Thursday, October 9, 2008

Junkyard junkie (or, Get that Unicorn Outta Here!)

(Frankly I'm just slapping something down here to mooooooove my Republican blog down the front page and eventually off it.)

It started with a quest for Last Call.

I had heard rumors about how fantastic the clothes were. I had won a few outfits at a charity auction. I got a taste . . . and I wanted more.

So I started hitting the yard sales.

I never know when a new SL resident will be reading this blog and not understanding stuff, so let me quickly break it down: In Search, go to the Classifieds tab. Search "yard sale." Bingo! Have fun. 

I'm not going to tell you to search "Last Call" in the Places tab because I don't want you to find my favorite Last Call resale shops.


Once I started going to yard sales, I sort of forgot about Last Call. Instead, I got
FASCINATED with all the junk there! Soooo much stuff for sooooo few lindens! WOOOOO!

Take this yard-sale unicorn, for instance:


Yeah, that's me wearing the free Halloween afro group gift from
Mayamaya Creations. And NO! You don't get to blog about it, What the Fug? bloggers! You got me once this week. No more exploiting my holiday cheer for the delight of all your bad-fashion-junkie blog readers, myself included. 

Those Black Kitty Platforms with Color-Change Eyes are from She's So Unusual Shoes. The top is from somewhere. Sorry, I'm spacing on the store. What counts is that it's orange.

Anyhoo, I saw this yard sale unicorn sitting calmly in the middle of a bunch of junk and I felt really, really sorry for it. It was destined for greater things, not a life lying amid used sexual pose balls and weathered bondage gear.

So I bought it. Never mind that it has about 900 prims and will never, ever fit in anyone's prim allowance. At least it lives safe and sound in my inventory now, right next to This. Big. Ass. Hello. Kitty. Balloon:


Yes, I bought that too. Never mind that my friend Laleeta gave me a perfectly awesome (and better) balloon that she made with her own hands. I wanted this one too. Surprisingly, I screwed around with it in my yard for a while and never got one "litter" complaint from my landlady. (If you didn't read the post before this one, you didn't get that reference.)

I did, however, refrain from buying this penguin living room set:


. . . and this fishy seating arrangement:


But my obsession with yard sales continues. I doubt it will die for a while. I find it soothing to sort through junk while I wait for my evening dose of Ambien to kick in.

Speaking of surreal stuff, look at this trippy picture I accidently took of me and my friends
Laleeta (l) and Ali (r) in a weird rainy alley somewhere in Japan:


Eat your heart out,
Prad Prathivi. The composition and the lighting is stunning, if I do say so myself. So sure, Prad, I'm more than happy to be your backup if you ever have to bail on one of your Photo Institute photography lectures. 

I'll even bring the unicorn.

(I like the way I just assume that Prad is reading this crap.)

I don't really have much else to say, except that I got in a public smackdown with this chick today --


-- over some goofy camp chair pumpkin hair at
::69::. And you know what? I feel really sick about it. I got caught up in a Mike Tyson moment and got carried away. It's not my style to get into public fights, especially over hair. Especially over HALLOWEEN hair. I feel ashamed of myself. Causing a scene, picking on . . . Ed McMahon in a sweater dress, dragging friends into it, all of it. Not classy. Unforgivable. What would Audrey Hepburn think?

I'm sorry, Universe.

I'm sorry, Ed.

I'm sorry, Audrey.

And now, for another installation of
A Shout-Out to a Designer Who Is Damn Cool.

I usually avoid those hunts where we all run around and search for several individual pieces of ONE damn outfit. I suck at hunts in the first place, so there's a 99 percent chance that when the sun sets and this type of hunt is over, I'll be running around without a sleeve or a shoe.

Somehow, however, I got caught up in the Manhattan Sophisticate outfit hunt the other day at
Prim & Pixel Paradise. The mission: Find 15 golden apples to assemble one striking outfit.

I found 13.

I thought maybe I could wear the outfit anyway . . . but I was missing the shoe shape and, um, a cuff or a collar or something.

The clock was ticking and in desperation, I called out to designer Mairead Fitzgerald for a hint, just a tiny hint, Mairead, PLEEEEASE! I need Apples #5 and #12!

Imagine my delight when she dropped the apples in my inventory! "Aw! Forget the hints, just take the apples," she said.

Thank you,
MAIREAD FITZGERALD!! That was Damn Cool of you! You complete me!

Thanks to Mairead, I'm now stunning and sophisticated. I have to say that everything from the jewelry to the shoes is just gorgeous in this ensemble. (And the fashion writers scream in jealous agony at my fashion-writing skills.)


That photo was shot in Emerald's Rented Beach House No. 1. 

The "I'm cool - get the hell away from my outfit" pose is courtesy of Trin Trevellion's new Play AO from sinDecade. You may notice that I give Trin a lot of love in this blog. It's because she shocked the hell out of me once by being humorous and good-natured the ONE TIME a long time ago when I accidently dissed one of her sinDecade skins. I didn't diss the SKIN . . . I dissed the way it looked on ME, but still. She laughed -- probably AT me, but it felt like she was laughing WITH me, so now she's my hero. It's also why she now sends me sneak preview skins before they hit the shelves.

(Kidding, she doesn't do that.)

My boobs are abnormally pumped up in that pic, BTW, because I had just changed out of a beach party bikini. Hey, if they're gonna be out there, they might as well be OUT THERE, if you know what I mean. (Emerald longs for a RL boob-slider.)

And unfortunately I still have that "I just bitch-slapped Ed McMahon and am ready to do it again" look on my face too.


Hey, the drugs are really kicking in, if you haven't been able to tell yet, so I'm gonna wrap up this post with another shout-out (shot, shot, shot!) to a reader I met in world the other day, Kareem Glas. 

Hi Kareem! Hope the skybox decorating is going well! Holler if you want to go yard-sale hopping! Thanks for reading my blog!

The End


Prad Prathivi said...

Heh.. it's good crap.. ;)

And sure I'll let you know if I ever have to bail out on another lecture.. I can't have anyone showing me up, right? ;)


Noelyci said...

Look at my comment on your pushed down post.....

/me comforts the pushed downtrodden post.

Anonymous said...

Oh that picture is gorgeous!
And those brooms! <3

P.S: Yes I always managed to pass for a air head in your comments :)

Emerald Wynn said...

LMAO - Prad swung by! My blog is not worthy.

Waves up at Noelci and Laleeta. :D

bitterblacktea said...

Hey. Thanks for the shout out. ^_^

I haven't got a skybox yet. Don't plan to for a long while. Too busy bouncing around the grid to stay still long enough in an apartment.

The yard sale hopping sounds lovely.


Casandra Shilova said...

I think this is the most I've laughed over a single post!!!

I always take lots of pictures to pick from. Usually saves me from the stupid look on face syndrome.