Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This one's for the broke and the beautiful


Insert a big irritated sigh here.

I've been screwing around with the new Stiletto Moodys for a couple of days now and maybe it's just me, but they look like hell on my feet.

Let's skip the fact that my skin from League is so meticulously shaded and highlighted that there's really no way to get prim feet to match it perfectly, even with the "Control Freak" direct input skin color menu option. The pic above was as close as I could get.

And if those feet are fake, why are they still eating the tiny straps of the shoe? YES, I've adjusted my RenderVolumeLODFactor (or something like that) in my Debug Settings. In fact, I've bravely ventured into places I've never gone before in my Advanced menu because of these bleepity-bleeping shoes. No matter what I do or which size I wear (each folder comes with small, medium and large), they look like a huge tangled mess on the end of my bare legs. I'm going to have to skip the ankle straps and reserve these shoes for pants only, which in my humble opinion renders them SO NOT WORTH the money I forked over for them.

A friend suggested that I mod the invisible prims, but ugggggghhhhh, I've tried it before and it has left me in virtual tears.

Shoes that cost $3,500L shouldn't require a Master's degree in modding.

My advice: If you buy something from the new Stiletto Moody line, skip Marlene. They're too intricate for our borked virtual world.

So I'm back on the freebie circuit for a while because I'm a little *cough* broke these days. My friend Eliza, queen of the oh-so-awesome Free Finds for Men group and blog, told me about this fabulous Kouse trinket hunt -- which, by the way, is NOT for men -- and I got all giddy.

I was going to make the hunt the focus of this post, but I had no Internet yesterday (which was actually kind of nice), and now I see that Free*Style and Fabulously Free in SL have already blogged it. Oh well.

If you read those blogs, you know that Kouse's Sanctum has eight gorgeous gowns for you to find at its Sea Breeze location:


Hey everybody, I found a photo sphere studio in my inventory! (Laugh) And that's one of the prizes -- the Allegra gown in Emerald.

That Ode in Princess Pink necklace is also free, but you have to tap the right butterflies flying around Random Calliope's Wanderstill sim before they'll cough up the goods. There's a butterfly pendant that goes with that necklace, but when I put it on, my skirt fell off. I could have attached it somewhere else, but I'm lazy. And to be honest, the Princess Pink butterflies are HARD to catch, so I gave up and bought this necklace (and the eight other pieces in the set) at an RFL auction. <--- Cheater

Sorry for that digression.

So speaking of royalty, I always go to Kouse's whenever I want something that makes me feel like a princess. The gowns are luxurious. The colors are rich and delicious. Kouse's Sanctum is my happy place.

If you're hunting there, you're looking for eight of these trinkets, which cost $1L each:


Yeah, my rug is getting a lot of PR in this post.

Each trinket holds a token as well as a prize. Send all eight tokens in a folder back to Kouse Singh and you'll get a most-awesome ninth prize. Be cool and include a thank-you note telling her how fabulous she is too!

If short and sexy is more your style, DYN Clothing has this cute little free outfit on its catwalk:


Tiny skirts really aren't my thing, but I like that tube top! It reminds me of a Duran Duran album cover!! *bursts into a bad rendition of "Rio"*

I look befuddled in that picture because I'm standing on my new bigger parcel of empty beach and thinking of all the work I have to do. I'm considering just slapping down a giant rollerskating rink. Seriously.

That outfit includes adorable white wedges with little flowers on them, but I was still messing around with my Stiletto Makes-Me-Feel-So Moody shoes when I took that pic.

And that's my three-pronged PSA for the day: consumer report/hunt/free stuff.

The End.


Anonymous said...

ohhh Emerald Reek! has an 80's rollerskating rink at their shop for only 1L! giggles, fits within the freebie theme too!

Amie Adamski said...

I don't know if this would be your thing-but Wetherby's has been giving out free dresses everyday for weeks. I think I have over 35 dresses from the freebies. They are really pretty.

I tend to spend my money in SL on hair and shoes-not $3000 shoes.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Those shoes make me sad in the pants. Mostly because I know I'll never own them. LOL But all these new skins that are coming out really are shaded in a way that makes tinting a pain in the ass. I'm not sure what can be done about it either.

But now I have to go on that Kouse's hunt. :( I used to to their hunts & get their freebies last year, so I feel like I have to do this one. This also makes me sad in the pants because my inventory is already so crazy crowded. *sighs* LOL

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

We are amused.

Carry on.

Arcadia Nightfire said...

"Shoes that cost $3,500L shouldn't require a Master's degree in modding."

*applauds loudly*

"It reminds me of a Duran Duran album cover!!"

As a Durannie, I can say I had the same thought about that top when I saw it today. Anything that reminds me of Duran is a good thing.

Hi, btw.