Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's my name! Wear it out!

Hey, guess what? Somebody named a house after me!


The Wynn Cottage is Awesome Blossom's prize in The Platinum Hunt Deux, which ends tomorrow (hopefully at the end of the day or I'm going to feel like a total ass for once again posting something you can only get at the very last minute).

Thank you, Clementine Ishtari!

It's got a bird on it! If you look at the built-in plant shelves on the outside windows you'll . . .

. . . WTF, a FRUIT FLY just drowned in my delicious glass of Chardonnay. Hey, I'M DRINKIN' IT ANYWAY, Fruit Fly! You will not ruin my relaxing cocktail hour! And quite possibly that word could become "hours" because I'm a little tense these days. I don't have a job; my grandmother recently passed away; my new boobs still look weird; I haven't had sex in, like, 8 billion years; I've got cramps that would make a grown man curl up in a corner and cry; I'm trying to kick a bad Xanax habit and consequently my hands are all shaky and I want to scream my head off and kick somebody's ass; and my SL is filled with needy, fake animals that just keep multiplying and attaching themselves to me sentimentally.
And one more semicolon for the hell of it: ;

So get out your violin and enjoy that whole trip through my digestive system, Fruit Fly. You're going down.

Sorry. Back to the house. It's 88 prims, a little weathered — like my life! — and really cute with two rooms plus mud room. Mud roooooooooom! You can get all cozy up in your own if you swing by Awesome Blossom and find the little blue box with a white ribbon around it.

Unfortunately I accidentally rezzed mine on top of some Meeroos. (The house, not the little blue box.)

Oops. Welcome to Oz, bitches.

Whatever. They're always leaving their damn crack pipes all over my parcel anyway.

See. Passed the hell out. And apparently the food is levitating. My Second Life is magic like that.

I'm glad I cranked up the terrain and sky details in my graphics preferences before I took that pic.

As long as I'm name-dropping and talking about Meeroos, that Dude Who Makes Fabuloso Hair gave me a Koi, which is pretty cool in the Cult of Meeroos. It was kind of like Elvis walking around giving Cadillacs to people on the street. Or an Oprah show. ("YOU get a Koi and YOU get a Koi and YOU get a Koi! A round of Koi for everybody!")

Thank you, Truth Hawks! (I'm all about the last names today.)

Yeah. The sleeping thing is a little annoying. I tried to wake her up but she just said "Screw you," took a hit off her crack pipe and went back to sleep. Look between her ears. See that kind of rainbow platform behind the fence? That is a WTF helicopter landing pad. And hell no, it's not mine. Where is a Homeowners Association when I need one?

Speaking of Truth (see, there was a reason for that little "look what I got!" paragraph besides just telling you that so you'll think I'm cool), a few people have stopped me and asked me where I got this hair:

It's Ricci (shown here in Bubblegum) by Truth. It does include a flower to wear in it, but not that one. So unfortunately later one girl bitch-slapped me with an all-caps message that said, "HEY MINE DIDN'T HAVE STICKS IN IT!"


That hair ornament is called "and with bees in her breath" (75L) and it's from Split Pea. It includes another version with birds on it (birds on it!), but Coco Chanel told me to always take off one accessory before I leave the house, so the birds had to go.

But hey Truth, I guess you should make some hair with branches in it. And birds. Then you could name it Angry Birds, for all the people who got mad when they bought your hair and it didn't have sticks and birds in it. I guess I am responsible for that misunderstanding and I apologize.

Shoot, I feel like I should have included mesh somewhere in this post.


Look at that word for a long time and it starts to look really weird.

I'm going to go decorate my cottage of win now.

Awesome Blossom
Split Pea
The Platinum Hunt Blog (includes SLURLS of participating creators and hints)

Friday, August 12, 2011

You want this Platinum Sn@tch (and my boobs!!)

Hey, I got a boob job in real life! (Let's see if prudish PhotoBucket kills this picture.)

(Do I win the award for Most Random Way to Start an SL Blog Post?)

