Monday, December 5, 2011

The warm glow of Christmas carnage

It's that time of year aga . . . you know, I'm not gonna use that opener in this post. It's been done to death. Actually, so has the phrase "done to death." Sheeeeezus, my writing abilities apparently have gone (sledding) downhill.

How about, "I get SO DAMN GIDDY when everything in SL gets as barren and icy as my soul!" That means it's time to break out my loved-to-death Ice Castle (124 prims, 300L) by Beloved Custom Designs. I wept when BCD closed up shop in SL, but fortunately creator Aisuru Rieko still has a store on Marketplace. (Click HERE, baby.)

Yes, reindeer have invaded my yard this year. So many cute reindeer, so little prim allowance. Sigh.

The reindeer are nifty, but I think my favorite Christmas decor this year is this Wrecked Sleigh (22 prims, 399L) by FallnAngel Creations. OH SNAP, SANTA!

WOOOO, that is twisted . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The "I Believe!" sign is not included (it's part of an Awesome Blossom subscribo gift — go get it!), but DAMN, it makes me laugh so hard when it's next to that sleigh. I guess I need one that says, "I Believed!" instead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


But WOW, poor Santa's sleigh burst into (animated!) flames and everything. Now THAT is what I call holiday splendor! Come on over and toast some marshmallows as we bask in the warm glow of the Christmas carnage!

Pretty sure if Santa survived, he's put me on his Naughty list now. Maybe he has a list for people who are worse than naughty — like a Demon Spawn list. Oops.

I went to Falln last night because it's one of many generous SL stores with Advent calendars this month. In Falln's case, it's an Advent tree (click the box with the corresponding date and you'll get a gift), and unfortunately if you miss a day, you're out of luck — once the date has passed, the gift is gone. I missed Dec. 1. *feels sorry for myself*

So speaking of FallnAngel, winter in SL is not only my favorite time to fill my yard with "WTF has Emerald Wynn done with her yard now?" goodness, but it's also my favorite excuse to wear fantastical winter outfits. Cases in point, these retro posts "Cool Like That" (2010), "Hey I Like Your Lesbian Washing Machine" (2010), "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Kitschy Glory" (2009) and "Put Some Pants On!" (2009). (Wow, those were the days when these posts were slightly more energetic and humorous.) Anyway, since I don't have a Big Damn Wintery Dress yet this year, I picked up this Owl Gown (599L) while I was at Falln.

("What? You talkin' to me?") The picture doesn't really do it justice (shocking). It's got a cool high collar in back made of bones. Yeah, it's a little pricey for my usual budget, but what with all the sales and markets and 'fests and expos and other consumer temptations this month (not to mention rent and animal food), I exclaimed, "TO HELL WITH IT" and gave myself $75 worth of lindens. *cringe*

Whatever. I have my whole life to pay off that Visa card.

(I'm sure those lindens'll be gone in two days, if that.)

I'm wearing Donna Flora's Porzia Sapphire ring (200L), and I'll admit I didn't realize it was that huge when I bought it. It's cool though. And that'll definitely be the hand I use if I have to punch someone in the face.

Behold the annual Big Damn Picture of My Face! Here's a close-up of the ring. And I've been wanting to show some of the cool makeups at Adam n Eve in this blog for a while. This eye makeup is called Bedazzled (100L) and it makes me look like I'm either going to throw a bunch of glitter all over you or punch you in the face with a giant square ring. I like it!

(Also shown: Skin: Alba 3.0 in Peach 01 by Mojo; Eyes: Herbalist Eyes in Borago by Vision - Eyes by A:S:S; Hair: Hoodoo by ploom (previous Project Themeory item). Yes, those are the bones of crash-victim elves tied with strips of snow leopard fur in my hair.)

So, this horse happened:

WOW. If you're not familiar with Amaretto horses, let me clarify for you: This horse is ALL jacked-up. I deliberately cranked up the exposure in this pic in attempt to better illustrate its freakishness, but you kind of have to see the real thing to really grasp the monstrosity of it. I birthed it two days ago and figured it would have worked itself out by now, but apparently not. I guess I could submit it to Amaretto with a support ticket, but I kind of have this morbid curiosity to see what it'll look like when it's full-grown. Maybe I'll charge admission for people to come gape at it, like they do with the two-headed sheep here at the county fair (yeehaw!).

I know I swore off Amaretto breedables, but I buckled when they released some limited-edition Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness horses. I bought them, and then they started having babies with exciting names like Solid Midnight Tan Fell Pony with Haze Coat or Red Spotted Rocky Mountain with Blush Hair. These are new traits and breeds since I left the scene. So now I birth them to see what they look like and then slaughter them. Gee, that sounds inhumane. Sorry.

I'll end with a random picture, for all those people who are reading this post and yelling, "THERE AREN'T ENOUGH PICTURES HERE TO QUENCH MY THIRST FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC TALENTS!"

I'm usually not fond of child AVs, but I have to give this one props for looking pretty cool. And no, I didn't ask if I could shoot this pic. It was stealth-cammed. *looks ashamed*

So cute! I appreciate the effort this adult-pretending-to-be-a-child put into this AV's look. Seriously.

Signing off now. Have a joyous Monday (if that's possible)!

Beloved Custom Designs on Marketplace
FallnAngels Creations Advent Tree
Falln Owl Gown
Falln Christmas Area (yes, the place is so huge, each thing needs its own SLURL)
Awesome Blossom (Christmas Signs Subscribo gifts still available)
Adam n Eve
Donna Flora
Vision - Eyes by A:S:S


Blingtardette said...

If a five-year-old was allowed to dress herself without adult intervention then yeah, that's pretty much what she'd do. Kudos.

Deoridhe said...

Yay carnage!

I so want to camp in your front yard ad roast marshmallows on Santa's ruins.

colleen said...

Best holiday post yet !!

Reema's 2nd Life said...

i am loving the ice castle and the sleigh carnage is something else! a must buy me thinks! :)

Aisuru Rieko said...

<3. that is all. just loads of hearts. also the captcha word for this comment is rerop and that is a great word!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Ooohh LOVE this Christmas post! A VERY belated Merry Christmas to you Emerald! Big hugsss and kisses! Hope you didn't over-indulge (like I did) *LOL*