Sunday, December 27, 2009

A horrible situation. Just HORRIBLE!


If, perchance, you feel like your SL is going to hell, take a look at the inventory in this photo and maybe it'll make you feel better.

In case you can't find your glasses, it says 102,154.

I did the math. If I work really hard, I should get it sorted and cleaned out by the time I'm 60.

Honestly, I blame the evolution of "the gridwide hunt" and how they once consumed my life. I don't do hunts anymore.

What kills me the most are those two folders called "Weapons" and "Vehicles." What's worse is if you open those folders, they each have about 200 things in them.

Two. Hundred. Weapons. Who's up for a fight?

And what's REALLY worse is that at one point I decided those folders were SO IMPORTANT that I had to put an "!" in front of them to move them to the top.

*winces and deletes both of those folders*

And how 'bout that folder called "Furniture I buy and like." Apparently, that one keeps the good furniture away from the "furniture I buy and don't like."

I think the solution is to choose about, um, 500 things I love and then delete everything else. Just cover my eyes, hit delete, try not to think about it, and pray to God that deleting more than 100,000 items doesn't crash the whole grid.

Ironically, there's a blogger challenge currently going around that asks something along the lines of "If you could only pick three things in your inventory to keep, what would they be?"

I'm bummed because in my "blog posts I started and then forgot about/gave up on/lost interest in" folder is half of a post called "The five things you need in your inventory" that asks a similar question. Damn, I could've been a BLOGGER CHALLENGER!!

It's still a good question though. So good in fact, that I'm not gonna ruin it by trying to answer it.

Plus, I probably couldn't find those three things if I wanted to.


Whispers said...

YOU are my hero! REALLY! I don't know anyone who has a bigger inventory than mine! Well, till now! :D I got mine down to 84k You really must learn to write it like that cuz it doesn't seem nearly so baddddd! LOL Whatever you toss send my way! roflmao

*hugs* on the stress I totally hear ya!

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL Whispers!

Terri Zhangsun said...

Hands Emerald the award for the person in SL with the most inventory ever! Speech, speech !

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I spy a fantastic cupcake! :P

In other news, I just breached 55k. I keep thinking like you do: I should just choose all the stuff I like the most, close my eyes and delete everything else. Why do I need 100 eyes when I only ever wear my Beloved eyes by Aisuru?

Then again, I deleted my Hats folder because I never wear hats, and two weeks later I was looking for a hat to put on my snowman. Such is life. *sighs*

Jenna Montpenier said...

That's because deep down we're all hogs and we always think we could use it next week! At least that's the case with me. xD

Emerald Wynn said...

Yeah, I'm an SL hoarder. I need an intervention. :)

nikianan noel said...

me sighs. at least your is sorted. i have 6.000 folders