Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's my name! Wear it out!

Hey, guess what? Somebody named a house after me!


The Wynn Cottage is Awesome Blossom's prize in The Platinum Hunt Deux, which ends tomorrow (hopefully at the end of the day or I'm going to feel like a total ass for once again posting something you can only get at the very last minute).

Thank you, Clementine Ishtari!

It's got a bird on it! If you look at the built-in plant shelves on the outside windows you'll . . .

. . . WTF, a FRUIT FLY just drowned in my delicious glass of Chardonnay. Hey, I'M DRINKIN' IT ANYWAY, Fruit Fly! You will not ruin my relaxing cocktail hour! And quite possibly that word could become "hours" because I'm a little tense these days. I don't have a job; my grandmother recently passed away; my new boobs still look weird; I haven't had sex in, like, 8 billion years; I've got cramps that would make a grown man curl up in a corner and cry; I'm trying to kick a bad Xanax habit and consequently my hands are all shaky and I want to scream my head off and kick somebody's ass; and my SL is filled with needy, fake animals that just keep multiplying and attaching themselves to me sentimentally.
And one more semicolon for the hell of it: ;

So get out your violin and enjoy that whole trip through my digestive system, Fruit Fly. You're going down.

Sorry. Back to the house. It's 88 prims, a little weathered — like my life! — and really cute with two rooms plus mud room. Mud roooooooooom! You can get all cozy up in your own if you swing by Awesome Blossom and find the little blue box with a white ribbon around it.

Unfortunately I accidentally rezzed mine on top of some Meeroos. (The house, not the little blue box.)

Oops. Welcome to Oz, bitches.

Whatever. They're always leaving their damn crack pipes all over my parcel anyway.

See. Passed the hell out. And apparently the food is levitating. My Second Life is magic like that.

I'm glad I cranked up the terrain and sky details in my graphics preferences before I took that pic.

As long as I'm name-dropping and talking about Meeroos, that Dude Who Makes Fabuloso Hair gave me a Koi, which is pretty cool in the Cult of Meeroos. It was kind of like Elvis walking around giving Cadillacs to people on the street. Or an Oprah show. ("YOU get a Koi and YOU get a Koi and YOU get a Koi! A round of Koi for everybody!")

Thank you, Truth Hawks! (I'm all about the last names today.)

Yeah. The sleeping thing is a little annoying. I tried to wake her up but she just said "Screw you," took a hit off her crack pipe and went back to sleep. Look between her ears. See that kind of rainbow platform behind the fence? That is a WTF helicopter landing pad. And hell no, it's not mine. Where is a Homeowners Association when I need one?

Speaking of Truth (see, there was a reason for that little "look what I got!" paragraph besides just telling you that so you'll think I'm cool), a few people have stopped me and asked me where I got this hair:

It's Ricci (shown here in Bubblegum) by Truth. It does include a flower to wear in it, but not that one. So unfortunately later one girl bitch-slapped me with an all-caps message that said, "HEY MINE DIDN'T HAVE STICKS IN IT!"


That hair ornament is called "and with bees in her breath" (75L) and it's from Split Pea. It includes another version with birds on it (birds on it!), but Coco Chanel told me to always take off one accessory before I leave the house, so the birds had to go.

But hey Truth, I guess you should make some hair with branches in it. And birds. Then you could name it Angry Birds, for all the people who got mad when they bought your hair and it didn't have sticks and birds in it. I guess I am responsible for that misunderstanding and I apologize.

Shoot, I feel like I should have included mesh somewhere in this post.


Look at that word for a long time and it starts to look really weird.

I'm going to go decorate my cottage of win now.

Awesome Blossom
Split Pea
The Platinum Hunt Blog (includes SLURLS of participating creators and hints)


Kat Terrawyng said...

Oooohhh... Truth DEFINITELY needs a hair twig! Pronto!

You never fail to make me giggle. I showed this blog to a friend of mine this morning and we were cutting and pasting various parts to each other in yahoo and shouting, "Bahahaha!"

Keep laughing, Em. Here's hoping your troubles are far behind you and your boobs are boobalicious and less annoying very soon!

Deoridhe said...

*tries to steal your Koi* Damn you Emerald~!!!!

I love the sticks-in-hair accessory. Yay for sticks! And heads!

Clementine said...

I'm so glad you love it! When I was looking for a name for it you popped into my mind because I've never forgotten that one small act of kindness from you. So thank you.. again! <3