Monday, January 11, 2010

/me shakes off the emo and scares you with a big damn picture of my face


This'll be fast because I have to go to work!

Tasha by RaC was the first skin I ever bought as a noob. And since we've all been reflecting on our noobish looks lately, I'll admit that any time LAQ updates Tasha, I buy the skin purely out of sentiment. I actually liked the last update and I'm wearing it in my current profile pic (that really needs to be updated).

I just wanna say the word "update" again: Update.

I logged in this morning to find a note that Tasha2 is now out at LAQ, so I ran over there like Flo Jo and grabbed the demos.

Ummmmm . . . what do you think about that face?

Wow, the lips seem really huge to me. I'm not a fan of the big-lipped, blow-up doll look. (Oops, I just ticked off a bunch of big-lipped people.)

I love those free Aurora eyes by Poetic Colors (they're out now, go get them!) but I think they're also kind of distracting me from making a skin judgment. It doesn't help that I'm wearing the light prim that comes with them.

(Prims on my eyes! My eyyyyyyyyyyyyes!)

If I didn't have to jump in the shower right now, I'd act like a professional blogger and show you the rest of the Tasha2 skin and more makeup options, but I must pound coffee and fly like a briefly escaped parakeet returning to its dirty cage of captivity.

Apologies — as you can see from my post below, I went to bed feeling tired and overloaded with emo last night. I found out that they're probably going to shut down my account at work and lay off me and my team. We're kind of on death row right now.


I hate working anyway.

But I don't wanna get all mopey about that here! So here's a picture of something that makes me happy!


I got this Keytar for 100L (I think) at Miyoko Magic after I saw my friend Ali post a pic on Plurk. It looked like my kind of thing and it totally is. It has an animation that makes you look like a little Keytar star when you wear it.

That dress is the new release at Vita's Boudoir, called La Fenice, and I'm so not doing it justice in my Keytar star pic. As much as I love the dress, it's kind of a bitch to mod the skirt to fit my shape. I ended up giving up and modding my shape to fit the skirt, but it still looks a little wonky. I'm never buying a skirt made entirely out of feathers again. (No offense, feathers of the world.)

That cute (yet blurry) dolly-looking skin is the Tres Blah Hiccup skin from the Designers United 3 event. Everyone was talking about it so I didn't mention it here at the time, but NOW I WILL! I like how it makes me look like a character in a book.

I'll come back and edit in the name of whoever makes those shoes, but they actually are SO COOL in that they come in a prim-toe version and a non-prim toe version. Since I'm banning most prim toes from my life, I'm rocking my feet au naturel right now. Go ahead. Laugh at my ugly toes. I don't care. You have them too!

I have to go -- have a great day!

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