Thursday, July 16, 2009

Petal pusher


You'd think I'd be the last person to promote a Shopping Cart Disco event right now, but my talented friend Aisuru Rieko of Beloved Custom Designs is one of several generous vendors who's giving away a gift tomorrow on SCD Reader Appreciation Day.

See that rosette skirt up there? I love it so much, I've been wearing it for three days. Join the Shopping Cart Disco Readers group to get it, courtesy of Aisuru, for $1L tomorrow (Friday). More information over on this SCD post HERE.

Thank you, Aisuru!

And yeah, I joined the group. I was a little disappointed in the group tag: Trolley Dolly. I expected something edgier from SCD, like Disco Baller. Disco Ho? Disco Diva? Hell on Wheels? Rag Tag? (GET IT? . . . We call gossip tabloids "rags"? . . . No? OK.)

I could go on and on all night with really bad group tag ideas. They should've called me.


That skirt is scripted with a menu of 17 COLOR OPTIONS to choose from. I'm wearing dark red. (To see it in its "pretty in pink" incarnation, check it out over on the Ch'Know Style blog right here.)

I've paired it with League's Bella Disastre long-length top (from a set of three lengths for $185L) and the Bella Disastre Arm Set ($165L). Those laddered stockings also are from League. I told you I'm trying to buy the whole store.

A few people have asked me about those Red & Black Goth Laced boots. They're FREE at Vinyl Cafe right now. Check the back:

(Pose: The Pride mirror from Lost Angels' Seven Deadly Sins set)

And here's a gratuitous "Wow, this new skin looks hot on me" shot:

(Skin: Misty in Emo [Medium] by League; Hair: Barbie Beatdown in Dirty Blonde from Posh; Tattoo: Free chest and back butterfly tattoo, located over the door inside Minajunk)

Next topic!

Hey, I was pleasantly surprised by all the "NOOOOO! NOT YOU!!!!!" IMs I got after that last "I cracked and bought some damn chicken eggs" post.

Don't worry. I waited and waited for an egg to hatch -- when it finally did, the chick rolled out of it dead. A green message proclaimed it a genetic failure. That's what I get for buying a cheap outdated starter pack off XStreet.

I cried, not just for the chick, but for all of humanity.


Dear Maitreya, please feel free to use this photo in your next ad campaign.

"Maitreya: We keep you kickin' even when you gots no chicken!"

My talents are totally being wasted in Second Life. I really should be making big lindens for writing shoe slogans.

I got a few more chickens but regardless of gender I named them all Buck Rogers so my SLife as a chicken herder really is confusing right now and that's all I'm gonna say about them The End.


Owly Indigo said...

/me comes out of Venetian exile to die of LOL at Emerald's Maitreya ad campaign

Aisuru Rieko said...

<3 you look beautiful in the skirt, thanks for posting it, and sorry about your baby chick.