Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trading places


Hey, I finally changed clothes!

In other news . . .

I came to a startling realization the other day when I suddenly caught my mind doing flip-flops on me.

I've been honored to become RL Facebook friends with a few of my Second Life friends during the past year. I say "honored" because it's a privilege to be allowed to look over the border, to see who people really are behind their avatars, to see photos of their families and friends and to read their status updates that reflect their real lives, not their prims and pixels.

It takes a certain level of trust to let our Second Life friends see us without our masks on, and I cherish these 360-degree friendships as some of the most important things that Second Life has given me.

The flip-flop occurred when I was reading one such friend's SL blog the other day and realized I wasn't thinking of it as "[avatar's name]'s blog" . . . I was internally referencing it as "[her real name]'s blog about Second Life."

Maybe it's because these days I'm spending more of my social networking time, when I even have it, on my real Facebook page than in Second Life, but in my mind this friend and a few other people inworld have solidified to the point where I see their avatars but I picture their real faces and think their real names. In that respect Second Life truly has become a social networking tool in that it allows me to connect further with people I have come to know and care about on a number of levels, not just socialize with ambiguous and ultimately anonymous avatars.

(ugh that sounded like a paragraph in a book report. sorry)

Granted, they're still virtual friends in that I've never met them in person -- they just have a few extra dimensions now.

And does that mean that I need to see your real face and/or know your real name and/or some of your real story to be your friend? No, but I'll admit that if I don't, there'll probably always be a little bit of a wall up between us. Not a big scary wall. It can be, like, a pretty glittery pink fiberglass wall if you want.

But I wonder if I'm the only one who does this -- mentally replacing AVs with real faces and names if I know them -- or if it's just another tactic that the stubborn "I refuse to take this place too seriously" part of my mind utilizes in my never-ending quest to always keep it real.

Just curious.

I'm having a hard time writing this blog these days because my mind is now cluttered with a real-life to-do list that grows with every beep of my Blackberry.

I used to have a decent to-do list in Second Life before I gave up and abandoned it. Among the many items:

-- Make a chim that doesn't completely embarrass me at parties
-- Get inventory down to, um, 75K (baby steps!)
-- Thin out the "to blog" folder to a manageable 25 items instead of 300
-- Create a "Gifts for Friends" folder that has a healthy stock of cool transferrable items since I can't make jack but love giving gifts
-- Start a Freebie Blog Feed for people on a budget, since there are now so many great blogs about free finds out there
-- Do something with my 512 parcel (is that what it's called?)

I doubt any of those things are gonna get done.

But speaking of that parcel . . .

A while ago someone in the Fashion Bloggers group was selling her 512 parcel (or whatever it's called) for a linden, provided that the new owner wouldn't resell it and would take good care of it. I grabbed it with visions of a chicken discotheque dancing in my head.

ALAS, since then it's sort of been sitting there looking fugly. I went there today and put up a snowman-shaped house and a giant tree. I think they really helped the overall aesthetic of the place:


Roll on Floor Laughing -- note the awfulness all around me. Ugh, all these little parcels crammed together with everyone desperately trying to create boundaries -- like that ATROCIOUS GIANT BLACK PYRAMID NEXT DOOR.

I tried to make some walls (pretty glittery pink fiberglass ones, in fact!). The result is laughalicious. I like the walls around the parcel behind me. I want those. There's also a cute little store there. I keep meaning to go check it out. I wonder if she'll sell her walls?

(Is there some kind of control I can use to cover that parcel with SL snow, or do I have to use snow prims?)

OK, so the point of all the rambling: My parcel is your parcel. Here's the SLURL. If you're homeless and need a place to unpack boxes or just hide, feel free to use my land and the snowman house. Don't make an ass of yourself like I did and fly smack into the circle in the front of the snowman thinking it's a door -- that's a window. The door is in the back.

(Snowman House, 300L, and Strange Tree, 80L, both from RUJIMEAL. Be warned that they are both freakishly tall -- can you find my AV in that pic?)

I put a couple of chairs on the second floor of the snowman. I didn't put a sex bed in there, but if you need to use my house for those purposes, you can rez your own. The land is set to return stuff to people after three days. Just mop up with Lysol when you're done, please.

