Friday, July 24, 2009

Mash Up: Amelia + Apology = New Post (sorta)


I keep Reasonable Desires Costumes & Lingerie in my Picks because the lingerie is lovely and the Picks rewards gifts are gorgeous. To be honest, I've never really looked at the costumes there. But this Amelia the Pilot outfit ($199L) beckoned to the sentimental sap in me because my first book report (in second grade, maybe?) was on Amelia Earhart and I've been a fan of hers ever since. I was morbidly fascinated by her disappearance as a kid, and now as an adult I'm intrigued by the continuing discussion of what really happened to her.

That aside, she was quite an inspirational woman. I probably should have said that first. Oops.

How cool that Reasonable Desires created this fashionable tribute to her, which includes a scarf, a button-up shirt that I'll wear with a million other outfits, snazzy belted pants (ha ha ha -- your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the word "snazzy" today), a leather jacket with fur collar and cuffs, and that great aviator hat up there.

I thought it was pretty innovative, actually, because how often do you find yourself saying, "Where can I get an Amelia Earhart costume?" Mystery solved now. You're welcome.


I took down my last post because I didn't realize it would be fodder for raging Lemania Indigo fanatics. It's time for you people to moooooooooooove on now.

One wacko in particular has vowed to torment me until I remove both of my posts about Lemania Indigo and Lestat Reuven. Hey, guess what? NOT GONNA DO IT! In fact, badly spelled threats with horrible punctuation and "text talk" just make me wanna mention her in every post I write.

Lemania Indigo Lemania Indigo Lemania Indigo Lemania Indigo

On a serious note, I was horrified to recently discover that Lemania and Lestat banned almost every person who left a supportive comment on either of those blog posts. I'd like to apologize to those readers who spoke up and consequently got persecuted for their opinions. One reader was particularly upset because she shops at [AV] Vlodovic on Lemania's sim. I'm so sorry -- for the commenter and for that store. Wow, what a thoughtful way for you to treat your vendor renters, L&L.

How funny that I once praised Lemania for her patriotism in this blog. Apparently she only champions the American values of freedom of speech, thought and expression if it helps her sell clothes or drives traffic to her sim. Lemania Indigo supports freedom of speech! . . . but only if you speak words she agrees with. Everybody applaud as she runs through amber waves of grain with the American flag sailing proudly over her head!

I'm done talking about her.

Let's talk about a talented designer instead.

(Yep, that was mean. Keep pushing me. I get meaner.)

I'm going to a (RL) White Party tomorrow night. I told my mother about it and she got mad because she thought I was talking about a party for "white people only."

I've been using the word "horrified" a lot lately, and I'm gonna use it AGAIN: I don't know what's more horrifying -- the fact that my mother so quickly assumed that I was talking about some kind of weird racist cocktail party or the fact that she thought I would actually go to one. Sheeesh, she's been living in the South for too long. :(

Anyhoo, it's a party that calls for all-white attire, not people. In fact, my date is Vietnamese. And I wish I could snap my fingers and magically manifest SySy's Sexy in White dress (and those boobs) for this shindig.


OK, that pic sucks. I don't have the patience these days -- sorry. I don't even have furniture in my SL house. That's how much I really don't give a damn at the moment. I just want to stick around until my chickens have sex, then slaughter them all and take a long vacation.

That dress was a generous gift during Shopping Cart Disco's Reader Appreciation Day, BUT the good news is that the lovely SySy Chapman just gave it out to everyone in her Subscribo. If you go slap it, it's probably still in there. What are you waiting for? Go go go!

Thank you, SySy!

I have to go. Bye.


Whispers said...

Hang in there! Don't let the bad attitude of some people get you down. :)

Anonymous said...

Lemania. Le mania... Oh, what's in a name. Let's see, shall we?

ma·ni·a [ máynee ə ] (plural ma·ni·as) noun


1. obsession: an excessive and intense interest in or enthusiasm for something

2. psychiatric disorder: a psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive physical activity, rapidly changing ideas, and impulsive behavior

[14th century. Via late Latin< Greek, "loss of reason" < mainesthai "to rage"]

-Eevie Lemon

Haley Hathaway said...

That's hilarious! I haven't been in SL for a few months, to be honest, and now I am banned from a sim that I had never heard of? I am really out of the loop...

I don't hang around... *does crazy hand gesture*

...Yanno? & Let alone would I buy something from an... Um... nut.

Hope the white party is a blast. Ask to borrow Lemania's straight jacket? Ok, I am done.

nimil said...

Lemania should take some of that prozac instead of tossing it around her sim for people to find lol

(don't kill me emmy i love ya)

but seriously.. how old are these people? 10?? they are doing a better job at ruining their own name than the blog post against their hunt would have.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for telling me I'm prolly banned from Lemania's Sim.

I wouldn't have it known otherwise.

Shrugs in a random way.

Live and learn.

Well, some learn and some ban.

Hugs Em.

TY for letting us know about the cool costumes.

Lunatic Rang