Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well, hell

Soooooo . . .

I look like I just fell off the tranny train in these new Stiletto Moody skins.

I've been seeing other not-so-flattering pictures of this True Beauty skin collection recently, but I was hoping it would be different for me. I was hoping I'd put it on and look fabulous. Alas, not the case. Or who knows? I did see a few makeups that didn't look like a drag queen's wet dream, but the demo folder only has this one color in it. And even if I *could* try on all the makeups, I'm still not sure if I'd be able to really see them through all the GRAFFITI on my FACE.

I'm kind of waiting for Stiletto Moody to jump out and scream, "APRIL FOOL!!!!"

(Or is it "Fools"? Or "Fool's"? Shoot.)

In other "Damn, This Skin Looks Like Crap on Me" news, I saw the Dimbula Rose lucky board skins over on the Lucky Kitty Crew blog and I've been stalking all five of them ever since. I finally won the Dark Fold skin I really wanted, and . . .


Let's just slap some rabbit ears on me and call it a day.

Hey, look at my shirt in that pic. Or try to look at it. Lately I've been having this problem where only one part of my body stays rezzed at a time. If I were to hit "Rebake" in that scenario up there, the shirt would sharpen and my face would blur out. It is, hands down, one of the most irritating things to happen to me in SL. And yes, I've cleared my cache. I'm worried that one day I'm going to get confused and suggest that as a real-life solution to something. "I woke up this morning and my face was completely broken-out." "That sucks — did you try clearing your cache?"

As long as we're on a skin roll:

The Plastik has this killer LionHeart skin as its Serial Killer Hunt prize, pardon the pun. The prize includes the matching ears and a few pairs of eyes, including the ones in this pic. Yes, please! (There's a guy's skin in there too.)

I don't really have much going on these days. I bought this Dancing Christopher Walken (100L) at a store called Cheese on the Cioccolata sim. I rezzed him in my yard to check him out and now I can't catch the slippery bastard. It is hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

That is messed up.

I also got some breedable cats. I didn't even know they were making breedable cats. I'm hopelessly out of the whole breedables loop now without The Chicken Diaries blog. I'm still waiting for breedable people, though. Little breedable people that we can keep in cages and force to copulate. It would be like virtual porn within virtual porn.

This is Ramone. The female is named Cruella. Unlike Ramone, who curls up and sleeps like a cute little cartoon cat, Cruella walks around while she's asleep.

File under "Yet Another Thing in My Yard that Scares the Bejeezus out of Me."

Soon they'll start procreating. Holler if you want a kitten.

Stiletto Moody
Dimbula Rose lucky boards: HERE and HERE
The Plastik
Dancing Christopher Walken at Cheese
Wildwood Breedables store and Website
Hair: Jolie in Pearl by Truth
Outfit: Silvery Whisp by Curious Kitties
Wings: The New Daylight in Silver by MeKa
Jewelry: Snowstars set by Tekeli-li
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots in Silver by Bax Coen Design 


Chalice Carling said...

Oh dear. Is that Moody skin called Carlotta by any chance? Seems like a good name to me. The make up in Pricilla Queen Of The Desert was more toned down than that. No likie. And make up #'s a carrot to go with them bucky teeth.

Thanks for showing that Moody skin. It was pumped up to be the new best thing.

Anonymous said...

the dancing christopher walken is pretty epic... but the derezzing I had a problem with too. it started up when I updated to viewer 2.4. I had to downgrade back to 2.3 because it was so infuriating.

Yuukie said...

I tried that demo myself a day ago or so... almost barfed.

for me, moody's dead.

for several reasons.

1. his attitude towards customers
2. attitude towards ressources (several scripts per prim in shoes that consist of several attachments per side with a total of several hundreds of scripts per set)
3. attitude towards innovation (alpha layers anyone)

and on top, the sheer nerve to hype those fugly skins to heaven and back.

moniq Salamander said...

I seem to get rid of that rezz-unrezz-rebake thing when i switch graphics from medium to higher, although it's weird. it should have been the other way around. Oh, and it does not happen all the time, it's only like that when i want to take snapshots :D

Epione Serendipity said...

Christopher Walken is pure every life (more cowbell)!

Astrid Kiranov said...

Holy crap, I finally figured out what's killing it for me on the Moody skins. It's the eyebrows. I mean, the make-up is very overdone, but those eyebrows. They remind me of Divine. Yuck!