Monday, July 13, 2009

Shop, See, Make, Read, Learn


Today was the second time in four days that I did a double-take as I saw my own name pop up in my Google Reader. But YAY, I love New World Notes! It was one of the first Second Life blogs I discovered and I've been a fan ever since. How cool that my hero Hamlet found my "Please Rewind" post NWN-worthy.

Anyway . . .

If you subscribe to the most awesome (RL) Daily Candy e-mail, you'll recognize that this post was inspired by the Web site's fun Weekend Guide.

(But it's this blog, so of course it'll be way longer, and you'll probably drift off to sleep somewhere in the middle of it.)

SHOP: Kissed by Lithium

This one's dedicated to all the nice people who told me to take a chill pill, adjust my medication dosage, and/or lighten up over the weekend. I did just that today and hopped over to the new (maybe just to me?) store Kissed By Lithium.

All you folks who love the witty side of prescription meds -- and I've recently learned that there apparently are a lot of you out there -- will get a kick out of designers Kissowa Kamach's and Marja Languish's colorful creations, named after all your favorite 'scripts. I did. YES! I did!

Since so many people suggested it, I DID TAKE A VALIUM -- the outfit, that is. And actually I didn't take it; I bought it for 220L. See it up top in all its glowy glory. The boots aren't included, but the legwarmers, choker and two sets of bangles are. Unfortunately, glitch pants also aren't included, but that's nothing that some pink bikini bottoms can't fix.

Or you could just go commando under there.

I love that outfit. It matches my glowy yard.

If you want to sample Kissed By Lithium's goods before dealing, the store is participating in the Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt. There's also a lucky cupcake there, a lucky chair and I think two Midnight Mania boards. WOO!

See. I'm not a stiff. I'm just an enigma.


SEE: Rezzable's Tunnel of Light

I'd like to thank my friend Eevie for telling me to get off my butt and get over to see Rezzable's Tunnel of Light . . . before it's gone for good soon!

I loved this trippy, trippy teacup ride through swirly lights and groovy settings. Yeah, I know most of you have already been there, but it was new to me. Don't forget to turn on your music! I want that music stream for my own parcel, but ALAS, the stream URL is hidden. (Yep, I totally inspected that land to try and snag it.)

There are two ride options: one for lovey-dovey couples and one for friends. If you're going it alone like I was, get in the friends line.

When the ride ends, you'll get warped to the store where, as at Rezzable's other sims right now, many items are marked down to 50L.


MAKE: Your landlady crazy . . .

. . . by snagging this free 167-prim carousel at Djunk, where EVERYTHING is free, including some really cute outfits, shoes, skyboxes and more. (Can you find my face in that pic?)

Thank you, Cyclic at Shopping Cart Disco, for reminding me about that store. Click that link and read Cyclic's post to see some of the great clothes. I of course read her post, went over there and squealed, "OOOOOH! Free merry-go-round!!!!!"


slFIX was another one of the first Second Life blogs I discovered as a noob and, although she doesn't know it, Shauna Vella (Shauna Skye in RL) and her snappy, witty writing style inspired me to start this blog. I read that blog and thought, "Hey, I wanna write one!"

The posts over there are short and sweet -- something you always particularly long for after swinging by here -- and cover everything from the music scene to cool stuff to free stuff to deep thoughts to creepy bots. I love that blog passionately.

My friend Opheila and I were having a conversation the other night about why the hell we tend to get so emotional over things that happen in Second Life, and lo and behold, I found an extremely insightful post on that very topic over on slFIX. (I just looked at that blog name and realized my life has such a damn drug theme this week.)

So when you have a moment, hop over and read the post Second Life is Not Playstation. I think you'll like it.

And speaking of emotions and noobs . . .


Well, actually that's a picture of my yard, but HEY, isn't it looking much better? Today I learned that I suck at terraforming. But I do feel cool saying "terraforming."

Anyway, speaking of emotions and noobs . . .

LEARN: To say "You're welcome"

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm loyal to the blogs I love. Way back when I was a cluelessly dressed noob, I discovered a fashion blog written by some lovely, creative, intelligent women. I took a lot of wardrobe cues from them, used their very helpful information to navigate the SL fashion scene and, well, I've been a big bashful fan ever since.

Today I wanted to thank one of them for something. I had this internal tug of war over whether or not to bug her with an IM because I'm pretty shy like that and I always feel like a huge dope approaching someone who has taken on Superstar Blogger Status in my head. For instance, it took me about seven months just to type the name "Prad."

I finally sucked it up and got brave and sent this blogger a thank-you IM. She responded with what felt like pretty harsh criticism of me regarding an entirely different topic, and an extremely personal one at that. (And no, it wasn't 'the Lemania Indigo thing.')

I was kind of stunned and pretty hurt and my eyes got that bad stretchy feeling they get when I'm about to start bawling and then I actually did end up logging off and bawling, not just about that but about 8 million other things as well, both real and virtual.

For more than a year, I'd looked to this woman as sort of a virtual fashion mentor (which in itself is a really stupid thing to say, now that I read it), and when I finally got up the nerve to say something to her, it was kind of like she screamed back, "YOU SUCK!"

So, I don't know. *laugh* but *sad face*

There's a time and a place for criticism, and um, maybe it's not so much after someone expresses gratitude. Learn to say "you're welcome" . . . before we all give up and stop saying "thank you."

Shoot, that sentence really didn't sound as deep as I wanted it to.

*Emerald grabs her epic fail and runs off to hunt for Midol*


Alicia Chenaux said...

Learn: How to snag music URLs wherever you go!

Get into your Advanced menu [Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D if it's not already up], and then Ctrl-Alt-V or look down the menu for View Admin Options. Then go back and look. You'll be able to see the music URL then. :)

[It's also helpful for flying in no fly zones, but uh, you didn't hear that from me.]

Then just Ctrl-Alt-V to turn it off. That's how I got most of the streams on the notecard I gave you. :)

Krissy Muggleston said...

Hey Ali that's good to know! I often use that advanced menu for flying.. didn't know I could get streams that way too.

Hamlet actually brings up a really good point. The old "Where were you when..." sort of takes on new meaning these days. I was in 8th grade history class when the Challenger blew up, and I was shopping at The Loft when Barack Obama won the Presidency...

Heidi Halberstadt said...

If you use the Emerald viewer you get the option to always override no fly...just an FYI

Arcadia Nightfire said...

Aww. I don't know who she is, but making you cry is really not very nice. *hugs*