Friday, July 17, 2009

I so wanted it to be over

When I wrote a post last week expressing my opinions on Lemania Indigo's Prozac Hunt, I expected some chiding remarks, I expected some "lighten ups" and I expected people to disagree with me.

What I didn't expect was verbal violence. I've been called every name in the book this week -- some that I've never even imagined. I've been told to die. I've been told to overdose on drugs. I've been told that I'm ugly, I suck and I'm a horrible writer.

The icing on the cake was this classy and OH-SO-PROFESSIONAL note I just found in my inventory from Lemania's business partner, Lestat Reuven. Let me start by saying my bad for always assuming Lestat was a man. I believe, judging from her 1st Life photo, she is in fact a female. But if she is a guy and I'm just hella confused, please excuse the incorrect pronouns.

Apparently she dropped this note on me several days ago. Not sure how I missed it.

Let's read it and then I'd like to say something. And please excuse the language -- it's not mine:



Read the blog, did you happen to click on the sign or bottles to see who was creator before jumping on Lemania?

It was MY idea, my bottles, my sign. (Some investigating blog work there.) If you are so inclined, retract about Lemania being tacky, tasteless and the other mean things you said about her. You dont like mean people...guess what ME EITHER.

This is SL... I do not have to be politcally correct..and Im not. Yes, I'm the tastless one, the one with no scruples, no concious...her business partner, the one who does bite.

You know all the good things she does, but the bitch you that you are, find one fault and attack. Typical woman, jealous envious cunt ....yep, put this in your blog. I don't give a aren't shit to me...just another cartoon running it's mouth because it cannot create in SL...well, I take that back, create havoc and hurt feelings.

You blogged it without telling her first, isn't that some blogger code, you send the link when you blog them.....and let them respond in your blog? You closed her off access so she could not.

Wasted enough time on you...few more moments to ban your stupid insensitive ass , mute and carry on.

Next months hunt? Bloggers with no writing skills hunt....guess the photo on the front!

Lestat Reuven

Almost forgot .....why don't you do something meaningful and go out and protest in "real life" make a difference on this Earth. Mean spiteful women never cease to confound me.

If any of this is taken out of context and blogged, (meaning parts of it or words left out) shit will hit the fan. This is being sent to group also.


Nope, Lestat, I didn't leave a word out of it. Not one charming, misspelled word. Or the bad punctuation either. And are you threatening me up there? It sure sounds like it.

I've had enough.

I've read my original blog post quite a few times since this Lemania Indigo storm rained down on my head. In it, I posted a letter that stated my opinion and the reasoning behind it. I summed up Lemania's response in a paragraph that, despite her protestations, is exactly that: an accurate summary of the longer reply she posted in my comments. I made a sarcastic comment about a future breast lump hunt. I hinted that she has so many hunts because she's trying to get rid of old inventory.

That's it.

I didn't say she's a horrible person. I didn't say she's an untalented designer -- in fact, I called her a passionate visionary in my original letter to her. If you've read this blog for some time, you know that I've promoted and publicized many of her past hunts here. I called her a brave and commendable woman when she gave out Tea Party tea bags. I've worn her gowns in some of my posts.

This has never been an anti-Lemania blog. We're talking about one post reflecting one incident when I simply disagreed with the name and nature (searching for prescription bottles) of her hunt.

What terrifies me is -- sorry Lestat, not the violent, threatening letter that you, a supposedly professional business owner dropped on me -- but this widespread "if you disagree with my opinion, you're a horrible person who deserves to die" mentality.

News flash: If you're in the public eye, whether as a creator or a blogger, there are going to be people out there who don't like your work, your words, your opinions. I accepted this fact when I chose a RL career as a writer. And when someone disagrees with something I write here, I try to handle it as graciously as possible. I don't usually sling insults. I may however respond with dark wit or sarcasm.

But the fact that you do not agree with every word I say does not demean your worth, at least in my eyes, as a human being.