And if any of you lovely readers really need a place to live, contact me -- I'm happy to rent that parcel to you for cheap. I'll clear out all my silliness and you can put up your own house and walls.

Now I have to return to getting mentally and emotionally pumped up about wireless service providers.

I will not hide under my desk at work tomorrow.
I will not hide under my desk at work tomorrow.
I will not hide under my desk at work tomorrow.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

gasping for steel blue air


Lately whenever my mind starts skittering around in a panic, I stop and concentrate on the image of a vast sheet of ice: cold and clear and sharp and blank. I block out any black murk with a mental blast of frosty wind and then I go back to being a corporate drone.

That's why I'm really glad my friend Aisuru made this awesome ice castle. It's where I want my brain to live right now. Get it at Beloved Custom Designs.

(I take pictures in the Funky Funky Funky Windlight setting and pretend I'm a real photographer.)

I finally got my laptop back. A few wires had simply come undone, thank God, so not only were the repairs covered under the warranty, but the Mac "Geniuses" also cleaned it out, put a new keyboard/mouse pad on it, and put it in a new fiberglass shell (!!!!). All for free! The keys are so clickety now. I feel like I have a whole new computer. How nice to have a screen that doesn't go black every five minutes!!


A lot happened during the week I was laptop-less. For the first time in my history, Stiletto Moody gave her update group a free pair of shoes. If I were motivated, I'd show them to you. Unfortunately I'm not. I think you can join her group for free today only and get them at her store though.

And call me a sheep, but I also like the new Bella skin from Tuli:


Baaaaaaaa! (that was a sheep sound)

Yeah, I'm still wearing that sweater from A.S.S. Maybe I'll become The Avatar in That Sweater. I don't feel like changing clothes. But if I did, I would change into the new Oksana outfit by House of RFyre. It's really rare that I'll get a new release notice, yell "OOOOOOOH!!!!" and run like hell to buy something, but when I saw this dress I did just that. And then when I saw that Arabella Steadham had blogged it, I thought, "Thank God," because she takes such gorgeous pictures and you know mine would have brought the comical suck and ruined it.

Because I am the epitome of icy laziness right now, here's a SCREEN SHOT of Arabella's blog post about this stunning ensemble:


Laugh out loud and sorry. But yeah, to see the dress in all its glory, run over to Arabella's Amblings.

Out of the 932 fashion blogs in Second Life, I only deem about nine of them worthy of my time and attention. Take a bow, Arabella!

I almost named this post "Blog posts I wish I'd written" because there were a few today that made me pump my fist in the air and yell, "YEAH!"

Well, OK, a mental fist, I mean. Wearing an icy mitten.

Chalice (Cha Cha) Charling wrote one called "I Love You . . . I Love You Not (so much)" which made me smile. I know this was not her intention, but I think this post countering pictures of things she loves with pictures of things she does not love is a gracious and fun way to mock things that are stupid and, as such, I totally intend to copybot that blog idea soon and do it over here.

Here's a screen shot of Chalice's blog:


HA HA HA! I so did not know these people had me in their blog rolls!! I swear! *BLUSH!* I'm flattered! :D

So if you haven't figured it out by the slightly off-kilter and defeated tone of this blog, you are watching a mental breakdown in progress so BUCKLE UP kids and enjoy the ride! Here's a quick stream-of-RL-consciousness snapshot just to put it all in perspective:

I spent last week at a PR summit held by the company for which I am now a vice-presidential public relations representative; it was one of those totally cheesy events where a totally cheesy guy in a totally cheesy suit gets on a totally cheesy stage with totally cheesy hip-and-happening "get fired up" music blasting out of giant speakers behind him and he gets everyone cheering and bursting with company pride and then he switches gears and starts reaming everyone for not "driving home PR efforts enough to boost fourth-quarter company earnings" and I'm sitting in the audience thinking, "I direct PR efforts in a very rural part of the South with some of the biggest unemployment and poverty numbers in history and by the way it's the holidays and right now most people are more worried about putting food on their tables and buying their kids a couple of Christmas presents than buying one of your $300 smart phones so ARE YOU FRIGGIN' KIDDING ME?" and . . .

ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

. . . . later my new boss comes up to me and tells me they are "anxiously waiting for me to start acting like a leader" and I look at her in confusion because I have had this job for a whopping 10 days at this point and I am still anxiously waiting for some office furniture, business cards and my parking pass and I translate part of "acting like a leader" to "firing the guy who is only billing 12 hours a day instead of the typical 15" and . . .

ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

. . . I refuse to fire anyone until I see with my own eyes that they are slacking off and this morning I even Googled "how to act like a leader" because I am confused about what I've done -- besides not firing a guy -- in 10 days that's already not been acting like a leader and when I asked my boss to give me some examples of her perception of "acting like a leader" she said, "for example, you could eat some yeast and lighten up," which seems somewhat contradictory to me and goes on my list of "lamest attempts at constructive criticism ever" and . . .

ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

. . . this weekend I fell off a wagon of sorts and have been steadily feeding myself just enough sedatives to keep my mind in the land of ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

. . . and lying in bed watching documentaries about people who live and work in Antarctica and trying not to think about how I will probably shake during the whole hourlong drive to work tomorrow morning and how I feel like I sold my soul for six figures and how I wanted my life to be so much more than a small piggy woman in ugly stretch pants and a cheesy dude in a shiny suit barking at me to get their company more press so they can sucker more people into buying $300 cell phones and in the process make even more money and never mind that you are already a Fortune 40 company and isn't that enough for you right now and hey doesn't this company understand that people are pretty broke and unemployed at the moment and what are your corporate social responsibility policies anyway, Big Wireless Provider? because I did not realize you were so cutthroat, I mean, your commercials are so hilarious, who woulda thunk it, are you really about communication or are you more about the giant bonus you'll get next month if my blood, sweat and tears result in high sales figures for you and . . .

ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

. . . my mother getting all weepy at the sight of me getting all weepy and begging me "not to do that thing where you lose it and quit your job again because your father and I really need this money" and there are so many things wrong with that request right there that my mind cannot even process it, but hey mom, I'm only thirtysomething and I'm all alone in this mess with nobody to help me but myself and I'm too young to carry the burden of saving my still-young 60-something-year-old alcoholic parents who can't seem to pull it together, especially since I myself am trying so hard to pull it together right now but I can't seem to stop feeling like a warped and battered puzzle piece that simply. doesn't. fit. into. any. picture. anymore. period.

ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice sheet of ice ice ice ice

OK. That wasn't quick. Sorry.

Update: I heard that mean people are snipping about my emo on Plurk. Plurk is the handiwork of the Devil and nothing is truly "private" there, kiddies. SURE, I'LL ADMIT IT: All the whining aside, I'm just a child who hates working, particularly if the job holds no meaning for me.

I made a sign that says, "IT'S JUST A FRIGGIN' JOB" and slapped it on my mirror.

And I'll try to counter my hatred of Corporate America by taking my fat paycheck and using it to buy holiday gifts for struggling families this year.

Speaking of real life, I don't know this guy, but I saw his blog post on the IHeartSL feed this morning. It's "My Brand of Heroin" by Phantom Republic and he's making a run for the RL border. He's tired of Pleasantville. He misses gritty reality.

Good luck with that, man.

Meanwhile I'll hunker down in pixelated snow drifts and continue to fling shards of ice at the fire-breathing demons in my head.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the shakes

Hi from a newly launched smart phone that shares its name with Star Wars robots.

No, I'm not saying the name here because the company that introduced it is my new PR client and I try to keep my pixelated life separate from my professional one.

Anyway, cool phone that lets me blog, huh? It has a high-res screen with a little QWERTY keyboard that slides out from under it, which is cool because I hate the touch-screen one.

My MacBook is STILL in the shop and I will admit that I'm not handling not having a computer very well. I feel so disconnected. I decided to hold off on buying the new computer because my new job is intense, so much so that I sincerely think I'm in over my head. I've come home and bawled three nights out of my first week.

I'm slightly concerned that I'm either going to get canned or end up sneaking out of the building and running for my life. I wish the tempting tempting Greyhound Bus station weren't right under my office window.

