Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool like that

For months, I've been randomly snapping pictures of things with trans perms because last year I had a helluva time finding decent Christmas presents. So I've had this vision of a 2010 Gift Guide blog series dancing in my head for a while.

HOWEVER, you're not really going to need those pictures now. There are so many gift markets this year that you're probably going to end up like me. I've gotten so slap-happy with buying presents for hundreds of imaginary friends that I now have enough stuff to give a gift to anyone who says to me, "Hey, give me a damn Christmas present." Go ahead. Try it. (Please. I'm sort of begging you, actually.)

In any case, I'll still attempt a gift guide series. He we go. First post. *rubs hands together*

These Glass Bird Antlers by Schadenfreude (200L) go in my "Never throw this stuff away ever" inventory folder. I got them at the Albero Holiday Dollar Fair, where everything is priced less than 260L (or $1 USD), open through Jan. 2.

They have so many options, I don't have room to cover them all: change the type of decorations (lights, ornaments, birds), hide/show any of them, change antler color and more. I love them passionately and I'm not even one of those Emo Antler Chicks. I know you're gasping in disbelief, but I'm not. Sadly, I lost blog followers after my last mopey post. (Yes, I keep track of my "followers," not out of vanity, but so I can send each of you silent blessings and waves of love and appreciation.)

That emo sh*t does not fly in Second Life, kids! You'd better get funny or get mean or get to kissing overhyped-designer tush or you might as well get the hell out of SL Blogville! (It's kind of like Whoville, except we have better hair here.)

Just kidding. Kind of.

Let's pause and reflect on why Ruth probably isn't getting much action.

Nice nipples. I log in like this about three times a week. The bellybutton and fingernails, however, are surprisingly detailed.


When I was a noob, I used to save all my lindens for House of RFyre clothes. I thought they were the ultimate in awesome, along with House of Nyla. Those were my two "I'm feeling special and not-so-broke so I'm gonna shop here" stores. Wait! Add UK Couture to that list too. And Bubblefish! (**hums "One of These Things is Not Like the Other!"**)

I still like House of RFyre, especially their winter stuff. In fact, this time of year they should change their name to "House of WinterFyre." Because that would be cool.

I got this ensemble in their frosty little cottage at Holiday Village. As much as I would like to say that everything in every store at Holiday Village is transferrable, I didn't do my research so I can't. Let's just make an educated guess and say it is. I can say with all certainty that this outfit definitely has trans perms.

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm making an angel in a pool of hot chocolate. With whipped cream.

The outfit is called "2010 Womens Ice: White" (650L) and I feel like it's my duty to ask, "WHO FELL ASLEEP AT THE CLOTHES-NAMING WHEEL?" (At least put an apostrophe in there where it belongs.)

I'm going to rename it, "2010 Women's Belted Bitchcicle Frosty Foofy Foo."

I'm available to name your creations too.

I love you, so I'll be honest with you. I'm irritated that this set — which includes long skirt, short skirt and lingerie options — has glitch skirts instead of glitch pants. I'm running low on Xanax these days, so I skipped the glitch-skirt trauma and decided to just wear the lingerie thong under the sheer little skirt. We don't say "ho ho ho" around here for nothing.

This outfit also is available in blue, pink, cream and probably other colors I'm forgetting. Those stockings (included) are awesome. They're going in my "Even Though You Have 600 Pairs of Stockings, Keep These Pairs" inventory folder.

Oh, and I got the Carita shape and Cilla skin (Goth, Smoked Crimson) at Amacci. It's not a permanent change, but I felt like looking at a new face for a while.

OK, I'm going to get back to trying to finish about 35 holiday hunts (*cough* ZombiePopcorn *cough* With Love) now. I do want to close with this one picture:


I found these one-prim sculpted animated cats at Shop Seu for an affordable 120L each, and they're also trans, BTW. They look like the cats I just lost in RL. Morbid? I don't know. Considering I was going to get their ashes made into one of those LifeGem Memorial Diamonds (which freaked the hell out of everyone I know when I mentioned it), I'm going to say NO. Not morbid. And a big hug goes out to my friend Fricker for the Big Daddy cat couch, and to everyone who's said kind things, in world and in comments or even just in their heads. I always knew Second Life would be a diversion, but I never knew I would find so much love here.

OK I'm done with the sad, sappy stuff. I swear.

Albero Holiday Dollar Fair
House of RFyre at Holiday Village
Shop Seu
LifeGem Memorial Diamonds

Breathe Me hair in White by Shag
Ice Queen Makeup, Sparkles Only, by Concrete Flowers
Bax Prestige Boots in Silver by Bax Coen Designs
Carita shape, Cilla skin, Real Eyes in Winter by Amacci
Top pose from It's Been a Crazy Day set by .Tea
Middle pose by ***SL Has Effing Ruthed My Ass and Left Me Hanging in Mid-Air Again***
Hot chocolate angel pose in the Gingerscape Mini pose prop by W. Winx:

(Whew, don't say I don't give credit where credit is due. I love all you hard-working creators.)


Deoridhe said...

"Hey, give me a damn Christmas present."

>.> I couldn't resist. I love the antlers on you.

I love the life gem things, to be honest. I want to get my whole family made into them as they die, and make a necklace out of us, and have REAL family jewels!!! 8D 8D 8D

Deoridhe said...

Emerald gave me SHROOOOMS~!

Whee~ look at the flowers~


Emerald Wynn said...

Haha - Merry Christmas! I love the pics! :)

I am not as horrified by the thought of having my cat's ashes made into a diamond as some people are. As for people, however . . . I don't know if I could get with that.

"Hey, I like your ring!" "Thanks! It's my dad!"


Vince/Fricker said...

Who's yur cat daddy! Huggs! and give me a damn..... wait, never mind. I'm kinda afraid of what I may get LOL :)


Emerald Wynn said...

I actually picked one out just for you, Fricker! I need time to wrap it -but I'm doing nothing until I finish Zombie Popcorn Hunt today!