I patronize many of the vendors on Lemania's sim. It saddens me that because of this "I'm banning you because you dared to publicly disagree with me" attitude, I can no longer shop at those stores. That's an extremely kind way for you to treat your renters, Lestat -- very considerate of you.

Originally I wasn't going to post this letter from Lestat Reuven because I wanted this mess to be over with. Ironically, I have a lot of Lestat's furniture in my home. I've always been a fan of her work. There are posts on this blog that showcase some of my favorite pieces of hers.

I wasn't going to post Lestat's letter, but you know, I changed my mind. Read it, enjoy it, and yeah, I encourage you to participate in Lemania and Lestat's apparent upcoming "Bloggers With No Writing Skills Hunt," featuring my AV's photo on the poster.

I'll just leave you with this simple question:

Is this really the type of person -- a self-professed business partner with "no scruples, no concious" [sic], as Lestat so eloquently states in her letter -- who deserves your hard-earned lindens?


Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

That first life photo Lestat has on her profile is priceless.

Really? A kid on your lap with a tank top that says "SEX" on it? Are you kidding?

She gets the SL Loser award of the decade. The millennium even.

Anonymous said...

I chose to stay mum bout this subject simply because I lost a dear friend last week to an overdose in RL. Sometimes when things hit too close to home, its a bit too raw to really touch.

But Emerald, kudos to you. Kudos for voicing your opinion and kudos for how you have handled all the crap being thrown towards you.

I'm not really too fond of lots of things in SL, but to each their own. Let bygones be bygones. I dont really understand child RP, but hey if its your thing all the more power to you. You are'nt hurting me, so have at it. Whatever makes you happy right?

Because someone simply stated an opinion, does NOT mean you have the right to verbally abuse, harass or threathen them.

How bout a big 'ol we agree to disagree?

And if this comment wasn't long enough, to answer your question Emerald NO this is not someplace that I chose to spend my Lindens at or to feature in MY blog.

Just a personal don't have to agree with me. It would just be nice if you showed people respect for actually having an opinion.

Emerald, hugs! So sorry for all that you have been subjected to this week!

Love Cait

Emerald Wynn said...

Cait, I am so sorry about your friend. :(

Serenity said...

I was there I think when ya found the notecard and we had our lil chat about how it personally hit close to home for me. But as a graduate from college who minored in business, people really need to learn how to run a business in SL.

Shocking as that may seem it can somewhat be lacking or make other owners look bad. I really hope that people wisen up and realize they should be beyond highschool play in SL but alas. Huge Gratz on you being strong and sticking with your opinion. I really hope others follow your example.

Ari said...


This goes beyond kneejerk reaction. It's horrible.

If she does that hunt, then it will be further evidence of her stupidity and pettiness. I think - hope - it's an empty threat. If it isn't, then I don't think she'll get the support she's hoping for.

Keep on writing. I hope she goes back to creating furniture.


Sharon said...

I must admit I've never read your blog before - today I was reading another one and found a link here. So I read what you had to say. When I got notice of the 'prozac' hunt at Lemania's I was concerned. It didn't seem like an appropriate context for a hunt.(Sort of like a heroin hunt). Everyone has the right to their opinion. Or so I thought until I read Lestat's letter. I am shocked! I love Lestat's stuff and shop there often. But, after reading that letter (and this has nothing to do with you) I am going to voluntarily take myself off their group list. I will NEVER shop there again (and I spend a lot of money in SL plus have a small shoppers group I head). I will never recommend them to anyone. I will refuse to accept freebies from them. As far as I am concerned, their sim is off limits. SL is supposed to be more tolerant than RL - that's the way I've always found it. This shocks me! Well...I'm going to log into SL now and head over to Lemania's for the LAST time. Keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

I don't shop at Lemania, I don't like her clothes - in fact I had a gift card I gave away because I couldn't find a single thing in her store I wanted to own. And the one clothing item I bought from Lestat I ended up deleting because the seam matches were horrible. Her furniture was awesome, she should've stuck with that.

