Saturday, December 19, 2009



You say "muddy photo" . . .


. .. I say "trapped in a snowglobe!"

Today's the only day IN OUR ENTIRE SLIVES that you can buy this posing snowglobe ($1000L) at Glitterati. (Skin: Snow Fae by L.Fauna. Snowflake Gown by Moxie Polano. GO check out her fabulous 12 Days of Christmas Collection. I'm being serious.)

It's fab. My only critique is that I wish it were snowing in there. It IS a snowglobe after all. Maybe I'm supposed to shake it.

See pose details and a much better photo of it over on the highly addictive SL Daily Deals site, which has sadly (in the grand scheme of things) become an ESSENTIAL PART OF MY DAILY ROUTINE: Get up, drink coffee, trudge to highly stressful agency job, deal with testy client, lunch with fellow drones-in-suits, take a Xanax break, type a report that no one will read, *allow mind to drift for a quick minute while I check the SL Daily Deals site and wish I were at home watching 'The Golden Girls' and messing around on my laptop*, meet with bitter disgruntled employees, Facebook break, stare out window at Mississippi River, bill somebody for something, break, call a journalist, watch the sun set, fantasize about the cute lawyer on Floor 11, try to psychically determine when he'll be taking the elevator to the parking garage, blow nose, bill someone for it, eventually trudge back home, eat something microwaved, possibly log in for a few minutes, pop a Lunesta, read something, turn on talk radio (Coast to Coast AM! You need it in your lives!), fall asleep, wake up, start it all over again, BLAH! THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE TO LIFE! THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE THAN THIS! THERE'S GOT TO . . .


I promised myself (and my shrink) that I'd quit doing that.

Um, back to the snowglobe. It's still for sale today, but the 100 that were available for half-price as today's SL Daily Deal are now gone.

In other news, I just have a bunch of random things to say today. I know you're shocked.

1. Chic Aeon wants everyone to stop blogging about the same thing.

So I'd better not see ANYONE blogging this Flava Flav giraffe on XStreet!



(It was a cough syrup-induced purchase. Only 50L!)



How is that ARC even possible? Laugh out loud!

(And WOOO! Check my rack! Hubba Hubba!)

I feel horrible because I went to the Musashi Do fashion show dressed like that yesterday (minus the wings though -- I'm not that big of a dork), not realizing that I had a five-digit ARC.

Maybe that's why this poor guy's pants fell off on the runway:


Now that I have this MacBook Pro, fashion shows are visible and bearable for me . . . EXCEPT for yesterday's, that is. Now maybe I know why. *looks around sheepishly*


I have never mentally willed something to rez so much in my SLife, but ALAS, all I got was a shadowy bulge show.

3. When I was a noob, I wanted to wear wings with everything. I had those monster boxes of freebie ones and I had them all labeled to match every outfit.

I haven't really done the wing thing in over a year though.

But then I saw these really cool ones by Material Squirrel at Winterstock and got all NOSTALGIC LIKE THAT.

So I bought them:


Imagine my absolute horror when I clicked on them and read,

[8:49] Sofiel Angel Wings 4.2.1 whispers: Emerald arches her wings in response to your erotic touch.


[8:49] Sofiel Angel Wings 4.2.1 whispers: Emerald flutters her wings and releases an intoxicating scent.


No scents! No intoxication!!

That is just SO WRONG.

Angels don't have SLEX!!!!!

It's Christmas, for God's sake!!!!!

OMG, people will SLexify anything!

MORE exclamation points!!!!!

[8:49] Sofiel Angel Wings 4.2.1 whispers: Emerald flaps her wings in one last spasm of orgasmic ecstasy as she slowly BURNS IN HELL.

Speaking of being holy . . .

4. Seeing as how it's the holiest time of the year, I'm really trying hard not to trailer-park up my yard right now, but . . .



I have no prim allowance left?

How could that be?

5. When I first heard of the 15L Winterville Bazaar, where everything is transferrable and 15L or less, I thought GHETTO!!!!!

But then I checked it out and realized it's full of cool little booths from cool stores like Sn@tch, Frop, Weird Designs, etc. So if you happen to be like me and enthusiastically signed up for something like 19 different Secret Santa exchanges, the place is perfect for grabbing cute affordable gifts for complete strangers. (Look, I learned how to highlight stuff!)


Like this whimsical Flower Box by Mar at the Sugar. Snap. Me. booth. It's 5L. YES! I said 5L!

Hey, I think I'm actually done running my mouth now.


6. There's a ZEBRA in the Neon Frog Midnight Mania board today. Remember the good ol' days when we used to rejoice over the animals in that board? And the board locked down so fast, we could hardly get there to slap it in time? Where did those days go???




Anonymous said...

I went to the Winterville Location and nothing was there, did it end already?

Emerald Wynn said...

Anon, that was WEIRD!

I had two landmarks. The other one works. I just tested it and fixed the SLurl in the post.

THANK YOU for pointing that out and keeping me from looking like a horse's arse . . . well, for too long.


Anonymous said...

Aww you look so pretty :)

I totally want the Flava Flav giraffe-when I can get back online LOL

Have a great holiday my computer is dead again so no sl for a bit.

amie (too lazy to log in)

Brenna Crystal said...

Hi Emerald...I just wanted to leave you a note saying how much I enjoy reading your blog. You are so funny and it is just very entertaining. I have been reading..cough..cough...stalking Marnix's blod for a little while, and saw yours on his page. I am glad I did and I look forward to all your new posts.
Merry Christmas!

Emerald Wynn said...

Aw Brenna, that means so much to me. Thank you -- you've made my day! ♥

Amie, when I see you online I'm sending you that Flava Flav giraffe as a gift. I'm so happy that someone else appreciates it!