000L

If you could've seen my real face yesterday, it looked like this:


(Actually the mouth should be round.)

Why didn't someone tell me that on very rare occasions Amaretto Breedables can breed UNICORNS??!!

*does a little unicorn dance*

Throughout this whole "Help, I can't stop paying real money for fake cats so I can make them have sex and have little fake babies!" phase, I've consoled myself by saying, "Hey, at least I'm not one of those Amaretto horse people. Those people are nuts."

No offense, Amaretto horse people. But sometimes — wait, make that "frequently" — a TP will fail and I'll accidentally land in the middle of a big confusing OCEAN of Amaretto horses on some random sim. I will gape in morbid fascination for a few minutes and then go on my not-so-merry, probably-not-gonna-be-able-to-TP-again way. I never really got what the deal with those things are.

And then I found out they can sometimes breed unicorns. And the quest began.

Like an idiot, I thought I could just waltz into a horse ranch, throw some lindens around and leave with one. I searched in Classified for "Amaretto unicorn" or, as the breed is known, "charmed Amaretto." I found one place that advertised robocorns, unicorns, pegasuses, and demon. . . corns or something. I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention to those.

Let's pause for a random picture . . .

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't know we had SLayboy! How do I get to be a centerfold? Seriously. I'm putting it on my SL bucket list, right under "get unicorn." I'm not joking. Just tell me how you want my sliders, baby!


I learned it's not that easy to buy an Amaretto unicorn. I searched all over the grid and I can't find anyone who's selling one. Many owners are renting out their male unicorns and pegacorns for stud service at 5000L a pop though. I'm on a waiting list.

So the best I could do was buy unicorn offspring.

Behold, the children of unicorns! Nope, they don't have the horns, but they do have the traits.

Exciting. (Please grow up and have unicorn babies.) Don't ask me how much I paid for them. Please don't. (That's a salt lick in the foreground, BTW. I was gonna draw a face on it, but I didn't want to confuse you.)

I also bought these:

Yeah. I'm done drinking cheap merlot while I shop for fake horses. WOOOO! It looks like a coloring book exploded all over my farmland!

I have another shiny one with snowflakes all over her, and one that looks like a candy cane. Yes, they were expensive. When I was a noob, I was poor. I didn't have an RL job and I lived in the World's Ugliest Skybox and I wore a lot of Ronja Wear business-in-a-box stuff. I camped for money and shook my moneymaker at club contests and lurked around studying Zyngo masters until I became a Zyngo champion myself and saved and saved and saved and saved . . . just to buy one pair of Stiletto Moody shoes. When I finally got them, I wrote a blog post about it. Then some chick named Princess rained on my shoe parade and left a comment making fun of me for being poor. Now I wish I could track her down, throw her in a pile of really expensive horse manure and yell, "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW, PRINCESS? HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM HORSE APPLES?"

Sorry. Just having a twisted little fantasy moment.

OK, so I'm going to need all of you to sit down now. Are you sitting down?

This horse . . .

. . . costs 140,000L.

I don't even know why it's so spectacular. I was too busy straining my brain trying to translate 140,000L into USD. I finally went to my SL dashboard and typed it into "Buy Lindens." (Hey Linden Lab, I crash every five minutes these days, so at the very least you can do some MATH for me.) And then I had this HORRIBLE OCD moment where I got terrified that my fingers were going to get a mind of their own and hit "Buy Now!" Or that my cat would jump up on my keyboard at that moment and hit it on accident. Honestly, that is the type of comical disaster that happens to me all the time.

Anyway, 140,000L = $557.77 USD.


Can you imagine? Can you imagine paying $557.77 for an SL horse??! I can't! Even with my wild, wild imagination and my very reluctant, yet deep and probably undying love for this place, I can't. Maybe $300. Maybe $320. But never $500!!

