Sunday, December 13, 2009

SLanxiety! (and some fashion)


Drag queen alert!

Just kidding.

Sort of.

If there were an award for Bitchiest Person in the Universe, I'd win it this weekend.

I've got this crud that started as a flu and then went away for a while and then came back as strep throat and now is pretty much just permeating my whole body with an onslaught of aches and chills and phlegm.


I want to weep and feel sorry for myself, but I can't because it'll just make my nose run more.

Call me a late fashion bloomer or whatever, but I discovered Vita's Boudoir yesterday when I saw this gorgeous dress right HERE CLICK THIS CLICK THIS CLICK THIS on one of my favorite freebie blogs. (My God, I love your photos, Yurie Haalan!!!)

I ran like a rabid reindeer to grab it and then proceeded to buy almost every dress in the whole store.

Designer Vitabela Dubrovna is now on my Forever Win list. She's also a designer in real life. Here's her RL blog. Here's her SL blog.

But anyway, back to the dresses.

This one is called Black Lace:


I'm not really the type to do a Look of the Day. I'm more of a "Hey, I found a dress that I like and I also managed to match my shoes with it" type.


Dress: Black Lace (600L) from Vita's Boudoir
Shoes: Ashia pointe shoes in pewter (450L) from Slink (includes ballet poses)
Necklace: Diamond Necklace in silver (100L) from So Many Styles (the accessories are transferable there, BTW, in case you're shopping for the holidays)
Earrings: Hiral earrings in shell/silver from Zaara (225L)
Skin: Bella/Fair in Night from the For Your Eyes Only pack (2000L) at Tuli
Hair: Sinter (300L) from Tukinowaguma

I'm on a Tukinowaguma hair kick these days. It sounds like a battle cry.


I also loved this Dirty Butterfly dress (450L):


When you're wearing a dress that sexy, you really don't need to wear much else, save for a sassy little hairstyle (Maison in Ash, 300L) from


(Skin: Bella/Fair in Gogo)

And I dig this Forest Nest gown (700L):


Yeah, I'm kind of a fan of the laser-cut lace look thing. And I don't really think that was a fashion term, actually. Tim Gunn would not approve.

Anyway, here's your fashion mission, should you choose to accept it:

— Go to Vita's Boudoir Black Main Showroom
— Grab the free gift under the Christmas tree
— Hit the Subscribo and say "thank you!" for two more gifts (another dress and a fur stole) in History
— Then LOOK CAREFULLY because Vita is participating in the gridwide So 2010 Secret 50L Sale (for a list of participating stores, click HERE) and TWO, YES TWO, of her fantabulous gowns are marked down to 50L until Dec. 27.

Now you are a freakin' fashionista with four gorgeous gowns and a fur stole for a MERE 100L!

You know what else I like about that store?

Each dress has a "buy as gift" option.

I would wink here, but I don't really do that kind of thing.

But I don't have any of the dresses with rose or pink in them yet.


Shoot, I promised you some SLanxiety here in this post.

I thought signing up for three Secret Santas would be fun, but I'm TOTALLY OVERTHINKING IT, as I'm prone to do.

The one that's sort of stressing me out the most is the Fashion Bloggers' Secret Santa. I'm a member of that group, but I think we can all agree that "Emerald Wynn" and "fashion blogger" aren't exactly synonymous. Designers do sometimes drop me review copies of their creations, but I think it's because they secretly yearn for a break from sophistication.

If you're a creator and I like your stuff, you aren't going to see a glam fashion spread here. Instead, you're gonna see a lot of big bold capitalized words, an explosion of enthusiastic exclamation points, photos that most likely will make you laugh or cringe, my yard, and possibly a few barnyard animals thrown in the mix.

So as far as the Fashion Bloggers group goes, I had a small heart attack when I got the name of my Secret Santa recipient. She's glamourous and beautiful and upscale, and I'm pretty sure if I ran into her on the SL streets somewhere, I'd get all shy and run away.

Wait . . . let's keep it in perspective and rephrase that:

Her AVATAR is glamourous and beautiful and upscale, and I'm pretty sure if MY AVATAR ran into HER AVATAR on the SL streets somewhere, MY AVATAR would get all shy and run away.

And after typing that sentence, I now realize that I'm being ridiculous.

So instead of sticking to my original blog-post plan of whirling around like an angsty Tasmanian devil here, let me just cut to the chase and say:

"I have no idea what an appropriate Secret Santa gift for an SL Fashionista is."

To make matters worse, we're encouraged to give SEVERAL small gifts throughout the month.

. . . . . . HAIKU BREAK!

My SLagony, boxed,
gift-wrapped, tied with shiny bow.
Will you take it, please?

I thought maybe if I made something, something from the heart, it would be way more meaningful than something snazzy.

So I worked hard all day yesterday on this craft project:



Sorry, this post is long. What's more, I'm probably gonna write another one today too. Because tomorrow it'll be back to the RL, 14-hour-day corporate grind. No time for blogging, no time for fun, just time enough to work, work, work, work, drink, weep, sleep, work, work, work, not necessarily in that order.

I'll wrap up this particular post with a helpful suggestion and a deep, deep, insight.

Helpful Suggestion: If you're considering checking out this week's 50L Weekend Fever sales, I suggest picking up this 50L Comfort couch from Just My Imagination. Just be sure you turn off your AO before you sit down:


And now, a Deep, Deep Insight:


I've decided gold is the new red.



Nikkita Auerbauch said...

I think the Dirty Butterflies dress (which is now on my MUST BUY list) would get Tim Gunn talking about Sturm und Drang. I love when The Gunn talks about Sturm und Drang, especially if the designer has no clue and just blinks at him.

Anyhoo. Babbling now. Love the post!

Emerald Wynn said...

*hugs* Thank you, Nikkita! And LOL, you're right about Tim. Gosh, Tim's missing so much over here. He really should check out SL. We could use an AV Tim Gunn running around. :)

Nikkita Auerbauch said...

bwahahahahaha! I'm imagining The Tim Av checking out some of the fug on the grid and saying, "That's a lot of look, but at least it won't bore Nina!"