Thursday, January 26, 2012

To hell with a headline

Let's knock out some more blog posts and get some of these pictures off my desktop.

Ready? Go!

(My AV looks like we need to throw a bucket of cold water on her to wake her up. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own sluggishness on her. It's gray and rainy outside in Tennessee today.)

• The wannabe stylist in me yelled, "HOOHAA!" when I saw this &Vintage (ampersexy inspired) bodysuit and dress by Penned (100L, includes sheer and modest versions) at The Gallery Gift Shop. It's such a perfect blank fashion canvas for gussing — yes, gussing! — up with accessories. I like the whole dusky rose vibe when I'm working with an antique neutral. Original!

• Those lace stockings from *QP* are 30L and include prim garters. Garters in SL don't work out so well for me. Usually when I put them on, it looks like I'm trying to tie ribbons around a couple of sausages. That's why you're just going to have to imagine them here. Sorry.

• The Bow Back Shoes (special Stumblebum Brigade color, 199L) are from Tokidoki and live in my 2010 Shoes inventory folder. Yes! I still love them! Way to stand the test of time, Tokidoki! Hey everybody, there's still a wide selection of these shoes in store. I checked. Because I love you!

• The Chained Bag 2 purse is from the pesca gatcha (30L per play) at The Seasons Gatcha - Winter event (ends Jan. 28).

Let's pause for a sec and check out this dude who was *cough* selling his wares at The Seasons Gatcha when I went there:

(OOOOOOOH! Here's 15L! Kiss me! Kiss me with your hot, steamy cigarette breath, baby!)

Sorry, man. Not my type. In fact, is he anyone's type? My inner pimp wanted to help him, like, pull up his pants, yank off that towel around his neck and smack his ass with it, and then clean him up and make him look like Prad Prathivi. (Whoops, what happened to Prad's blog?? *sad face*) Then maybe women would drop their lindens and pants for him.

Moving on:

(I wanted this pic to be so much bigger.)

For me, the true measure of how enjoyable a hunt is can be summed up by the amount of lindens I spend at all the stores along the way. For instance, I really, really, really loved The Cafe Hunt (ends Jan. 31). I thought the prizes were whimsical and quality and I loved most of the stores that were participating. I did almost as much shopping as I did hunting, and because most of the stores were Japanese, everything was extremely affordable. (I wanted to put even more commas in that sentence.)

• I thought this "Fur Pettitte" (hey, I print it like they spell it) from a gatcha machine at 1mm (the first Cafe Hunt stop) was a steal for 20L, particularly since all the fur collars in that machine were ones I'd want to wear. Win win!

• The Marie (Type A) hair in Platinum is from a group gift fatpack from D!va. The group is free to join, and as of last night the gift was still available in store. I checked. Because I love you!

For all you bloggers out there, D!va recently sent out a subscribo notice inviting bloggers to apply for the review copy group. I did because I genuinely like the hair. They wanted to know how many visitors my blog gets a day. Apparently the answers "I'm not sure" and "possibly 295,000,000" did not go over so well with the decision-makers over there because I guess I didn't make the cut. Oh well. If you're a blogger and you're interested in joining the review group, go slap the subscribo and look for the notecard titled "About the recruitment of the official blogger of D!va" or contact Marisa Kira for details, although she notes that she is swamped with requests and can't answer everyone unless she deems you worthy of the blogger list. But I can also pass you the application form if you contact me inworld. You'll probably have better luck than I did.

• That FrostHeart skin in Peach (w/Bust!) is from a trippy store called [ P I X E L S] — another Cafe Hunt stop — and usually if you put a lot of symbols and spaces in your store name, chances are good that I'm going to be too lazy to type it that way. Fortunately I just took my Vitamin B-12, so there it is in all its high-maintenance-name glory.

Anyway, I'm prone to the drawn or painted-on skin look, and I'm also one of those people who likes to change skins almost as often as my RL underwear. So when I saw this skin — all ALONE on one floor of the store — for a mere 200L (the marked 400L price is wrong) I grabbed it. I like it. It's different. Someone recently left a blog comment (which I didn't publish) that said my AV has a weird face that probably makes most skins look bad. Why thank you! Just in case that person is still reading, here's the vendor pic of the skin on the typical downturned tiny-mouthed/weak-chinned AV face that seems to be OH SO POPULAR here (although this one does have a little bit more character than most):

For the record, I thought the Cookie shade looked a little jaundiced. Sorry.

Let's wrap up this post with two random pictures.

1. When I turn on "basic shaders," "atmospheric shaders" and/or "lighting and shadows" in my graphics preferences, my screen looks like this:

Rockin' it "Poltergeist"-style, y'all!

Static is the new black!