All that "woe is me" aside, I miss the brief escape that slipping into a Second Life gives me. I'm in this highly stressful job where I'm getting paid mega bucks to crank out highly creative ideas and unfortunately I can't access the one place that lets the right side of my brain run wild. It's almost physically painful, but maybe if I was so dependent on this particular outlet for release, I needed to have it yanked away from me anyway.

I wish they'd make a Second Life app for smart phones though. :D

Hope everyone's fabulous. ♥

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A really good reason to break a shopping boycott


But first:

In the real world today, a gunman went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others. I am ashamed that it took a tragedy like that one to put some bullsh*t SL drama — as well as some frivolous real stuff — in perspective for me.

And now, back to your pixelated world of perfection:

The fact that I'm blogging today doesn't mean that I don't support content creators in The War Against Content Theft.

(At this point, I feel like we need to capitalize it.)

-- Read designers' thoughts on content theft on Achariya Rezak's rockin' blog HERE.

-- Check out a tutorial on how to verify an object's creator over on the Fab Free blog HERE.

-- Find a Step UP! (against content theft) event tonight and/or get yourself educated over on the Step UP! blog HERE.

-- Go over to Sway's Creations and grab this free Step UP! bear (also distributed in the Subscribo). Don't forget to open it and take the supportive materials inside.


Nobody does bears like Sway Dench does. That thing blinks too. It took me nine tries to get a photo with its eyes open.


I got really excited today when I got a notecard from A.S.S. (Another Stupid T-Shirt Shop).

Actually everyone in the Subscribo got it, not me personally. I'm not that special.

If you look to your right on this page (under "How I Roll"), you'll see a link to, an initiative I've supported for a while.

I can't explain it better than the organization's Web site:
Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.

The people you see on Kiva's site are real individuals. When you browse entrepreneurs' profiles on Kiva, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan, you are helping a real person make great strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates and track repayments. Then, when you get your loan money back, you can relend to someone else.
A while ago, I lent money to Kwasi Agyei, and hell yeah, he runs a bar in Ghana. I've gotten about half the loan back already. When I get it all back, I'll lend it to someone else.

Anyway, today I was excited to read that several content creators have formed the We Can Do Better team to support the Kiva cause. The proceeds of specially marked items will go toward loans to Kiva-sponsored entrepreneurs. You can track the progress of the We Can Do Better team's loans on the Kiva site HERE.

This great sweater and shredded jeans outfit (150L) is A.S.S.'s contribution:


Welcome to Emerald's half-rezzed dinosaur park. (I decided not to buy my new computer until next week.)

The sweater comes with tucked and untucked options, as well as a bottom prim for a baggier look (not shown because I'm not a fan of that look). The jeans come with rolled-up cuffs. You can't see mine because I've given up trying to get my feet in photos.

I'm getting all excited for winter, so I paired it with Ryker Beck's new Sienna skin in Snow (Soleil) from Exodi. I'm not gonna get all gooey about the Sienna skin like a lot of bloggers are. I'm just gonna say that I like it. It's not my usual face and that sort of trips me out a little, but I like it. For a better look, you'll have to scroll all the way back to the top of this post. (Sorry.)

This winter in Second Life is a little bittersweet for me. To my delight, last year I discovered that Second Life really magnifies my holiday spirit times 10 (um, even though I took a break around Christmas last year), possibly because I was living in the desert in real life at the time and also because it's so damn easy to decorate my fake house and wrap fake gifts in SL.

Fake snow is fun. It's why I want it all year long.

This year, two of my favorite friends are gone. I thought for sure that my friend Opheila/Galene would cave and come back (no offense, O/G), but she totally stuck it out three months after canceling her account and now her AVs have vanished. She's designing purses in real life now. Trust me, they will get pimped out here when she's ready.

My Italian friend Holden has left too, in a manly and valiant pursuit of a better real life.

/me waves at both of them, since they sometimes still swing by here.

Ironically (yeah, that's my word this week), I exchanged e-mails with the real people behind both of those AVs today, but it's still kind of . . . lonely in Second Life.


On top of all that, all my chickens are dead.

