Sunday, January 10, 2010

my apathy is killing me


Blue Song
by Tennessee Williams

I am tired.
I am tired of speech and of action.
If you should meet me upon the
street do not question me for
I can only tell you my name
and the name of the town I was
born in — but that is enough.
It does not matter whether tomorrow
arrives anymore. If there is
only this night and after it is
morning it will not matter now.
I am tired. I am tired of speech
and of action. In the heart of me
you will find a tiny handful of
dust. Take it and blow it out
upon the wind. Let the wind have
it and it will find its way home.



Chalice Carling said...

Its ok. SL/RL isn't going anywhere. Just chillax till your mojo finds you again. That happens to me all the time but it always comes back.

Hibernation was invented for a reason. Just eat yer nuts and rug up. The thaw will be along soon. Hugz.

Random Calliope said...

Even blowing dust has a path. Show me.