Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cracking under pressure


Right when I hit this hellish, hellish time in my real life where I'm sort of thinking a lot about my EGGS and how I haven't used them and how I maybe only have . . . I don't know, 5? 7? . . . years left to get knocked up at a socially acceptable and logistically reasonable age, EVERYONE IN SECOND LIFE seems to be talking about their eggs too.

They're talking about those bleep-bleep, bleepity-bleep, mother-bleepin' sionChickens though. (I'm trying to clean up my language.)

Which is a good thing, I guess. Because I think the grid would crash if we all started bitching about our ovaries as much as people are talking about their chickens.

I tried to resist. This isn't the first time I've had to stand strong against Second Life social pressures. It's lonely when everyone I know except me has a pixelated partner, but the bunny and I are hanging in there.

Singles, FTW!

*wanders off to check her eHarmony page . . . . . . . *


So the cracking started when I went over to my friend Aisuru's store Beloved Custom Designs this morning to pick up one of the glowy trees she does so well:


Emerald's Winter Wonderland is coming along really nicely, BTW. In fact, I know this is really uncharacteristic for this blog, but I have to digress for a minute. I bought an ice skating rink on XStreet that comes with winter trees that (oops) apparently emit 3,900 particles of snow per minute or something. And they're copiable. So I put them all over my land, since they're only three prims each.

I didn't realize they were snowing up the whole island. Probably lagging it too.

So I had my first homeowner (land renter) dispute the other day. Thank you, Sehra for letting me repost this chat. I've taken the liberty of correcting our type-os. (And I'm still laughing at the last sentence):

[2009/07/13 12:04] Sehra Kauffman: Dear Emerald... I love you.... but two of your trees are particle-snowing pretty far into my yard. My palm trees look chilly.... is there any way for those two not to snow? :D
[2009/07/13 13:03] Emerald Wynn: LOL I'm sorry - I'll move them. Sorry - I was outside drinking a beer with my dad. Sometimes I wander away from my computer and forget that I'm still in Second Life in one of the windows.
[2009/07/13 13:03] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

(oops - I said "beer")

[2009/07/13 13:34] Emerald Wynn: OK I moved the two away from the side facing your house. I walked over to your land - I don't see any snow anymore over here. But let me know. Sorry bout that!!
[2009/07/13 13:34] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

[2009/07/13 13:56] Sehra Kauffman: thanks friend :)
[2009/07/13 13:59] Emerald Wynn: np - I don't want to be an obnoxious neighbor
[2009/07/13 13:59] Sehra Kauffman: lol, I was just all.... sitting on my stump watching it snow softly around me and feeling like there was some kind of strange weather phenom going on
[2009/07/13 14:00] Emerald Wynn: ROFL

Maybe you had to be there, but every time I read that "watching it snow softly around me" sentence, I start giggling at my computer like a sad, crazy person.

I removed all the snow emitter scripts from my trees as well as the snow textures (and I even deleted some trees) but it's still a blizzard over there -- even in my house -- although fortunately not in Sehra's yard anymore.

Uh, so back to the eggs?

I went to Aisuru's store to buy that glowy evergreen up there (100L) and I noticed she had an egg stand there. And since they were red and green, I took it as a sign and bought one of each.


I'm tired of feeling left out.

Of sitting silently, smiling and nodding in ignorance while everyone chats about their chickens.

I'm tired of seeing chickens on almost every blog I read and feeling like I'm the only one who's not a member of some secret chicken society.


But I promise you this one thing:


Not that there's anything wrong with people blogging about their chickens. It's just, you know me, I'm a defender of the weak. I don't want to inflict the same eggless anguish on people who are still holding out against the Chicken Revolution.

so . . .

What the hell do I do with these things now?

There's no instruction manual!

I looked for a Web site, but if you Google "Second Life" and "sionChickens" or "sion chickens," you'll just find about 19 pages of "chicken diaries."

I took them out of their egg protectors and put them on my porch. I watched them for a while but they didn't do anything.

Finally I got bored and logged off.

And yeah, I realize I'm blogging a lot these days. I've got Lemania Indigo down there slam-dancing around in my Prozac comments and I just want to write and write and write until I get that post off the front page.

I never wanted this to be a Lemania-bashing blog. In fact, I was gonna show some of my favorite gowns of hers today just to be nice . . . but I'm still a little PMS-y.

I'd rather write about my ovaries.

If you like that dress way up there, it's called Flower Dress-Mary(Green) from Mayuki Nozaki. It does a girl named Emerald proud.

I bought the 300L set, which includes two top options, two skirt options and two belt options. You can also buy the dress in just one of its two styles for 200L, but I liked the top from Dress One and the belt from Dress Two, so I just said, "What the hell?" and forked over the extra 100L to buy all of it.

It comes in other colors. I struggled with the decision between this one and the blue one. Struggled, I tell you!

And yeah, I like to give the prices in my blogs so you don't go all the way over to a store and end up crying or fainting if you're broke.

OK. I have to go clean out my turtle tank and pop-in on my own personal water aerobics class and swim-up pool bar (translation: a couple of water leg weights and a cooler of beer in my backyard).

(oops, I said "beer" again)

I was supposed to spend a day of shopping, drinks and a movie with my friend, but she called and canceled this morning with:

"Sorry, I guess I have to take my dad to get a new leg today."


