Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anti-SLocial (or 'Emerald kicks off 2010 bitching and moaning')


Rough weekend.

I'm not gonna tell you what I'm wearing in that picture because, really, who the hell cares?

I will admit that I have a fondness for making my AV look completely trashed. It's right up there with my passion for collecting SL Virgin Mary kitsch.


I have a toothache right now that makes me want to sit in a corner somewhere and scream like a small child. It's the kind of toothache that can only lead to waaaaaaaaay more pain in a dental chair sometime in the near future.

That could be one reason why I just don't feel like talking to anyone. Apologies for my anti-SLocialness. I've run away from so many people and dodged so many parties lately. But it's not you. It's me. And if you think it's bad in SL, you should see me in RL. :\

So yeah, I'm in pain and I'm really prone to irritation these days and unfortunately one of the things that's currently bugging me is the iheartSL fashion feed. (Sit back and watch as all the men flee this post now . . . . . . . . )

Let me preface this bitch session by saying that I'm not bashing Gogo. In fact, I love Gogo for all the work she does to organize that feed. Without iheartSL and New World Notes, I honestly wouldn't know what the hell is going on.

I used to turn to that site for fashion inspiration and ideas. But now on many days, reading it is like listening to a broken record skip over and over -- in more ways than one, actually. Because there's one particular chick on there who writes something like six posts a day and it's never anything new and it's mainly just "look how cute I look in this thing that everyone else is blogging!" posts and it makes me want to shake my computer and scream,


(God, that is bitchy!)

. . . and that's kind of my clue that it's time to turn off the computer, go outside, get some fresh air, circulate around the real world and let some real people piss me off instead.

AND HEY EVERYBODY! Did you know that --

-- Designers United 3 is all carnivalish and cool?
-- Elate sent out a cute dress to its Subscribo members?
-- Exodi gave out a fabulous skin as a NewYear's group gift?
-- And so did &bean?
-- If I see those Miel snowshoes one more time, I'm going to throw them at somebody?
-- The 50L Friday dress at Luck is must-have?
-- Exile has new hair?
-- The Atomic VIP group has a sweater dress gift you shouldn't miss?
-- Pacadi Jasha's free red Amba dress is fab fab fab?
-- Lelutka distributed three stunning gowns to its group members?
-- Evie's Closet has a gorgeous 50L gown out right now? (Actually I can never get enough of Evie and her closet.)
-- DCNY released a new outfit just for the Annie Hall in you?



I can totally relate to Chic Aeon when she posted a plea for people to stop writing about the same things. I'm starting to question the point of having a fashion feed if it's just going to be the same stuff in every post. You could argue that although everyone's blogging the same thing, each blogger is visually and fashionably interpreting that thing in a different way, and I could argue back that I'm STILL SICK OF IT.

Hey, speaking of Chic, I want to THANK HER for sharing all her Windlight settings (link is HERE). I've been having such a blast with them. They are going to make for a truly bright and beautifully lit 2010.


HA HA! Sorry, I couldn't resist that. I've been reading Chic's blog since I was a scared little noob and she almost always slips some winks in.

Speaking of (yeah, I like that segue) being a noob, I resolve to change my blog header this year. I know it looks amateurish and lame, but it has such sentimental value.

And one last thing that's been bugging me: I never found out who my Secret Santa was in the Fashion Bloggers group. I want to thank that generous person profusely. So if you're out there, hugs and please holler at me! As for me, I sent my person a final gift with a "Surprise! I'm your Secret Santa!" note and never heard anything. Ooch. I guess you can chalk me up as a total Secret Santa FAIL. Either that or she missed it because her inventory was overflowing with shoes? *wipes away a tear*

AND ANOTHER THING! Dutchy, I love your blog but WTF IS THIS? (rolls around on ground shrieking and laughing)

Anyway . . .

Let's kick off the New Year with a picture of my butt:

(Blossom babydoll lingerie, 100L, at Nightsong Lingerie and Babydolls)

Happy New Year everyone!

*kicks 2009 to the curb and beats it to a bloody pulp with a leftover candy cane*


SophHarlow said...

EM! Let's partner...seriously. We are already it's not like either of us has to move. Don't worry, I don't have our partnering would just consist of sitting around and loving each other in a platonic way. Wanna?

2010 is going to be good for you <3

Chalice Carling said...

No one bitches and moans quite like you. I love it. You make me smile from ear to ear. Here's hoping you can drown that sucker (tooth) in some alcohol to ease the pain.


Happy 2010 Em.

Emerald Wynn said...

*hugs Chalice*

and also to my new wife Sophia (LOL)

Casandra Shilova said...

I love the way you look in your blog header. Don't change it! *sobs*

Have a terrific New Year! *hugs*

Emerald Wynn said...

Casandra, thank you, but I don't think people take this blog seriously because of the lame design!


*and keeps laughing*

nimil said...

everyone time someone makes an sl/rl morph i die a little inside..


Arcadia Nightfire said...

I totally adore you...your blog makes me laugh. :)

I kind of agree with you about the feeds, but as one of those fashion blogger people, I don't see how it's possible for us not to blog some of the same stuff. I do not look at the feeds before I blog something so I have no idea how many times it's been blogged that day or even that month. I know, I know...I am a terrible blogger.

But I do try not to do the same thing. That's why I wait at least three weeks before I blog a new release. Yes, that is the reason it takes me so long. *blinks innocently*

Oh, and yes..what is up with that secret santa thing? I'd like to know who my secret santa was too.