Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cue Mary J. Blige


I'm trying really hard not to Disneyland-up my parcel this spring. I think I'm doing an AWESOME job at it so far.

My yard is so full of magic and joy that I really only have enough prim allowance left for the bunny, a pose stand and one piece of furniture, and that's this Requiem for Poe sofa (750L) from Alchemy's Attic.


It's got several poses in it. If you decide to read, click the book and it'll read "The Works of Edgar Allen Poe, Vol. II" to you. Well, not out loud -- on your screen in chat. And you'll most likely get a migraine if you really try to read more than 20 Edgar Allen Poe stories that way (she said, as she popped a Vicodin).

Yep, you can also get your Amontillado on while you're reading. This set includes Poe-appropriate refreshments. It also gives you the option of just taking the separate stories on notecards.

And then it wisely covers its ass by providing the link to where you can buy the actual book.

But anyway, if I could keep only one piece of furniture in my inventory (not counting the Bunny), I'd keep that couch. And you? Seriously, I'd like to know. 

I wouldn't be so brazen as to call that question a blogger challenge because only 12 people . . . wait, I guess it's 32 now!! . . . read this blog, but if you're scraping the bottom of your blog post idea barrel in the near future, there's one for you.

And HEY, I bought that couch myself, BTW! For those of you not-so-early birds who didn't catch the most memorable comment ever (now deleted) on this blog the other morning, just to clear up a couple of things: a) there are quite a few people out there who can attest to the fact that I'm not a giant va-jay-jay on legs, to put it in genteel terms and, b) hell no, I never ask people for review copies of anything. I know I'm prone to making an ass out of myself frequently, but I can't even IMAGINE how that conversation would go down.

"Hi, I have 12 . . . no wait, 32, according to my Followers widget! . . . readers. Would you like to give me some free samples of your exquisite designs so they can see your work portrayed in all its glory in my really, really horrible photos?"

I think good bloggers shouldn't have to ask for review samples anyway. I imagine if you're a good writer or if you have some kind of an appealing style, people will WANT their stuff to be featured in your blog. If you have to ask, maybe you need to spend your own lindens for a while until you build up a reputation and a reader base.


And that brings me to this point:


(Hair: Reese in Chestnut by Truth)

EnCore Mayne dropped this heart-shaped hole in my inventory today. And while I'd like to think she meant it as a deeply romantic gesture, I'm pretty sure it was intended to be an insult. But I actually think this thing is DAMN COOL!! That aside, I'm not a heartless bitch! I'm not! CAN I GET A WITNESS? (Sorry, I live in the South. We say that here.)

And to be honest, I've been reading EnCore's blogs for about a year now and I'm actually somewhat fond of her in a "thank you for at least writing something halfway entertaining and a little bit morbidly fascinating even though I don't understand most of it because I'm just a simple anti-socialite no-namer" kind of way. So in that respect, I won't approve any comments here that take shots at her.

In fact, I'm not approving comments that take shots at anybody anymore. And I took down those two controversial blog posts, but not because people were threatening to sic their lawyers on me or calling me horrible names or writing blog posts about me or using this mess as a blog challenge inspiration. I don't cave to threats or mob mentality or intimidation or whatever.

And I also didn't remove them because I regret anything I said. I still insist that the intent of those posts was to defend my friends, not attack someone for the hell of it with no rhyme, reason or factual basis. I knew if I spoke out, I'd probably be in for a bloody mess, and no, I wasn't eagerly salivating at the prospect of it.

Hey, speaking of bloody, if we're gonna have breedable pets in SL, why the hell can't someone make something like this:


I'd breed the Sam Hill out of those things. And if that's a Lycan, my apologies. I'm kind of out of that whole "Twilight" loop. My dark heart will always belong to Ann Rice.

Uh, anyway I never wanted this blog to get this ugly, as in, so ugly it makes me sick to my stomach now. So that's why I deleted those posts. I didn't feel right drenching my 12 . . . I mean 32! . . . readers in sordid gunk.

(I'm not removing the last post though, because I totally wanna trademark "Kiss my fatpack!" Sorry, it makes me laugh every time I read it.)

So I'd like to get back to my usual meaningless musings now, please. Thanks! And don't tell me there's no turning back now. That's just some bullsh*t that Vincent Price made up for the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. You can always get back to where you once belonged. (Get back, Jojo!)

This post is long, but we still have time for some quickies. It's Valentine's Day weekend after all:


♥ If you like putting giant words in your yard that broadcast positive sentiments to any poor sucker who happens to walk by your house, I suggest you hop over to Just My Imagination and grab this Valentine's Day special this weekend for 50L.

Supposedly it has 11 poses in it. I was only smart enough to find four.

♥ And if you're doing the Weekend Fever sale thing, I'm digging these 50L glasses at Glow:


♥ The only Valentine's Day-related thing I'm wearing this year is Jori Watler's Keeper of Hearts necklace in silver (250L, includes matching bracelet) at alaMood. I used to say I was only loyal to three jewelry designers in SL. Make that four now. I like her work.


I don't even know if Jori reads this blog, but if so, sorry Jori. That pic sucks. It needed a black shirt behind it. And I'm lazy.

♥ And if you're on a budget but want to spread the love among your friends tomorrow, I have to tip my hat to Arctic Greenhouse, where you can buy this GAWD-DAMN GORGEOUS sculpted rose arrangement with trans perms for a special price of 10L this weekend. Like, seriously, I couldn't believe that price and maybe I should go back and check because I still can't believe it.

(If roses aren't your thing, there are a bunch of other arrangements that vary in price, all transferrable, obviously.)


My friend Aisu gave me this one. It goes really well with that Santa Muerte painting over my fireplace.

OK, I think I'm done. Maybe I'll take a blogging break now. (HA HA HA — or maybe I'll just start ending every post with that sentence in the hopes that one day it'll stick.)

Happy Valentine's Day! 


Krissy Muggleston said...

You said something that reminds me of a funny story. Another "idiot" moment for me. I'll share it inworld. I kind of dig that heart thing too.

Emerald Wynn said...

I've actually had FOUR PEOPLE stop me today and ask me where I got that heart-shaped hole.

Apparently a lot of people are feeling heartless.

I like your new profile pic, Krissy!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one with idiot moments. :D

Eva Bonner said...

Em anyone that knows you, knows your big heart . After that last post now they know your big butt , but hey!! Happy Valentines day !!

Emerald Wynn said...


I'm so happy to see you here!

Chalice Carling said...

Happy St V's day Em. I love EnCore's heart and I'm sure she mean't it as a gift.

Hope everyone has a great day. I did. Husband gave me a heart necklace - gold 'n' diamonds so I'm smiling like a dork and feeling all warm inside.

Have a great week and don't let anything get you down. xx

Paulina said...

I also love the big heart-shaped hole thing! I am a sucker for attachments that mess with my avatars body. For example the classic parrot cage that replaces your stomach with a parrot in its cage (as the name says) or the graveyard attachment from GrimBros that allows you to carry your own little graveyard in your chest...

Good times. I will think about my most favourite piece of furniture.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Talismere said...

Hey, well I am sure happy to count among your readers, I like this blog ;) Keep the good work up x)

nimil said...

holy crap i need that painting in my house right now!!!

i just wanted to let the people who think you are a huge vajayjay know that i give you things because i loooovveee youuuu and i think you are adorable.