<---- loner

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Hate! I'm just confused!


Yeehaw! It's wine-and-blog time! Tonight we're drinking Rex-Goliath California Merlot. Frankly, I'm not a fan of merlot. But it was there, so I said, "Why not?"

And yep, I'm bloggin' up a storm this week because apparently we're not supposed to tomorrow. So brace yourself.

But before I get on that topic, let's talk about this RedApple Late Summer dress by Chantkare. I mentioned it yesterday, but since then I've gotten a lot of "Hey! Where'd you get that dress?" from strangers on the streets. And I have to admit, I really love it too. I usually prefer outfits that cling to my neurotically crafted shape, but this dress proved to me that, YES, loose and flowy CAN be a win!

I paired it with Some New Hair by That Guy. I used to be slightly upset about the fact that in my popular circle of friends, I'm the unpopular one who doesn't have any hair named after her. Then I got over it. Hell, I've got a whole Second Life viewer named after me! Could I really ask for anything more?

In fact, I wanted to find that viewer and download it the other day, but when I Googled it all I found were LINKS TO THIS BLOG!! Ha HAAAAA! That's awesome.

And sad.

I don't think 800 people a day are really reading this blog after all.

Shoot where was I?

Oh the dress! I bought it at a Breast Cancer Awareness fashion event, but I wandered over to Chantkare today (because I love you) and discovered you can buy it there now for 350L. I also found it in midnight blue and brown. There may be other colors. I'm not sure because the store looked like this:


Pretty pretty colored shapes!

That was for all you people who IMed me today and said, "I can't live without your hilarious blobby pictures!"

Speaking of, I put off buying my new computer until tomorrow. I "built it" online today first, and it's going to cost close to $3K. I'm skittish about spending that much money until I'm positive I'm not going to get fired from my new job. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to just suck it up and get it tomorrow, because this lame laptop is going in the shop. And I need a computer because I still have a few last newspaper articles to write this week. *sniff*

In fact, I was feeling so sentimental about the death of my newspaper career today that I threw on this "Black or White?" dress from Stitch By Stitch. I bought it at Modavia Fashion Week (you had no idea I've been lurking around so many fashion events, did you?), but you can get it at the store or on XStreet for 295L:


(Why use an expensive photo studio when you can just stand around in the vast empty expanse that is my yard?)

Then I realized that this dress really isn't about newspapers — it's about Michael Jackson. I figured that out from the words "Michael Jackson Collection" that I only just noticed in the name . . . not to mention all over the dress. But hey, that's cool! I like Michael Jackson. And I love Sevenstar Amat. I've never met her, but I want to find her and grab her and give her a huge hug and scream, "I LOVE YOU!"

But I won't. Because that's just creepy.

I wonder if she has more stuff in her Michael Jackson collection though?

As long as we were briefly on the topic of my yard, look at this picture and join me in making a big sad face:


Yep, I killed all my chickens and removed all the chicken coops. Now my yard just has a bunch of random junk in it. I'm concerned that I'm not going to have the time for the care and breeding of chickens anymore. And I'd like to have some furniture for a change. But I feel sort of sad and empty without my brood. It's gonna take awhile to get over the loss.

OK, my headline promised you the possibility of the opportunity to do some hating, and I'm not going to let you down. I have some opinions. They may make you grumpy. They may hurt someone's feelings. I hope not, but you never know in this place. People are touchy.

Here we go.

-- I've been reading the signage for tomorrow's Artist's Voice STOP! protest. You can read all about it HERE. "No uploads, no sales, no purchases, no blog posts." For 48 hours.

So . . . support content creators and protest content theft by . . . not buying anything from the hardworking content creators??

I'm so confused. A purchase inworld is the simple exchange of lindens from one AV to another. You make something I like, I buy it from you, I get what I want, you get money, we both win.

How is a 48-hour shopping boycott gonna stick it to The Man???

"We'll show you, Lindens! We'll run our friends' businesses in the ground and then we'll scream 'HA!!!!!!!' in your big Linden faces!!!"

I have some creator friends who are concerned about the impact this protest is going to have on their businesses for the next two days if people really decide not to shop. And maybe I'm just an uneducated simpleton, but I don't really get it either. Somebody educamate me. I won't argue with you.

