Friday, January 13, 2012

All sexed up and ready to run my mouth

When I'm bored and/or broke in Second Life, I like to wander around and check out trippy, trippy Japanese stores.

Get this thing for free at This Store With a Japanese Name I Can't Read and scare the bejeezus out of your friends.

Leesa w/Roots hair in HotPink by Truth.

(LOL. Now let's all laugh together as I get booted from his blogger review list. Oops.)

If you ever feel like going on your own quest for happy happy Japanese fun time, I recommend the Lucky Kitty Crew and Beanie Loves Japan! blogs. (Shoot, it looks like Beanie is taking a break, but her blog still has a lot of great tips and info.)

Hey, speaking of blogs, I laughed so hard I cried — seriously — when I read this post by Blingtardette. DAMN THAT GIRL IS FUNNY.

Moving on.

So I've been away for a while. I met a guy in RL and ran away to Florida with him. Then I ran back. Good times! It's been kind of a lonnnnnng dry spell since the last time I had my hands on some hot, steamy man-flesh so I'm feeling pretty refreshed at the moment. All I need now is a JOB and then maybe I'll actually be teetering on the edge of emotional stability for a change.

But anyway, back before I got distracted by sex it was my full intention to write some kind of a Merry Christmas post and use this picture:

Merry Christmas!

How do I love thee, Donna Flora Sirena dress? Let me count the ways. (I think those kickin' wings were a hunt prize from Hoot.)

I wore that dress all over the place for a few days. I'm all for running around in Big Damn Dresses in SL, particularly since I rarely have occasion to wear them in real life. If you happen to run into me in a store and I'm wearing one, just take a few steps back and duck if I turn around and you'll be fine.

OK, everybody sit down for a minute because I have some big news.



Actually maybe it was almost three weeks ago, but then it kind of kills the impact of a giant, bold, all-caps sentence.

Can you believe that??? My two usually-lazy-and-nonproductive Meeroos bumped nasties and popped out a Nile Goldleaf, which apparently is worth at least 150000L right now. (Maybe less now that there are more of them out there.)

Gosh, it would have been REAL NICE if I would've taken a picture of it before I sold it, huh? OOPS. Just use your imaginations: It was black with gold rings around the eyes. There were probably some other striking details, but unfortunately the whole experience is kind of a manic blur at this point.

Somebody told me to hold out for 200000L, but WHATEVER. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, kiddies! I could not run to the SL Website fast enough to cash out that moolah. I used it to pay my Visa and my cell phone bills. Then I used my unemployment check to pay for Botox! (Kidding. I did consider it though.)

So THANK YOU, wealthy and slightly insane Meeroos enthusiast! You got me out of a couple of jams this month!

Let's end this post with two more bad pics.

1. Look at the extent to which I went to help a noob. I took this picture of my screen and drew a very professional arrow (the red one) and uploaded it for him and EVERYTHING:

Hey everybody, that's where your Search button is on the SL viewer! (Laughter.) And if you don't like it there, you can move it or get rid of it. Anyway, so I broke out the camera skills and the artistry for this guy and he grabbed the snapshot and ran off without saying "thank you." Hey Faceless Noob, I could've spent those five minutes shopping!

Frankly, I was bracing myself for "Can I borrow 500L?" so his grab-and-dash actually was a pleasant surprise.

2. And on an even sadder note, unfortunately we have another store to rape and pillage during the next few days. Bewildebeest is closing Jan. 16, and everything in the store has been marked down to 10L. (Thank you to my lovely friend Heidi for the heads-up on this news.)

I feel particularly bad about it because this small-but-awesome jewelry and accessories store has been on my "to blog" list for many months. I'm ashamed that I never got to it, particularly because I am awed by the talent of creator Coyote Momiji.

I got this ring there. I'm always searching for the Virgin Mary -- um, or skeletons that dress like her -- in Second Life.

Our Lady of the Lost Lindens

(La Señora de Las Flores Muertas ring, 10L.)

I feel sad and guilty and ashamed when I grab great deals at closing stores. Like a vulture. A greedy, blood-thirsty vulture. I don't know why bewildebeest is closing, but I do wish someone would make a list somewhere called Stores That Are About to Close Because They're Sinking Like the Titanic so we could swing by the ones we like and shower them with some linden love and possibly save them for a while. Especially the smaller stores of undiscovered talented creators. I know that's a pipe dream, but I am an idealistic plumber in search of, um . . . drains full of clogged hopes? *winces* OK, so much for my attempt at a profound metaphor. Hahaha! Sorry.

I'll stop babbling now. Happy New Year!

Trippy Japanese Store with Free Creepy Head
Collabor88 (Second pic: Minna blouse, Heron skirt by Sea Hole, 88L each)
Donna Flora (Sirena dress in Snow, 500L)

A note about the last picture: After I snapped that pic, I realized the ring needed to be repositioned on my finger a little. Oops. But I needed to get this blog post out of my life, so I used that little marker tool thing on Photobucket to fill in the one little part that was sinking into my skin. Sorry 'bout that. Didn't want you to think it was a flaw in the ring.


Alicia Chenaux said...

Heart Softens is closing, and all the hair is like $39L or something. And if I were awesome, I'd have a SLurl for you but I'm not that awesome. LOL Also, my word verification is "grumplog" which is about how I feel right now!

Emerald Wynn said...

You wanna borrow my hot Florida lover for a roll in the hay or two? He has a "happylog."

LOL - God, that was awful. Sorry.

I took a couple of Xanax so I could be comfortably numb when I looked at my Visa bill today and I think I should probably take my hands off the keyboard now. Loopy. :D

Deoridhe said...


Yes, I'm yelling that in my head. Not out loud, though 'cause that would scare my cat and my neighbors and that would be bad.

( Props on the happylog guy; I'd ask to share, but it's not nice to take advantage of people high on Xanax. )

Emerald Wynn said...

That comment made me LOL. It needs a "Like" button.

Deoridhe did you see your name tab in the chat box with that noob? (Second-to-last picture.) Actually I think that was the conversation where I was talking to you and trying to get brave enough to try to sell my soon-to-be-$600 Meeroo! "Should I try to sell it? Should I try to sell it? Should I try to sell it? I don't think I know how!" (Laugh - soooo glad I figured it out!)

Thanks for the moral support on that! :D

Melissa Johnson said...

Awesome that you're getting hot sex Em...but even awesomer that you are back bloggin! Well, for us anyways! :)

Aisuru Rieko said...

I've been preaching to the masses about the awesomeness of Bewildebeest since it opened, Coyo is a an amazing jewelry designer and she's a good friend too :)

and OMG OMG I love that Donna Flora dress!

Coyote Momiji said...

Heehee, not sinking like the Titanic so much as hurting like a mo'fo. Hands and eyes both need a rest.

But no, I'm really glad you like the stuff!

(And holy cow, a GoldLeaf - good job, roobreeder!)

Deoridhe said...

Dude, I'm completely up for supporting you in all kinds of things, yo! I'm so glad you sold it, seriously! Though, I have to admit I'd've probably blown it on SL fashion.

I totally bought a bunch of Heart Soften's hair.

I have this vague plan to photograph my fashion inventory, but I want to make it easy which is so NOT easy.

Deoridhe said...

OMG I GOT A PICTURE HEART! I'm the coolest ever; everyone, your sucking up to me can begin now. Emerald gave ME a drawn HEART!