Do any of you know anyone who's paid $500 USD or more for an Amaretto Breedable? Because if so, I would like to interview him. And I say "him" because I'm hoping it's a guy. Then the interview could go like this:

Emerald: So, you paid $500 U.S. bucks for a virtual horse?
Emerald's Future Sugar Daddy: Yep. That's pocket change.
Emerald: Why'd you buy it?
EFSD: Because I felt like it.
Emerald: Are you really a man in RL?
Emerald: Do you have a wife?
Emerald: Do you have a girlfriend?
Emerald: Do you have a boyfriend?
Emerald: Wanna blow this place off and go ride some real horses?
EFSD: I live in Italy
Emerald: I'll let you fly me there

I don't have a way to end this story. I didn't find a unicorn. I'll try really hard to breed one. I did find a gunslinger, though. He was checking out the prices for the stud service on this unicorn (Robocorn? I don't know the lingo):

I wish I could have snapped a better picture of him. You can barely see him, but he's got that rough-and-tumble look I like. I wanted to say, "So hey baby, what do YOU charge for stud service?"


Revealing my secret SLayboy centerfold dream. Fantasizing about beating the crap out of Princess. Lusting after a cartoon gunslinger. I must be ovulating.

One more thing. I got some of those new KittyCatS today. I received one blogger review pair — it made me feel special (They like me! They really like me!) — and then I bought three more pairs.

I wanted to hate them, only because I'm so financially and emotionally invested in the Wildwoods. But I'll admit, that little tongue sticking out is SO DAMN CUTE! So are the animations.

Prices: 298L for a single cat, includes food for one week; 599L for one male-and-female pair, includes food for one week; 1500L for two male-and-female pairs, includes food and milk for two weeks; and 4500L for five pairs, includes food and milk for two weeks, as well as vitamins for love, energy, healing and breakup (?).

If only someone would pump me full of magic vitamins after all my breakups.


I'm curious to see if their traits will be as varied and cool as those of the Wildwoods. And I'm hooked on the thrill of trying to get a Wildwood Elegant. It appeals to the gambler in me. *cue Kenny Rogers* But I'll breed these pairs and see what happens.

I was also going to pick up the new breedable dogs today, but that sim has been full ALL DAY. Wow.

Oops. I accidentally talked about procreating animals again. But I did throw some imaginary sex in there too!

Get Stuff In World:
SugarCube Ranch (stud service from charmed Amarettos and offspring for sale)
Bright Angel Cove (my new favorite place for finding rare Amarettos)
BioBreeds Dogs, aka mission impossible
Emerald's Cat House — shameless self-promotion, not mentioned in blog, sorry

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the wings of MeKa (and hey, we've got some 'ruff' times ahead of us)

Later, you can slap me for that headline. I give you permission.

I wear these wings often in posts and I just realized I've never talked about them. MeKa is a niche-market store that's all about wings, and they're not your average run-of-the-mill wings — they're pretty bad-ass, with distinctive details and themes. I buy just about every pair that Mekaila Hinterland makes. These are her The New Daylight wings in Black and they're also available in several tipped colors (199L for a pair; 500L for a fatpack of five colors). To see a couple of the other colors, check these previous posts HERE (purple) and HERE (silver).

(NOTE: Since I purchased these wings, they've been removed from the store, but I got brave [I'm shy] and IMed Mekaila to ask about them.  She said she'll be putting them back soon.)

She currently has some Valentine specials ($149L a pair: significantly less than their usual prices) that range from cute to striking at The Nightscape sim's Valentine Market, which has lots of sexy things there, BTW.

These are her Bounded Freedom wings in Red Thorned Rose. Open and closed versions are included in the set.

OK. Before I get into the not-so-juicy meat of this post, I want to reassure everyone that I'm not going to write about procreating animals in every blog post from now on. I SWEAR I SWEAR. It's just that I have writer's block. As such, I want to apologize to all the people who have dropped review copies on me lately. I love your work, but at the moment I hate my writing.

So. Breedable dogs, yo.

These BioBreeds dogs hit the breedables scene today. I saw them and felt an obligation to cover them for all you dog lovers out there.

