Sunday, July 26, 2009

Use your Thusoras! (and slap something around for me please)


If you're like me and you take sort of horrible photos, don't really have a decent photo studio/backdrop, and hate digging through all your unsorted poses for the perfect ones, then maybe -- like me -- you collect posing furniture and props, which frankly still don't guarantee decent photos but at least take the edge off the bad ones . . . a little.

WOOOOO! That was a long sentence. But you liked it! I know you did!

If so, you'll be excited to know that Baiastice's Behavior Body store currently has three fun posing seats out for a whopping $1L each. That stool up there -- with 14 sits in it -- is one of them. Yeah, I picked kind of a weird pose for that photo . . . but I think Tyra Banks would approve.

This post really isn't about furniture though. It's about the awesome store Thusoras.

[UPDATE: Whoops - looks like the L.A. Street Scene store is closed for renovations. Try the other location at the Cupcake sim if you want to check it out.]

In fact, that "Total B8be" Golden Girls T-shirt from Thusoras is one of my favorite articles of clothing. If my prefab were on fire, I would grab the bunny, the aquarium, my Random Calliope pieces and that shirt and run. Yep, Sophia from The Golden Girls makes my list of "top five things I would pull from a burning SL building." (I haven't figured out the fifth thing yet. Maybe my chicken named Pradella.)

I love designer Alexandria Paine's sense of humor and I think I own just about every T-shirt that Thusoras sells (50L each). She'll also make custom T-shirts, according to her notecard.

Dolly Parton is another fav:


The back says, "My heart belongs to Dolly." And that's another $1L Behavior Body posing chair. I think the fact that I just tossed the chair on the beach really gives the photo a carefree air. (That was a joke.)


Laugh out loud.

Ironically, if I scoot my boob slider too far to the right, Dolly's face gets a little distorted. And HEY, I finally found an SL hairstyle that looks like my RL hair: the new Julie by Dernier Cri, shown in these photos. (That's "Julie II." Just "Julie" with bangs also is included with purchase.) Do you love it? I do! I'm starting to love my RL hair as well. Being broke brings out the sexy beast in me, apparently. Maybe it's an inherent survival mechanism.

Here's the third chair from Behavior Body and another Thusoras T that cracks me up:


Nope that's not an internal organ -- it's a corn dog, as in Corn Dawg. I have no idea why Alexandria (whom I've never met) wanted to put a corn dog on a T-shirt but it worked, because when I saw it I giggled madly and bought it. And you guessed it, that's the third $1L chair from Baiastice. The legs are white. A better photog with more masterful camera skills would've gotten the whole chair in the pic, but I never promised you a rose garden here.

Speaking of gardens, I'm sick of watermelons. You know me -- at the very last minute I cracked and got all competitive about embarking on and finishing the Slice of Summer gridwide hunt. It took me about 24 hours total (not nonstop, I'm not that big of a loser) to finish it, even with my Treasure Hunt Radar and a (shhhhh!) um *help* sheet. I gave up on Sway's Creations -- yes, I clicked all the watermelons by the photo booth. If anyone knows what the hell is going on there, please let me know. My life just doesn't feel complete with that hole in my hunt folder.

This hunt is worth the time though. Every participating store is quality. There are some REALLLLLLLY cool prizes, like this Watermelon Summer Pavilion with swing and waterfall from The Sea Hole. (OOPS! Did I just give you the direct Slurl to the prize location? Maybe, maybe not -- use at your own risk.)


I like it in here.


If you're pickin' watermelons and you need my "help sheet," let me know.

I have a wild urge to try to finish the Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt AND this month's Gone Fishing hunt, although by my calculations it'd take something like four straight days without stopping. I doubt I'll pull it off.

I don't have much else to say except to give a shout out to my friend Heidi, who killed me yesterday when I ran into her at the new Doux Petit Dahl mainstore location.


[9:51] Heidi Halberstadt: I'm sorry, hun, but my babysitter is in jail, so I had to bring the baby...babies...offspring.


You rock, Heidi, seriously.

OH and hey everybody, if you're reading this post before midnight SLT on July 26 and you have a free minute, could you swing by this MM board (follow the beacon) and give it a slap?:


I want that wedding chapel. If I ever get the damn thing (I've been slapping that board for days), I might tear down my icy kingdom and rent out my parcel as a beachy romantic wedding spot. Ha ha!

But seriously, I'm an ordained minister in real life. Should you need it, I can baptize you, marry you and bury you. And I'm pretty sure my spiritual powers translate across virtual boundaries.

So holler if you need an exorcism.

(Lemania Indigo)


Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

I probably could use an exorcism.

But seriously, that's probably the coolest thing ever!

Heidi Halberstadt said...

I wish I could say something in my defense, something clever or witty. Can't do it. Thanks for outing me and my secret mutant child, Em!

/me walks out, giggling at the tiny print at the end of the post

Prad Prathivi said...


I'm getting a boob job now.

Emerald Wynn said...

Prad! I thought that chicken was a boy, and then I found out it was a girl. It was traumatic for me too!

Krissy Muggleston said...

I just laughed out loud when I read the small print.

Anonymous said...

and you felt upset about the p***c-hunt????? this pic (rsp. the doll) is disgusting.

Zoe Portal

Emerald Wynn said...

LMAO! Yeah - SHAME ON YOU, HEIDI! That is so friggin' insensitive of you -- running around like that with absolutely no regard for two-headed babies or overalls!

You're banned from my parcel now, Heidi! No more ice-skating or frolicking with my chickens for you!

Thanks for stopping by, Zoe! *hugs!*

Emerald Wynn said...

By the way, the word Zoe left out of her comment is Prozac, as in Prozac Hunt.

You don't need to mince words here, Zoe. Unless, of course, you disagree with the lovely advocate of free speech and American values, Lemania Indigo, in which case you will be banished and banned from her sim.

Anonymous said...

Oh np Emerald,

i took my pill today

maybe you forgot yours <;-)

Zoe Portal

Anonymous said...

By the way, some ppl. are advocates of free speech and American values, some ppl are witch hunters and some ppl. make a mountain out of a dust speck.
And some ppl. forget that SL is only a little virtual world :-).

A sunny relaxing weekend to all
Zoe Portal

Emerald Wynn said...

I just don't understand how writing a simple blog post translates to "witch hunt"? I didn't ask the world to jump on my Lemania Indigo soapbox, and there was nothing attacking Lemania personally - I just didn't like her hunt. That's not a witch hunt - it's just an "I don't like this particular hunt" statement.

Shopping Cart Disco picked it up and brought more attention to it, but that wasn't my doing.

If anything, LEMANIA is the one who launched a witch hunt when she encouraged her followers to bash me as much as possible, sent out a note to her group, wrote a blog about how horrible I am, etc., etc., etc.

As for making a mountain out of a dust speck - read the friggin' post. I admitted in the last sentence that YES the issue was a dust speck. And I didn't make a mountain out of it.

People like you, Zoe, who are still taking shots WEEKS later, are making a mountain out of a dust speck.

I am so tired of explaining all this to thick-skulled people.

Let's all just agree to disagree and shut the hell up about it.

Heidi Halberstadt said...


Doan make me ask Charlie to drive me ova there in his truck so I can clean your clock, you hussy!

You call mah offspring disgustin' again, Imma interduce you to the next manure pile, like up close an' personal, like!