I didn't do it to be a sex bomb. I just got tired of being a 32 AA. Yes, AA. As in "Ain't Anything (There)." I wanted to be able to wear pretty tops and lovely lingerie and grown-up swimming suits. And I hated that moment of unveiling in front of a man — taking off my bra with four inches of padding and yelling, "FOOLED YA!" So I got some very proportionate C's. I marched into the cosmetic surgeon's office with a picture of my avie and said, "I want THIS rack right here!" (Kidding.)

As soon as they settle down, I'll be able to wear bustiers and bikinis and outfits like - dot dot dot - The Primrose Path outfit, which is Sn@tch's prize in The Platinum Hunt Deux, which started today.

Whew, I knew I'd get a segue in there somehow. All the pertinent details about the hunt are at the bottom of this post, in case you want to skip the babble.

Anyway, as for the new and improved bosom, I'm going through the post-surgery misery phase right now. Damn, these things are kind of cumbersome and uncomfortable as hell and my nipples are throbbing like a toothache and I have to wear this BDSM-style strap around my chest because the implants (saline! smooth! round! high-profile!) still haven't "dropped and fluffed" yet. In fact, the surgeon says it could take a month or two or even three before they drop and fluff. If you understand that sentence, you understand my misery, so IM me in world and let's talk fake boobs!

But enough about those things! Let's chat about a topic that nobody else is talking about: The Platinum Hunt Deux. I know many people, myself included, are on a tight budget and may take pause at the thought of paying 10L for a hunt prize. I bribed my way into the blogger preview room though, and I can attest to the fact that — depending on your tastes — most of the prizes are well worth it.

(UPDATE: Oh my GAWD, those insane girls over at The Rumor blog took pics of tons of the prizes! So see them HERE and decide for yourself.)

For instance, hell yeah I'd pay 10L for Sn@tch's Primrose Path:

It includes pink, blue and yellow versions of the cute bodysuit, the awesome netted hoop skirt and the stockings. (Also shown, not prizes: "You Lookin' Twice" pose from (pda)'s Dracula set; Belinda pumps in Rose by Berries, Inc.)

More prizes:

(My left elbow and wrist look awesome in this picture.)

- Barbarella necklace (set includes matching earrings) at #38 Donna Flora
- Platinum skin at #78 Filthy Skin, includes a cleavage option in a tattoo or undershirt layer (shown at top, fried eggs not included). WOW! I'm not used to being this tan, but I do love the lips and rosy cheeks. And the nose. I'm picky about my pixel noses. This one passes muster.
- Platina eyeshadow in Khaki at #41 Rozena (prize includes a set of six colors; the pink version is shown in pic No. 2)

(Also shown, not prizes: Tussilago eyes from the Herbalist collection at Vision - Eyes by A:S:S; Eliza hair by Rezipsa Loc.)

I'm also digging the Platinum Model pose prop, one of two prizes at #68 *BOOM*. DIGGING IT, I tell you!

Menu-driven with seven poses and six background textures.

Well. Sometimes you just have to flat-out admit that you don't know how to end a blog post.

I don't know how to end this blog post.

- The Platinum Hunt Deux starts today and runs through Aug. 31.
- You are looking for a small, blue Tiffany-style box with a white bow.
- Each prize costs 10L. Prizes are guaranteed to be worth at least 400L.
- According to the Website, there are 102 stops on this hunt. The starting point is at Di's Opera.
- For more information, including a list of participating creators, their SLURLs, hints and a picture of the hunt item you're looking for, check out the Website HERE.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking out of my comfort zone (in Doppelganger sweatpants)

Lately I've been trying to be more adventurous and break out of my comfort zone, primarily in RL but also in SL. For instance, I'm saying "yes" more when I'd usually say "no," particularly when it comes to social invitations. At least that's a start.

Here in SL, I was delighted to discover that Doppelganger's new vintage sweatpants put kind of an ironic twist on my quest to break out of my comfort zone . . . because they're comfortable and I've been wearing them a lot these days. But it's not just that — they also have inspirational and encouraging words on them! Create! Dance! Live! Be! Breathe! Smile! Peace! Love! Relax! Chortle! (Just kidding — they don't have "chortle" pants. I wish, though.)