People have asked me if I'm going to STOP! and my answer is, "I don't know." I hesitate to do anything that would halt the SL economy because it's only going to hurt the content creators, not the Lindens. Plus, I'm still trying to collect all my Linden bears! Can't we wait a month before we get all up in their faces??

Ironically, as much as I respect most of the people who organized this campaign, I doubt they themselves could even STOP! by, say, NOT LOGGING IN AT ALL . . . for TWO WHOLE DAYS! And Plurk counts too, kids! Bring on the Haterade, but I don't think they could do it. I'll admit, I tried it two weeks ago and it was HARD! I got the SHAKES!!!!! But I did it! Some turtles and chickens had to die for the cause, but I did it!

*throws down the gauntlet*

But maybe that'd be more effective -- if we all left Second Life empty, silent and motionless for two days and, hell, even got up off our arses and volunteered in our real live communities or something!!! Gasp!

-- I read a blog post the other day that attempted to give a balanced review -- as in, both negative and positive comments -- of some new skins. I had mixed opinions about it, primarily because the post was full of grammatical errors. You claim to be a writer and a fashion expert, so you write a blog with some pretty harsh comments about some skins — yet your writing would make my dearly departed eighth-grade English teacher flip over in her grade.

So is it OK if I do the same thing and say, "This post was pretty decent; HOWEVER, the subjects and verbs didn't agree in several sentences, and several words were spelled wrong. Poor grammar is BAD! It's so sloppy when people misplace their modifiers! In my opinion, this post is worth a glance, but doesn't hold up well in the long run"?

In the real world, if your designs suck and your clothes are poorly made, unfortunately you don't make the pages of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, period. I tend to lean toward the camp that believes that good fashion deserves publicity, and flawed skins or clothes don't. But I guess I'll compromise and say that if you're going to bring down the pain on a designer, at least get your grammar right. And don't give me that "English is not my first language" excuse either.

Truth be told, I actually like that blogger. I do! I do! I just found that particular post to be slightly ironic.


-- The one thing I really missed this year was House of Heart's annual Halloween pack of spooky-looking hair. I know HoH has undergone changes lately, primarily the name change to Hairy Situations. I wish they would have consulted with me first because that name makes me think of hairy legs and the need for a bikini wax. I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'.

Now that I've p*ssed off a bunch of popular avatars, I'm gonna leave you with another hand-drawn masterpiece rendition of Prad Prathivi, surrounded by a blobby gray harem:


We were all trying to get the Pink Fuel Subscribo to resend the recent free skin gift that we missed . . . and wailing because it wasn't working. Well Prad wasn't, actually. He was just there to give me that flower.

I want to end this post on a positive note:

THIS BLOG is the most beautiful "freebie blog" I've ever seen. (*stands up and applauds the photography*)

Do yourself a favor and check it out.

That was just for you, Prad. ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Everything's better wrapped in bacon


This post has nothing to do with bacon, actually. That title was just a ploy to attract people Googling "bacon" to this blog.

Bacon recipes
Bacon recipes
Bacon recipes
Bacon recipes
Bacon recipes

My Google analytics numbers will soar now.

(If you type "recipes" over and over, it really starts to look strange.)

Hey, wouldn't it have been HELPFUL if I would've told you about this Mad Maddy Gothic Rag Doll AV (390L) by Moxie Polano's Haute Couture BEFORE Halloween?


Oh well. I've been running around in it since then anyway, partially out of laziness and partly because I'm one of those people who like to occasionally indulge in AVs that look nothing like Emerald. For instance, I bought a unicorn AV today. Maybe one day I'll get up the energy to blog it. As for this one, I saw it, loved it, bought it, still loving it.

I just ran over to Moxie's and checked — these AVs are still out. She has one for the guys named Terrible Timmy:


That's my head down in the corner.

Look at the cute detailing in the stitches on the girl:


Hello Kitty!

(That smiley face is on the butt by the way. You know you've always wanted one there!)

