Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodnight, all you moonlight ladies

There's something about the promise of crisp fall weather around the corner and the thrill of a recent boob job that's making me want to get the hell away from my computer for a while.

Plus, my expendable income is dwindling, particularly since I have no income at the moment.

So I spent the morning packing away almost all my beloved breedables. I clicked "will not renew lease" on five farm parcels and sent almost all my horses to Horse Haven. It's gotten to the point where I can't even GIVE horses away anymore, and the cost of rent, food and salt licks (to keep them happy so they'll procreate) is breaking my budget every week.

I narrowed the Meeroos down to five stumps — soon to be three — and I guess I'll pick 10 KittyCatS to live out their little 120-day lifespans. At least I'm still selling a few of those kittens. I was never out to make a fortune with these things, but I at least need to make SOME money to feed them.

But the Wildwood cats - blah - I just couldn't delete them or even send them to their imaginary "cat sanctuary." The thought of doing it just broke my heart. Isn't that stupid?

I put them in folders in my inventory instead. Yes, they'll starve there and curl up into black, comatose cat circles with red X's for eyes, but at least that way I can lie to myself and say that someday I'll take out my favorite ones and revive them.

Until then, sleep tight my little friends. SL is going to be kind of lonely without you.


Tigo Volare said...

Awwww. I can imagine how that must feel. Even though they are "just virtual", our feelings for them aren't virtual. I hope, and I'm sure, you will find a nice job soon and get them all back again.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. One day I just looked at my Meeroos and thought, "Why am I spending money on this?" Then I released all of them and took everything up. I will say that it was a huge money & time saver... even if I do miss the little furry things sometimes.

Pay said...

What a mixed blessing indeed, but a great lesson about responsibility without soul scarring consequences! I have a friend of a friend who is frantically trying to do something about horses, dogs, fairies and other breedables. Said friend was last reported being taken to hospital in first life. Now the dogs have no food! No word of what is going on with our friend who owns the huge ranch of animals ... What a dilemma!