I kind of agonized over these pictures. For instance, in that top one up there, my pants are telling me to "create," yet it kind of looks like I'm sulking over my miserable life. The pic needs to be more joyous. Like this:


OK, so that just looks painful. Whatever. I tried and that's what counts. I should also be smiling, but ever since that time when I used that emotion HUD and my face got frozen in that huge, Stephen Kingish-killer-clown grin for a month, I don't use those things anymore.

Let's just Be instead.


That's my meditating "Be" picture. The "Be" is kind of hard to see, so I circled it for you. I guess I also took a trip to Fail City with all the Be pictures, and this one was the only one that didn't make me laugh and cringe at the same time. What, you don't believe me?

Trying to relax in soothing water. Yes, fully clothed. Cropped out a foreign naked guy who was bothering me. Ended up looking like I was trying to Be a bloated, drowned corpse.

I have no idea. I think that's a really bad waterfall animation. Or an anguished prayer for more lindens. And I guess you also don't need feet to Be.

Let's breathe?


Wow — a little bit of attitude there. "I'm gonna breathe and then I'm gonna slap you upside the head." Oops. Remember, it's not about the model; it's about the clothes. Look at those pants. We love them!

This is my cheesy little 512 parcel that I always forget about. I put a big damn rainbow on it because my neighbors and I are apparently having a "who can be more obnoxious on their horrible inland parcel" contest. But I guess the rainbow humidity really jacks up my hair. Oops.

So, it's time to talk about Live. I'm kind of digging the new suggestions that SL offers on the login screen now. I realize some of them are lame, but at least they provide an alternate to spending lindens and perhaps even some blog fodder. On Sunday I dutifully trotted over to the suggested Art in the Park event, which encouraged me to "take a stroll through the Village" and check out some SL artists' work on display.

"The Village" turned out to be a small shopping square, and even though confused noobs were scattered all over the place, I still managed to discover a couple of artists I liked and buy several paintings.


These paintings — "the magic of the moment," above my head, and "the music of the wind," on the side wall — are by RL/SL artist bachi Cheng. A mere 350L each and I love them. Note that I tried to put my own interpretative spin on "the magic of the moment." I'M COOL!

I sat like that until the sun came up:

Sorry. Just thought you should see it without the brooding darkness. Just when I start mastering shadows in pics, the latest viewer update turns it all upside down. Sigh. The cat looks crusty-eyed.

Anyway, bachi's RL Website is HERE and one of her inworld galleries is HERE.

Let's take a good hard look at my face for a second and then wrap this thing up.

I'm wearing a skin I won off a Lucky Board at Mother Goose's (out of my comfort zone!) and Truth's new short, curly (out of my comfort zone!) Claudia hair, not to mention a different shape - Allie by Embody Shapes & Poses - that I found in my inventory (out of my comfort zone!). The Salvia eyes (haha I wish) and the awesome Narayan necklace (50L at My Second Wardrobe) are by A:S:S. See credits below for SLURLs.

Doppelganger didn't pay me to write this post, but in some of these pics, I'm wearing their pink Boyfriend Sweatshirt (120L), which is one of my favorite things to wear when I'm shlepping around SL, which is almost all the time. It's exactly like something I'd practically wear to death in RL. And the unisex vintage sweatpants featured in this post (150L each, 1050L for the fatpack) are available in nine colors with a different word printed on each. Each color also includes a plain version in case you don't feel like wearing vocal pants.

I'm gonna go put on some real sweatpants now and go try to create something in RL. Like a nap.

Vintage Sweats, pink Boyfriend Sweatshirt at Doppelganger, Inc.
Rad Sweatshirt in Slate (first, second and fifth pic) by Tres Blah
Shoes: EcoPois No Leather Shoes (100L) by Les Petits Details
Hair: In first two pics, Fair in brown/coffee by [kik]; pics three and four: Glowing Review in Girl Next Door by Clawtooth; and Claudia in Streaked Burgundy by Truth
Necklace: Narayan necklace (50L) at My Second Wardrobe
Skin: HENA(2), free from the Lucky Board at Mother Goose's
Eyes: Salvia eyes from the Herbalist collection (400L for fatpack) at Vision - Eyes by A:S:S
Shape: Allie (249L) by Embody Shapes & Poses