Monday, September 28, 2009

Sexy beasts


OK, if I do say so myself, I look SMOKIN' in this new Jesse group gift skin from Belleza. I might have to go buy some other makeup versions. That'll bring the number of skins I own up to about 305.

Maybe you're wondering about some other elements in that photo. Like that blingy ring of . . . um . . . male genitals behind me. It's like one of those "Can you guess what this picture is?" games.


It's a dinosaur collar!

HELL NO, I didn't make it. My friend-slash-landlady put that thing outside my yard, which is cool because my prim allowance is too stretched to put out my own apatosaurus right now.

Let's all say the word "apatosaurus" together, kids! It's currently in the Midnight Mania board at Neon Frog! Sorry I don't have the SLURL handy, but it's easy to find in Search.

And maybe you're wondering about that slightly veiled look in my eyes up there. That's because they're covered. With a veil. Which leads me to the question:

Have you ever spontaneously spent 600L on an outfit, only to put it on and think, "What in holy hell was I thinking?"


Bish, back up off my shiny gold superhero self!

I'm not telling where I bought this ensemble. It's from a very prestigious store. It looked hot on the mannequin. I got caught up in a moment.

I'm gonna go hang out at RFyre later and try to pick up long-haired guys in velvet.

(That wasn't sarcasm, actually. I was being dead serious. Those RFyre guys are hot.)

Speaking of SLove and SLex, I set up one of those new-fangled Blind Date machines over on Emerald's Chicken Wonderland:


Note that there are still no chickens there, nor is it a wonderland. I haven't done anything with that place yet. I'm trying to master the art of building three walls.

Anyway, about that machine: Touch it, pay it 25L, and it'll ask you your gender and species and what gender and species you're looking for. Then apparently it'll pick a blind date for you and send that person your name. You'll get this message:

[8:12] Blind date network: Congratulations, a blind date was found! This person was sent a blind date request. This is no guarantee of course this person reacts for all different reasons. Just wait a day to see, if not, try again!

And meanwhile, your name goes in the database, so you'll eventually get sent a blind date's name too.

I did it. It didn't tell me who was the lucky recipient of my name, and I haven't heard from the guy yet. But the possibilities are endless and exciting! (laugh)

GO OVER AND SMACK THAT THING! I'll collect your blind date stories and share them anonymously here in one glorious and hopefully hilarious blog post! (And yes, I get a commission off your hefty 25L payment. WOO HOO.)

Speaking of blog posts (yeah, I'm big on the "speaking of" segue), I haven't posted in a while and I feel bad because people have sent me review copies of things and they're almost all fabulous but lately I just haven't had time and as such I am wracked with guilt and yes this is probably the longest sentence in a blog this week, takes a bow.

Last week I was living in a hotel while interviewing for a job. And that's the thing I like about Second Life: These days when I'm traveling, I tend to get those homesicky "I'm lonely in a hotel room and I don't feel like going down to the bar and picking up a one-night stand" feelings. (As opposed to my Wild 20s, when that sentence sometimes just stopped at "I'm lonely in a hotel room." Woo!)

But this time when I got kind of antsy and disoriented, I could at least log in at night and find comfort in my little Second Life house and my friends who were in world. (There weren't any pay-for-view movies in my hotel room.)

See! No matter where you go in the world, you can take your Second Life with you! That statement would sound pathetic and frightening to "outsiders," but I discovered that there was something really reassuring about it last week, particularly because I was STRESSED and in a TRIPPY place.

I'm tired of interviewing for jobs. But I have another one (over the phone) at 3 p.m. today. So I guess I'd better go jot down some notes.

[Insert catchy closing phrase here.]


Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL!! Ok, just for the record, I did not create that ...collar. I was showing Tyson some linking & building stuff, and that's what he came up with. When he gets better at this, he's going to be dangerous!

I want to go play with your blind date thing...but I guess I'm not eligible anymore. Hmmph. LOL

Amie Adamski said...

Ha you did not talk about the cleavage option on the Jess skin, OMG I've been staring at my boobs since I got the skin. So sad.

Good luck on the interviews :)

Amie Adamski said...

By the way the hair looks really pretty on you never take it off.

Emerald Wynn said...

Ali, that dinosaur made me die laughing. I didn't even notice it for a full 20 minutes, I was so busy looking at the chickens.

Amie, I LOVE the boobs! They're almost as good as oBscene boobs! I bought two more Jesse skins today. GAH, I was wearing that gold outfit in Belleza and I think I got caught by the SL Fashion Police. *sigh*

That's Truth hair in Gabby, so we can mainly thank him for it, but thank you! Maybe if I start crediting his hair in these posts, he'll finally name some hair after me. I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't have a Truth hair named after her.

Amie Adamski said...

Ha we both can start talking about his hair so we can get them named after us I would die and go to SL heaven

I knew it was Truth Hair (god I've been in SL for too long), it still looks very pretty on you

Ok comment quota filled for this post.