Acid-Trip Couture!

[Insert more lame attempts at bad-graphics humor here.]

I have no clue why it does this. I have a fairly new MacBook Pro, too. *kicks it*

2. Let's play the game "If I Had 140L"!

If I had 140L, I'd buy this Concentric Plug set at *QP*. Let me clarify — it's not that I don't have 140L. I am, however, living on a shoestring these days and trying really hard to refrain from impulsive buying. So even though I love this explosion of cords like hell — because it looks like almost every electrical outlet in my house — I realize it's not essential to my SL existence and AS SUCH I'm going to refrain from buying it. For now.

Yeah, I like some really random things.

Bonus points for the LMAO television set. I want that too. In motion, that dude is jumping around and singing like his pants are on fire.

I'm done.

Until next time!

The Gallery Gift Shop (see pics and prices of the current offerings, which change each month, HERE)
The Seasons Gatcha - Winter (see pics of all the gatcha prizes HERE)
The Cafe Hunt Website, includes hints and links to all hunt stops
[ P I X E L S ] (Unfortunately, this SLURL will only drop you in the main lobby — take the in-store TP to Level 5)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yes. I'm bored.



Second Life. Connect with Friends. Be a Vampire. Meet Autistic Ninjas.

Monday, January 16, 2012

We now pause for a moment of blatant and slightly pathetic advertising

Sorry. This post is tacky but I'm broke and stressing out about it a little.

I've sort of reached the point where, until I get out of this hell that is RL unemployment, I can buy no more lindens. It's important that I spend the meager amounts of money I make freelance writing and my tiny unemployment checks on things like, well, bills for instance and blah blah blah blah wah wah wah wah whine whine whine . . . wine. Make it red, please.

Fun times!

But ANYWAY, I got another kind-of-cool Meeroo baby yesterday. I don't know what's going on with my Meeroos all of a sudden. After almost a year of total and complete Meeroos failure, FINALLY I'm getting a few good nests. Sadly, I don't have a Meeroos market stand, so when I happen to get a halfway decent one, I put it on a bid board at Red Barn.

I know. Framed, autographed copies of this picture are available for a minimal price.

That's my little lazy female Welsh Forest. It's a fairly new coat. I walked around a few markets for research and it looks like Forests are selling for about 20K and up, depending on traits. Mine has no spectacular traits, but she is the daughter of an Aussie Great Coral, which is another cool new coat that my Meeroos popped out last week. (It looks like those are selling for about 7 to 15K right now.)

*sniff* She's up for sale at a starting bid of 15K on a bid board at Red Barn until tomorrow afternoon. There are a few Forests on boards around her for 20, 22, 25 and 28K, and I'm sure those people probably want to kick my ass right now. SORRY. I'm not trying to deliberately undercut the market — I SWEAR. I'm just desperate for rent money.

(*thump* Wake up!) If I can't sell her for 15K, I'll probably try to sell her for 10K. Wow. I feel a little bit like a loser cartoon character on a sad Charlie Brown episode right now. Wop wop wop waaaaaaah!

Check her out HERE.

Thankfully we don't need a lot of lindens in SL right now because there are some pretty cool hunts going on at the moment. I'm partial to ("partial to"!) The Cafe Hunt, The Chicken Soup Hunt and the FTLO Millennium Hunt (check out stores and prizes HERE). Thank you, generous designers, for your generous generosity! Perhaps I will join the many bloggers out there who are blogging some of the fabulous prizes, just as soon as I clean my RL bathroom and do a couple of loads of laundry and drink a beer or two and watch last night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Priorities!

Also, I don't know blogger Shayariel Teardrop personally, but like many people, I've been lurking around on her blog for ages. Fortunately for all of us, she's celebrating her third bloggyversary right now. DAMN that girl is BELOVED by many fabulous creators, and they've all contributed fun gifts in celebration. Join the Shay and the SL Shopping Gang group for free (CLICK), get all that stuff out of group notices, spread it all over your house, parcel or skybox and ROLL AROUND IN IT WITH GLEE!

Thank you for sharing the love, Shay!

I'll close with this breaking breedables news:


I'm showing my age here, but now I'm stuck on the Hungry, Hungry Hippos song.

If you have the urge to own some procreating hippos, apparently you can get the starter kit HERE.

Have a lovely evening!

Friday, January 13, 2012

All sexed up and ready to run my mouth

When I'm bored and/or broke in Second Life, I like to wander around and check out trippy, trippy Japanese stores.

Get this thing for free at This Store With a Japanese Name I Can't Read and scare the bejeezus out of your friends.

Leesa w/Roots hair in HotPink by Truth.

(LOL. Now let's all laugh together as I get booted from his blogger review list. Oops.)