Skin, shape, outfit, hair and even eyelashes -- EYELASHES! Made to PERFECTLY FIT THE AV! JOY! -- are included. (The eyes in the photo at top are from Hoot's Eclipse collection.)

So if you too like to run around in character at times, go get you one of those things! Halloween is not necessary to slip out of your skin once in a while.

The hair is so cute that when I finally decided to wash off the Halloween makeup and put on this Red Apple Late Summer dress by Chantkare, I left it on.


(Yeah, my shoes aren't rezzing today, it's not late summer, and that dress really calls for some strappy sandals, but I'm done with the exhaustion that is prim feet for at least a year.)

That dress is part of a great fundraising event -- ending today at midnight -- to raise money for breast cancer research. Go over to EGO and check out the many many outfits by talented designers who have graciously donated their time and many limited-edition works for a cause.

I came back here to edit out a couple of those "many"s up there . . . but I think I'm just gonna say it again.


Um, that's about it. Oh, except hey, did you know that Maitreya has new hair?

That was a joke.

When I don't feel like dealing with real life, which is often, I start my day in a slow and leisurely manner: with coffee, a couple of Xanax and some quality time with the I Heart SL feed.

HOWEVER, reading that feed the other day was like getting hit by a Maitreya hair bomb and then kicked in the face with a Maitreya SoHo boot.

Hey, Maitreya has new hair and free boots!
Hey, Maitreya has new hair and free boots!
Hey, Maitreya has new hair and free boots!
Hey, Maitreya has new hair and free boots!
Hey, Maitreya has new hair and free boots!
(Bacon recipes)

So speaking of real life, I start a new job on Monday. I feel queasy because it was kind of a fluke accident.

Two weeks ago, I stumbled across a job board posting by an acclaimed PR/advertising agency in my city that was looking for a vice president. This particular agency is a big deal. A popular business magazine named them one of the 25 best small companies in America to work for. (Bring your pets to work! An in-office massage therapist!) They have some very prestigious clients. I actually HAVE always wanted to work there and sent them my resume a year ago.

When I saw that they were hiring a vice president, as in, of the whole FRIGGIN' company, I sort of halfheartedly sent them my resume again, BUT I TOTALLY WASN'T EXPECTING TO GET CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEW, LET ALONE GET THAT JOB OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!

Yeah, that's kind of what it sounds like inside my head right now. The sound of a stunned panic wheel spinning.

So, um, I'm trying to psyche myself up to be all vice-presidential now. They're already sending me on a business trip to Atlanta in a week. They're pretty fast-paced there. It'll probably be a complete shock to my system. I'll be like, "Where's the TV? I need my morning 'Golden Girls' reruns fix!!!! I am the vice president! Where's my tiara?? Somebody get me a television NOW NOW NOW! And a bed! And some plaid flannel pajama bottoms! HELP ME! Where's my assistant? Get me a Snuggie, STAT! Where are my minions? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

Like that.

I negotiated a salary and a signing bonus that made my parents scream with joy and demand that I give them backpay in rent dating all the way back to age 5. They took me out for a huge celebration dinner and then handed me the tab. Everyone is already lining up for "loans."


Let's focus on the yays:

YAY, I'm looking at condos and moving FAR AWAY from this house in a few months!
YAY, I'm buying a MacBook Pro tomorrow! I will be able to SEE THINGS!
YAY, I'm paying off my Visa card on Monday!
YAY, I get blonde hair and fingernails again!

At least if I fall on my face, I'll have a new computer and significantly less credit card debt before they boot me out the door. I'm also splurging and buying one of these Tiffany keys to always remind myself that YES, I can unlock the door and step out of my inner dungeons whenever I damn well please.

I just have to get out of bed.
And get dressed.
And brush my hair.

Um, so that's all my news. There's a part of me that's excited and a part of me that's relieved and a part of me that's terrified and a part of me that's sad. I am 800 emotions packed in one body at the moment.

I'm guess I'm gonna become one of those "after work and sometimes on the weekends" SL residents.

But hey, in the grand scheme of things, that's a very good thing in my case, Martha Stewart. I have put my life on hold for way too long.

Miracles shall follow miracles and wonders shall never cease.

And the sad dusty rag doll finally gets to become a Real Girl.