Sunday, January 30, 2011

Basket case (I mean, "Yes, I too am blogging the Year of the Bunny Hunt!")

I'll be honest. When I first read about the Year of the Bunny Hunt (Jan. 29 - Feb. 6) on the Magic of Oz and the Ozimals sims, I covered my eyes and screamed, "Too many instructions!" I've gotten lazy.

But I went over there and tried it and it was fun. "And this is the end of my book report." (Sorry. I'm not well these days. I can't write. Look at my bleak, sickly AV, too. Wow, I didn't even realize I was doing that. Maybe I'll feel better if I make her look healthy.)

("Behold!") This Lotus Hanfu is one of FallnAngel Creation's hunt gifts. Love.

Go HERE or HERE and click the hunt sign, which will give you a basket and way better instructions than the ones I'm about to give you. Walk around both sims and click on any gold coins you see. They're everywhere. You'll be awesome at it. When you collect six, you'll get a menu of stores from which you can choose prizes. (And my grammar teacher claps.) Pick a store. You'll get a Chinese good luck symbol that corresponds with that store. Go to the store, wear the symbol and stand within 2 meters of the candy dish there that looks like this:

Then click the symbol — which will be floating over your head — and you'll receive that store's prize. It sounds like a lot of work, but trust me on this, you'll go over there and get in a Zen zone and get into it, I promise.

Here are the participating stores on their respective sims:

Houses for You
Fae Fantasy Bunnies
Jolly Farm

Magic of Oz
*katat0nik* (2 Gifts)
Risusipo Shop
Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations
Pas De Deux
Falln Angel Creations

I thought about plugging in all the SLURLs, but then I thought about it some more and started crying. Then I thought about being like one of those cool blogs and showing you a picture of every single prize and then I thought about THAT some more and started crying even harder. I'm a failure. I'm sorry.

I got this far before I collapsed:

Green Bunnyflake Eyes by Schadenfreude. The prize also includes a brown pair. Can you find the rabbits in them? It's like a fun little game!

I'm usually not one to run around with stuff sticking out of my mouth, but I'll take this calligraphy pen from Sanu because it looks a little dangerous. Don't laugh or I'll stab you with it. Or cover you with impressive penmanship. If you click it, you — yes, YOU — will get a little gift. I like. It gives me an excuse to run around yelling, "HEY, CLICK MY PEN!" at strangers. Sanu's prize also includes some lovely earrings. I deliberately did not shoot a picture of them because I thought you could use more surprise and delight in your life. (I just spelled "use" like this: "yuse." God help me.) (Hair: Neve in Crow, by Truth)


Let's move on.

Year of the Rabbit Bracelet from Frippery. Creator Elizabeth Tinsley is so damn talented, I never know what to say around her. I get all shy and stuff. (Wow, my wrist looks wonky when I zoom in on it. If you see me in world, don't zoom in on it.)

Cuddle Tree for 2 by Houses for You. I think I'm in the guy's pose here. I should have TPed in a male to pose with me because I look lonely and butch. The tree is beautiful and so is its shadow, though. If I weren't such a jaded, anti-love activist, I'd really love it. Couples will look splendid under it. I'm gonna stop babbling now.

You like my skin? Get it today at The Plastik for Lazy Sunday, 75L. I slapped a red eyeshadow over it because I like to be all dramatic like that.

Year of the Bunny Hunt Start Point One
Year of the Bunny Hunt Start Point Two
The Plastik

Posted Jan. 30, 2011


Epione Serendipity said...

You sold me! I'm doing the bunny hunt (mainly coz I want that rabbit bracelet from Frippery). It sounds challenging but I think my little brain (which hasn't been working to it's full potential of late) can manage it

Anonymous said...

I want that cuddle tree!!!! Just moved to new land and I am wildly re-landscaping.

Mystery Thorne

Emerald Wynn said...

Both of those prizes are about 80 times more fabulous than as shown in my pictures. ("Warning: Objects in pictures may be more awesome than they appear.")

And it's totally not challenging, as in, brain-throbbing or anything - just good, clean fun. Walking around a beautiful sim, clicking coins and collecting gifts - good times!

Word verification: pream. Sounds like a bad garage band.

Deoridhe said...

I love how the Oz hunts are done now, seriously. My favorite hunt - i always do them.

Did you see the Katat0nik prize? Totally the cutest sweater set ever.