That's gotta be the most . . . well, that excuse just totally fits my Twilight Zone life right now.

Happy Bastille Day, my French friends!


Terri Zhangsun said...

I too have had to be strong and not get the chickens like everyone else! I actually had them from the MM board and they hatched but then I deleted them. I just could not bring myself to pay that much for their food plus I would have to make a sacrafice somewhere else in my other prims to have them so I am one of those chickenless or eggless people myself and I am proud of it...dammit!

Emerald Wynn said...


Prad Prathivi said...

Eggcellent post.

Nuuna Nitely said...

Nuuuu! You blog was the last chickenless blog! This better not become a chicken blog, or you'll lose one of your 5 readers!!

Actually I would still read your blog even with chickens.:P

Arcadia Nightfire said...

I do so enjoy this blog.

I pretty much decided that I wasn't going to have kids of my own, so I never worry about my eggs in that sense. ;) The chicken thing I am totally ignoring until it goes away. I shall stay strong...damnit.

As for the lonely part, I really get it. Everyone I know has a pixelated partner too...except, since we've talked now I guess we know each other so I can't say that anymore, lol. If your pixelated friends are too busy with thier SO's, you can come hang out with me anytime. ;)

In fact, I just realized today that I am the only person I know in RL that is single. That's either sad or liberating, I can't decide which.

Are you on plurk? If so, add me. ;)

Emerald Wynn said...

[17:44] sionChicken rev2: I (unnamed) died because of genetic errors!

*bursts into tears*

I think those people at sion labs have no imagination. Why couldn't they have thrown in some mutated ones for kicks?

I was on Plurk for a day, Arcadia and then left screaming. It's evil. Eeeeeeevil!

Waves at Nuuna and Prad . . . and Terri, you make rockin' furniture. I have nothing to give my SL meaning at the moment. Next, maybe I'll try a prim baby.

Amie Adamski said...

You can do what I do-buy a dog :)

My corgi runs around and I yell at it because it runs into the land next door. Amusing yes, you feed it and wash it, but if you don't do it everyday it won't die, it won't birth more dogs and you don't have to buy food every week.

I have no partner in SL, friends that come and go-Toby is always there to make me laugh.

/me feels pathetic

Anyway A.I.F is the where my dog is from.

PS-The prim babies freak me the f*#@ out.

P.P.S. Love the dress :)

Amie Adamski said...

You can do what I DID....

such bad grammar, sorry

Emerald Wynn said...

Bad grammar is totally embraced here. <3

Ari said...

If you really want to make it stop snowing, you need a scrubber (no, no, not a lady of easy virtue but a little script). Yell if I'm around but I'm sure one of your friends will have one. But if you can, pull a 'snowing' script out and save it first :)

(I am purposely ignoring the chickens. I am so NOT going to have / adopt / spend Lindens on chickens in SL. I am still traumatised from killing my daughter's tamagochi years and years ago while she was at a camp (first rule on the list: kids must leave their tamagochis at home - it was THAT bad. She even used to call and ask how it was... good to know your kid is homesick for a bit of plastic, not you). And yes, I lied to her until she got home, thus sparing the camp monitors a child in grief-stricken meltdown.

Ooops didn't ignore them, did I.

But no. No chickens.

As for partners, and at the risk of being bludgeoned to death by the hordes, let me trot out my mum's 'married bliss and single blessedness' line. Clichés R Us.

I have one in RL and SL, (I know, I know, fortunate Ari). RL man is lovely, and I say this EVEN though he's anti-SL and has been the World's Most Fragile Creature with a stomach flu this week. The SL one is also adorable but totally fails to get my 'building' thing.

But really... time for myself (RL or SL) is often a struggle. RL man works at home, as do I. SL man always rolls up when I'm totally absorbed in a build / shopping.

Oh dear I did have a point here somewhere.

I think it's this: I do wish for you, sincerely, that you'll find a great Mr RL (and believe me, there are certain merits from having a Mr SL too). And I'm not doing the 'grass is greener' lecture.

Well, not really. But if you want to hang out or dip your toes in the virtual water (despite our clashing time zones), feel free. Mr SL is away for a month and I'm sort of moping around now and then too.

And I promise the swim and dive system no longers plants avatars with their heads in the sand / pool base. Really.

Lysistrata Szapira said...

Emerald, I've been a lurker on your blog for months. It's my favorite SL blog of all of 'em. *grin* What brought me out of the shadows is those (bleep) chickens. Whoever invented those cursed things is laughing all the way to the bank because they MUST be raking in the money. It's likely not the chicken eggs themselves that are making the profits; it's all the feed and supplies.

I've only been on SL for 1 1/2 years, so I don't know the history of SL fads. This one has all the markings of one. I don't begrudge anyone's enjoyment of the plucksters, but I want nothing to do with it. When I see folks just sitting around watching their eggs and watching their chickens and talking about eggs and talking about chickens, I just scratch my head and think about heading to Denny's for a Grand Slam.

p.s. I am from Kentucky so I also think about Kentucky Fried sionChicken.

p.p.s. You now have 6 readers.

Emerald Wynn said...

That comment made me LMAO, Lysistrata.

When my friends started selling their eggs and chickens for up to 6K lindens, that's when I decided to give it a shot.

My first one rolled out of its egg dead though.


Emerald Wynn said...

And thank you so much for reading. <3

Alvena Weezles said...

7 :D