Saturday, February 20, 2010

We dress up our little dolls and take pretty pictures of them


I swore to myself that I wouldn't accumulate any dollie or lollie dresses this year because I have a million of them. And do you ever see me running around in them? No.

But when I saw this Withered Willamina dress over on the Second Life 24h blog, I decided that I needed it. I'm all about the rundown ballerina look, not sure why. It's free in the subscribo at The Dollhouse. And there are way better pictures of it over on that blog, obviously. :D

(Those boots that totally don't match that outfit are the McQueen Sequin Boots (450L) from the Heroes of Fashion exhibit. I'll admit that I put them on and said, "Uhhhhhh, I don't know." In retrospect, I should've gotten the Rose ones. R.I.P. Alexander McQueen. His Menswear Fall 2010 collection had us raising eyebrows and clapping at the same time, as always.)

Once I put on that dress, I finally got motivated to try out a Haunted Ballerina AO that I won (some time ago) from the lucky board (chair?) at ANA_mations. And yeah, that AO is beautiful but it skeeeers me! It sinks my AV into the floor and then pops her up in random places in various ballerina poses. I don't know if it's supposed to do that, or if it's just another symptom of "Second Life is Lame on My Computer." Hey, maybe that's why it's called "Haunted"! Um, so that's my best attempt at a pic up there. Hard to catch the action on camera.

So, I have this dinosaur on my roof:


And I want to thank the people who drop by, take pictures on it or of it and drop them in my inventory. They make me laugh:


Fricker is up there dressed as . . . a bear or an Ewok or something.


And that one's just DAMN COOL.

Anyway, I was planning to give up Second Life for Lent, but I keep pushing the date back, as in, "I'll start after I finish the Red Packet Hunt" or "I'll start as soon as I post pics from the Red Packet Hunt."

Yesterday I finished the Red Packet Hunt -- it's got a great Chinese New Year theme, the participating stores are fab and it's a MANAGEABLE 42 stops. I know you'll be crushed by this news, but I'm not going to post pictures of the prizes. Mainly because I haven't looked at them yet. But also because Tomoyo does a really great job of that HERE on the Free*Style blog.

So maybe I'll start the whole "sacrificing Second Life" thing now, but I'm not sure if I can give it up for almost 40 days, and I'm not sure what this sentence says about me. Um, but maybe instead I'll limit my logins to Fridays. Maybe I'll start next week. Or maybe I'll just give up chocolate for the 18th year in a row. (I'm weak.)

I meant to write this big long thing here about WHY I feel like I need to give up Second Life for Lent, and how I'm trying to embrace the whole Lenten journey to Easter this year, but seriously, who cares? I'm tired of navel gazing.

So anyway.

This new Truth hairstyle, Melinda (in cocoa), is one of my all-time favorites:


Yeah, I modded my hairy ear after I snapped that pic. And that's not a dead sock puppet around my neck. It's a scarf.



Pretty. I used to wear my hair like that. (Sniff.)

And NO, I haven't been inducted into the Fangirl-Blogger Cult of Truth (still waiting for an initiation ceremony and the secret handshake) although I appreciate the fact that he deems my blog worthy of review copies.

Truthfully, pardon the pun, most of the hair I wear has always been either his or . . . TUKINOWAGUMA'S! (I have to check that spelling every time.)

But if I didn't like it, I wouldn't blog it.

Here are the two most fabulous AVs I've seen during the past week.

This chick at Tiny Bird:


Girl, WOW. That's all I can say. I wish I would have asked her if I could take her picture, like outside or something and not in the midst of 50L Friday chaos, but I'm pretty shy. Plus. . . she has a lot of guns.

Also on the list of awesomesauce is my friend Casandra, who was having a really bad SL day, with missing clothes, bizarre glitches, etc. etc. etc. When she showed up on the island where I live, she was RUTHED!!!! JOY! I didn't know we could Ruth-out like that anymore. I love! It makes me laugh! (Sorry Casandra):


You look beautiful anyway, Casandra!

(Gives her a standing ovation)

Meanwhile an ad on the Photobucket page is asking me if I want to order that picture printed on a coffee mug. Ha ha ha!!


I don't have a witty ending for this post so . . .

"Maybe I'll take a blogging break now."


Fricker Fraker said...

oooh! Casandra's hawt! :)

I love that T-Rex on your roof! IT goes with my SL motto - relax, have some fun and don't take it to serious. Weeeeeee!

Whispers said...

If you were any kind of friend at all you would give Casandra a mug with THAT picture on it! Love your blog posts so don't you dare go anywhere! ;)

Chalice Carling said...

Chalice is standing on the dock waving her hankie screaming 'don't go, don't go'.

You are my favorite thing to read :-)

Emerald Wynn said...

Ha ha! I don't think I could really stop blogging - it's my only creative outlet right now, although I've been toying with the idea of a RL blog: "This chick is really bored at work."

As for SL, giving that up for Lent was miserable FAIL this weekend. I think I'm going to try to give up "LOL" instead. I use it way too much to the point where it's seeping into business e-mails. Oops.

Hugs to you guys. I love my friends. <3