The skinny: People who are in the breedables loop (not me) apparently have known about these pooches' impending arrival for a while and snagged special vouchers in December to get theirs today. The rest of the unwashed masses — and I'm one of them — can buy them Feb. 7. Right now they're only available in labs and pugs. I wish I would have known about the limited selection before I got all eagerly proactive and rented a sales stall in the Furrfect Dogs marketplace. (Yep, you read that right. Furrfect!) Nothing against labs and pugs, but I would have totally gone for a pomeranian. Or a pink poodle. Or a terrier.

Maybe I'll get a lab and pretend it's a rabid Saint Bernard. ("Cujo? Is that you?")

Actually, if someone launched a line of EVIL, RABID BREEDABLES I think my life would finally feel complete. Seriously.

I don't know. I don't really like the way they look like someone Frankensteined the dog's head onto its body. They should put bandanas around the necks. I'll try out a couple though, even though I'm not really an SL dog person.

Speaking of breedables, I decided to give my landlady and my cat-hater neighbors some relief and rent an "agriculture-zoned" parcel just for my thriving (haha) cattery.

*rolls around with joy in a 933-prim allowance* (I wonder why this blog suddenly decided to stop putting BORDERS around my pictures? It's in the HTML code, otherwise known as The Bane of My Blog Existence. I need a new template.)

I'm the only one here with no horses. But hell, maybe I'll get a couple of horses. Because as you can see, I've got a lot of space. Sometimes when I'm waiting for a kitten to drop, I perv-cam my neighbor's horses.

Wow, that mane. He looks like an aging Fabio.

God, this post was really supposed to be about my comical search for this land and how a lot of SL land managers lost out on my business because their info notes were full of unbearable typos and lazy text chat.


That was the very classy greeter notecard I got when I checked out a parcel that cost $60 USD a month. Wow.


I don't wanna hear the "But there might be a language barrier" excuse. I've seen many creators go out of their way to have their notecards translated into several languages. Dear Creators and Land Managers of SL - I'm happy to proof your notecards for you and clean them up, if necessary. You don't even have to pay me — I'm open to bartering.

Anyhoo, I'm finally selling some kittens. Not enough to land me on the cover of Time magazine as the next SL millionaire or anything, but enough to get my competitive spirit all revved up. Unfortunately at the moment, most of my male cats need Viagra. Nobody's getting it on these days. The ladies are all hot and bothered, but the men are all meh about it. Isn't that always the case?

I guess I wouldn't be in the mood either if someone threw me in the middle of a big feline barn orgy. (Can you spot the cat with the big freaky tumor in this pic?)

A couple of quick notes just for you:

- The Valentine Rose hair I'm wearing in this post is FREE at Curious Kitties. I bought that PAtchS Lace Up Top (175L) there as well.

- The jeans I'm wearing are my new favorites. I'd never been to the store MIU before — I discovered it on The Serial Killer Hunt — but I love the textures and the vibe of those clothes. The jeans are *ZX* Urban Writer Jeans (225L, two versions of leg cuffs, and padlocked chain belt in male and female versions included). They make me feel like an urban writer.

- In my quest for cat-breeding land, I eagerly slapped down a month's rent on a huge parcel w/a 750-prim allowance . . . only to later read the fine print in the rental agreement and discover that breedables aren't allowed there. Oops. So here's the thing. I'm really not going to use that land. So if you're homeless and you need a place w/a generous prim allowance for three weeks, you can use it if you're the first person to contact me about it. I don't even want your rent. Just contact me inworld so I can get you added to the land group. It's an inland parcel, but prettier than most. Feel free to check it out HERE.

Nightscape Valentine Market
BioBreeds breedable dogs store
Curious Kitties
Emerald's empty land plot that's going to waste
Shameless Promotion: Buy yourself a cute pet (or two) at Emerald's Cathouse! (Please ignore the complete asshole who's letting all his cats starve to death in the stall next to mine. He's killing my sales ambience with his corpses, pardon the pun.) My prices are way the hell lower than anyone else's, even for the exotic ones — which actually has several cat people pissed at me for "undercutting the market," but HEY! What am I supposed to do when there are HUNDREDS of cats for sale out there? I can't help it if I believe in the power of competitive pricing.

Wow, this post is long. I'm going to call it a night.

Posted February 5, 2011