If you ever feel like going on your own quest for happy happy Japanese fun time, I recommend the Lucky Kitty Crew and Beanie Loves Japan! blogs. (Shoot, it looks like Beanie is taking a break, but her blog still has a lot of great tips and info.)

Hey, speaking of blogs, I laughed so hard I cried — seriously — when I read this post by Blingtardette. DAMN THAT GIRL IS FUNNY.

Moving on.

So I've been away for a while. I met a guy in RL and ran away to Florida with him. Then I ran back. Good times! It's been kind of a lonnnnnng dry spell since the last time I had my hands on some hot, steamy man-flesh so I'm feeling pretty refreshed at the moment. All I need now is a JOB and then maybe I'll actually be teetering on the edge of emotional stability for a change.

But anyway, back before I got distracted by sex it was my full intention to write some kind of a Merry Christmas post and use this picture:

Merry Christmas!

How do I love thee, Donna Flora Sirena dress? Let me count the ways. (I think those kickin' wings were a hunt prize from Hoot.)

I wore that dress all over the place for a few days. I'm all for running around in Big Damn Dresses in SL, particularly since I rarely have occasion to wear them in real life. If you happen to run into me in a store and I'm wearing one, just take a few steps back and duck if I turn around and you'll be fine.

OK, everybody sit down for a minute because I have some big news.



Actually maybe it was almost three weeks ago, but then it kind of kills the impact of a giant, bold, all-caps sentence.

Can you believe that??? My two usually-lazy-and-nonproductive Meeroos bumped nasties and popped out a Nile Goldleaf, which apparently is worth at least 150000L right now. (Maybe less now that there are more of them out there.)

Gosh, it would have been REAL NICE if I would've taken a picture of it before I sold it, huh? OOPS. Just use your imaginations: It was black with gold rings around the eyes. There were probably some other striking details, but unfortunately the whole experience is kind of a manic blur at this point.

Somebody told me to hold out for 200000L, but WHATEVER. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, kiddies! I could not run to the SL Website fast enough to cash out that moolah. I used it to pay my Visa and my cell phone bills. Then I used my unemployment check to pay for Botox! (Kidding. I did consider it though.)

So THANK YOU, wealthy and slightly insane Meeroos enthusiast! You got me out of a couple of jams this month!

Let's end this post with two more bad pics.

1. Look at the extent to which I went to help a noob. I took this picture of my screen and drew a very professional arrow (the red one) and uploaded it for him and EVERYTHING:

Hey everybody, that's where your Search button is on the SL viewer! (Laughter.) And if you don't like it there, you can move it or get rid of it. Anyway, so I broke out the camera skills and the artistry for this guy and he grabbed the snapshot and ran off without saying "thank you." Hey Faceless Noob, I could've spent those five minutes shopping!

Frankly, I was bracing myself for "Can I borrow 500L?" so his grab-and-dash actually was a pleasant surprise.

2. And on an even sadder note, unfortunately we have another store to rape and pillage during the next few days. Bewildebeest is closing Jan. 16, and everything in the store has been marked down to 10L. (Thank you to my lovely friend Heidi for the heads-up on this news.)

I feel particularly bad about it because this small-but-awesome jewelry and accessories store has been on my "to blog" list for many months. I'm ashamed that I never got to it, particularly because I am awed by the talent of creator Coyote Momiji.

I got this ring there. I'm always searching for the Virgin Mary -- um, or skeletons that dress like her -- in Second Life.

Our Lady of the Lost Lindens

(La Señora de Las Flores Muertas ring, 10L.)

I feel sad and guilty and ashamed when I grab great deals at closing stores. Like a vulture. A greedy, blood-thirsty vulture. I don't know why bewildebeest is closing, but I do wish someone would make a list somewhere called Stores That Are About to Close Because They're Sinking Like the Titanic so we could swing by the ones we like and shower them with some linden love and possibly save them for a while. Especially the smaller stores of undiscovered talented creators. I know that's a pipe dream, but I am an idealistic plumber in search of, um . . . drains full of clogged hopes? *winces* OK, so much for my attempt at a profound metaphor. Hahaha! Sorry.

I'll stop babbling now. Happy New Year!

Trippy Japanese Store with Free Creepy Head
Collabor88 (Second pic: Minna blouse, Heron skirt by Sea Hole, 88L each)
Donna Flora (Sirena dress in Snow, 500L)

A note about the last picture: After I snapped that pic, I realized the ring needed to be repositioned on my finger a little. Oops. But I needed to get this blog post out of my life, so I used that little marker tool thing on Photobucket to fill in the one little part that was sinking into my skin. Sorry 'bout that. Didn't want you to think it was a flaw in the ring.