Sunday, September 6, 2009



I don't think I've ever wanted anything in SL as much as I want this ZOHHHMYFRIGGIN'GAWDTHISTHINGISSODAMNAWESOME Time Machine from Belle Belle Furniture.

I went and fooled around in it (NO not like that, unfortunately) for about an hour in the store this morning.

I took a few pics. They are so art-gallery worthy that I struggled with the decision over which photo to run as the lead up there: the one I ultimately chose, or this one below, where I am PURPOSEFULLY looking away from the camera to create a sense of mystery and "who is that time-traveling babe" intrigue:


*falls over laughing*

But LOOK AT THAT THING! Just LOOK AT IT!!! And hell no, my crappy pictures don't do it justice. You HAVE to get over there and see it. I command it!

(Um, yeah, I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. The only thing I love more than this time machine is a meaningful bracelet, which I would totally wear as I traveled through time too.)


This Aether Temporal Viewing Portal is an accessory to the Time Machine, and really there's no point in having the time machine without this EYE-POPPING, JAW-DROPPING, GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME THAT portal.

It's got a menu of 12 "time destination" options, and the picture changes accordingly with each of them. (Hey, that's AD 3124 up there, y'all!) The portal also talks to you and describes what you're seeing as you travel, and damn, I'm getting all orgasmic again just thinking about it!!

The Time Machine costs $2490L. The Portal costs $590L. So the whole thing'll set you back $3080L. And I really didn't flinch at the price tag because this is one of those things that would inspire me to say "to hell with it" and throw $50 USD in my SL account to cover the cost -- as well as that of an appropriate time-traveling wardrobe, of course.

The prim count, however, made me shake my fists up at the sky and wail.


I think Belle Belle's Leyla Firefly is one of SL's true geniuses. There are good creators, there are great ones and then there are legendary ones, and I do believe Leyla deserves a spot in the legendary category. Her work is so detailed, it blows my mind, and if you haven't checked out her stores, I urge you to do so and get your mind blown as well. She's got one store that's just full of amazing furniture and another store across the way called Belle Belle Furniture Fantasy, which is where you'll find this time machine.

If you're lucky, some hot construction workers will also whistle at you while you're walking around out there.

Unfortunately with all of Leyla's amazing details comes a rather hefty prim count, which for me is a crushing heartbreak. At the moment I'm pretty poor. I can't afford a giant parcel with an equally giant prim allowance right now.

At the store this morning, things (like informational signs) weren't rezzing well for me (shocker), so I tried to get a prim count on the Time Machine by clicking Edit. The masterpiece comes with a lot of moving parts though, so I may have missed some. At last count, the thing had 469 prims, including the portal. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

WOW. I'd have to get rid of my house, the bunny, the dinosaur, all my furniture, all my chickens and their chicken paraphernalia just to be able to set that thing up.

I'd end up with a long empty stretch of beach with a time machine on it.

Which actually would be kind of cool for a while.

Oh well.

I guess I can always go over to the store and visit it.

Hey, speaking of Belle Belle, I discovered that time machine during the Steam Hunt. I bet you didn't know this about me, but I'm a steampunker at heart. The whole concept appeals to my "I wish we'd get in some kind of big damn apocalyptic end-of-the-world thing soon so I could dress like a badass survivalist and not have to look for a stupid job anymore" side.


Have not yet found goggles big enough for the bunny. And I realize that's not a survivalist outfit. I just really like that Concrete Flowers T-shirt.

So anyway, those goggles are free at Belle Belle, which is a stop on the hunt. (Look for them on a little stand on the first floor near the time machine.) And the prize there is this cool Undying Love piece:


"I weel rip out your beating heart and steeck it in a jar and keep it alive with cogs and wires and occasionally take it out and leeck it!"

Shoot, there's that Russian/Disney character villain accent again. Sorry.

It's got little moving parts in there and, um, it's also 77 prims, which is why I ran over to my neighbor's yard and rezzed it for that shot.


OK. I think I'll stop now. This post kind of sounds like a paid advertisement for that store. Sorry.

I just got really turned on by that thing.

*Hops in and travels forward in time three hours to eat some peach pudding cake for dessert*


nimil said...

HOLY GODS i want that time machine *_* that may be the best piece of frivolous prims i have ever seen... but the damn thing costs 1 month rent for my sl home lol

the steam punk hunt looks really cool, i'm going to have to go check it out.

*cough coughs* remember the twisted hunt is going on too and LuNi is number 25 *cough cough*

Emerald Wynn said...

WOOOT, Nimil! I'm all over your store next!

Alicia Chenaux said...

I LOVE Leyla's work. But whew, it can be PRIMMY. I think that's what keeps me from having her items out too long in my home, which is a shame, because I love them so.

Ecaria Regenbogen said...

You are such a geek but you look so adorable while you are being geeky. Though this time machine is such a wanted lovely object!

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally I came across this store (also doing the Steampunk Hunt) yesterday and took many pictures there. The builds are so gorgeous it is more like a tourist attraction than a (basically) furniture store. Stunning prim work and texturing.

And yes, I agree with you, I nearly got all orgasmy when I came around the partition and saw that contraption. I didn't know what it was at first only that it was ABSOLUTELY F'ING AWSOME!

The prim count you gave is correct, give or give a few. However, it is so fantabulous I may get one anyway and set it up in the Chateau de Tuite ( just so I can lavish my eyes on it and sit in the seat and fiddle with the knobby things daily.

In any case, I'll post my pictures on Flickr this evening (

Emerald Wynn said...

I bookmarked your Flickr stream, Caliburn. It is so damn full of WIN, I can barely stand it! That's TALENT!