The only place I went to lately on their hunts was [AV], but I fully expect to be banned from the Lemania sim if one of the vengeful angels reads this post and goes crying to Mama.

Good to know witch hunts are alive and well in SL.

Heidi Halberstadt

Haley Hathaway said...

That is just outrageous. I can't believe how unprofessional that was. It is bad consumer relations and might hurt the business more. People tend to get so vicious online, but my question is, could this business owner work up the courage to say this to your face? I doubt it.
You're fabulous and don't think you aren't for one moment. Keep blogging, you do it so well. :)

Anonymous said...

This is only my opinion, so bite me if you don't agree:

SL in a place to make perceptual breakthroughs; a safe place think/act outside of the box..

That said, I was dismayed first by the hunt subject matter, and then by the shit storm of personal attacks against Emerald for stating her opinion.

As a health care professional and find it sad that the subject matter was taken so lightly by Lestat.

I've lost so many wonderful clients to depression.

I tear up just thinking that a chemical imbalance can snuff out a life so easily.

Medications can be a blessing and a curse. The balancing act that one must endure on a daily basis can be exhausting.

I truly understand the release that making fun of a serious situation can bring in times of stress and/or crisis.

But, there should be a limit to poor taste and thoughtless actions.

Lestat crossed so many lines on this one that I'm not sure where to look for the irony meter base reading.

I used to do the hunts created by L&L. I can't say I kept any of the clothing but do have a few of the furniture items.

I enjoy the challenge of hunting in sl and the opportunity it gives me to explore new places.

I won't go back to do any future hunts at their Sim/s but won't fault others who do go.

Hugs to you Emerald for standing firm.

Shame on you Lestat for being so crude.

Lunatic Rang

nimil said...

wow i can't believe how much your opinion has exploded over the last week. it really blows me away. seriously... what is wrong with people??

i have never shopped at this store, never really heard of it. but i'm definitely not interested in going there ever now.

Ana Lutetia said...

From the notecard: You blogged it without telling her first, isn't that some blogger code, you send the link when you blog them.....and let them respond in your blog? You closed her off access so she could not.
Sorry to let you know but a blog is never obligated to offer response. Weblogs are whatever the creator want them to be.

I don't like Lemania's clothing but after reading I will make sure never stop by...

Aisuru Rieko said...

Everyone is so diplomatic in their condemnation of that ridiculous letter. I'll come right out and say that I think this Lestat sounds like a vile bitch.Who gives a flying shit about her opinion anyway, and IMHO she can go fuck herself.


Nikianan Noel said...

prozac is a terrible thing to be on - or at least the disease that make you go on. i have a very, very dear friend who have had suicidal thoughts and i simply got so angry. she has absouloutly no right to verbally abuse you like that. opinions is allowed if a prozac hunt is allowed, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

I never read the follow up on your post and I'm sorry about that. I should have, I can't believe people were threatening you for disagreeing with someone or being critical.

Actually, no, I can believe it. Reading blogs of various types (sl and rl stuff) I've seen the very disturbing trend of people making physical threats and wishing harm and death on people who hold contrary opinions or seem to be critical. It's all over the place and I have to seriously wonder how these people manage in daily life or if they keep it all pent up and the spooge all over blogs so they can feel better.

Lemania's clothes aren't really my style so I've never bought anything. And now I never will. Nor will I set foot on their sim for any reason.

There is no call for that kind of behavior.

And oh that "I'm not politically correct" line, it's always people who don't want to act with common decency and respect for other people.

CeCe said...

I stopped doing business with Lemania after I found out they were buying people off with gift cards. Every blogger that blogs her gets a gift card to her store as a reward. When this happened to me, it felt all wrong so I gave the card to a newbie at the welcome center and never blogged her again. This latest hunt(she has at least one every two weeks) was a theme that really hurt many people. Emerald is brave to stand up to her and should not be the brunt end sh*t for expressing her opinion is a well-thought-out, logical manner.

Emerald, you did nothing wrong and these others should be ashamed of themselves.

Whispers said...

I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of this. As a mother who has been fighting to keep her depressed son from committing suicide for a couple months now I appreciate you standing up for us! God Bless YOU and just know that many of us think you did the right thing and appreciate it greatly!

Arcadia Nightfire said...

*Hugs you* I am so sorry you're dealing with this. I just do not understand why people, like Lestat, have to be so vile and rude simply because you happen to have a different opinion. Lestat needs to grow up, and possibly change her name because I like that character and she's ruining it for me.

I've never shopped at Lemania or Lestat's SL businesses, but you can add me to the list of people who will never go there. I don't care what she offers. This kind of behavior is ridiculous and shouldn't be tolerated. Certainly you could file some sort of complaint with LL for that notecard.

Krissy Muggleston said...

@Aisuru - LOL!

@Whispers - Hugs and strength to you.

@Em - Wtf? She's hurling shit at you that describe her own actions in the notecard. Pot calling the kettle black much?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for calling them on this initially ... and doing so in such an even handed, reasonable, and respectful manner. It didn't particularly offend me when I saw the announced hunt, but it clearly hit close to home for many and you stepped up and called attention to the issue in a very appropriate and non-confrontational manner.

It's unfortunate that you have not been treated likewise in response. I'm astounded by the inappropriate and childish way those that disagree with you have behaved. All of them should be ashamed of their actions.

In response, you have continued to take the high-road and not sink to their level. That kind of grace and maturity has only made their behavior seem even more despicable in comparison.

Well done! You've shown real class lady!

Natasha said...

I never heard of Lemania or Lestat before this but with the way they are acting I wont be going to their store or participating in their hunts (especially not one that has to do with Prozac). They could of acted like adults because that's what they are...right? Makes you wonder. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I see from your most recent post that Lemania and Lestat are collecting names of people who support you and banning them from their sim. So, YOOHOO LEMANIA AND LESTAT!!! I'm Octavia Tiratzo in SL. Go for it. I think Emerald raised a valid and important point on the Prozac Hunt. My husband's mental illness ruined my marriage, largely because the doctor's couldn't find any drugs that would help him. Prozac didn't work for him, sadly, but I know very well how miraculous it can be when it does, and how devastating depression can be. Drugs like Prozac can be the difference between life and death...or the difference between a good life and one barely worth living. But even if I disagreed with Emerald's original Prozac Hunt post, I'd be completely disgusted by the way she's been treated. Lestat, in particular, should be deeply ashamed of his letter.

Anonymous said...

Your an ordained Minister.?

(Christian:to be Christ like)

Not seeing any sign's of that
within the words your write:(

Emerald Wynn said...

@ Anonymous - the words I write are in defense of myself, considering that I'm now being violently - yes violently - attacked by the classy duo of Lemania and Lestat and their equally classy customers.

The last time I checked, I wasn't the one using vile language.

I wrote the equivalent of a "letter to the editor" in my blog. There is nothing "un-Christlike" about expressing opinions, particularly in defense of those suffering from mental illness.

It's dawning on me that perhaps Lemania never has had anyone disagree with her before. I'd advise her to find a more gracious way to deal with public criticism, such as, "I'm so sorry we disagree on this topic. (The End)"

Instead, she's launched a massive campaign against me, encouraging her supporters to flame this blog and bury me with hate mail.

Note that I never did anything like that. I didn't tell people to boycott her or bombard her with notes and insults. All I did was express an opinion and my disappointment - with clean language, nonetheless, not to mention compliment her on her work in the process.

Her reaction to this whole fiasco really shows the true nature of her character, and I'm so sorry you can't see that. Frankly, I'm getting tired of explaining myself to people who can't seem to see the difference between mature and inappropriate behavior.