Thursday, February 11, 2010

love & Truth

(Updated to address the eloquently expressed concerns of a reader!)

I don't know Gala Phoenix, but she sent me a nice IM the other day that made me get a little teary. I was having a weird day and I don't think she'll ever know how much those unexpected kind words from a stranger meant to me. I won't forget it. (Yep, TOTALLY NAME DROPPIN'!)

So, sorry — I know they're all over the feeds right now, but I too got seduced by her Cupid 2 skins at Curio. (That means I BOUGHT them!)

Here are a few shots. They totally change my face, but sometimes change is good.

Oh, and hey there's new Truth hair! (Hell yeah honey, it was a GIFT! Watch me roll around in it naked!)


Skin: Crave 1 (Dark) in Sundust
Hair: Berry in Driftwood (You can change the color of that flower!) 


Skin: Pure 4 (Dark) in Sundust
Hair: Kirsty in Chestnut

The shading on these skins is gorgeous, and the details are awesome: the bellybutton, the elbows, cute little moles. Sorry I'm not showing you the nips. I'm shy like that. (But if you look closely at this gratuitous underwear shot, you can still see some nip fragments!)

Now try to guess when I got sort of sick of changing clothes, backgrounds and poses.


HA HA HA! It took a whopping two pictures before I said, "Enough!" I have to hand it to the hardcore fashion bloggers. It takes WORK to set up photos — even lame ones like mine. (OMG! Self-deprecation!)

Skin: Allure 1 (Dark) in Sundust
Hair: Peta in Night

I love that hair. I tried to catch it in motion because you need to see it move. I wish I could make my lame RL short haircut look like that now. I'm still mourning the loss of my locks. (Look! It's a shameless cry for attention!)

You get a lot of bang for your buck with these Curio skins: Each makeup comes in a day and night version — at least I'm assuming that's it, because Version 1 has pale lips and Version 2 has luscious lipstick. Here's Allure 2:


Hair: Peta in Blood. (Kiss my fatpack!)

And each one of those versions also comes with freckles or no freckles. And then each one of THOSE versions comes in a dark and light option. WOOOO! That's eight skins in one folder, if I'm doing my math right. (Doubt it!)

I feel like it took me 30 minutes to write that paragraph and I still don't think I understand it.

Each makeup is 1K. You might as well buy the fatpack for 3K. I did. (Because I can afford it!)

And the rear view is really pretty . . .


. . . too bad that picture sort of isn't. (Hey, look at my butt!)

Sorry, this is purely a vanity post. I just wanted to throw something meaningless up here. No matter what people are saying right now, I'm not a horrible person and this blog was never meant to be an ugly thing. (This blog reeks of drama and catfights!)

And now that I've filled up this screen with pictures I like, unless something truly extraordinary happens in my slice of SLife, I'm probably going to put this blog to bed for a while. I'm sort of sick of looking at it. (Banana!)

Peace be the journey. (Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!)


Emerald Wynn said...

Wow, someone dropped the C word on this blog. I feel like it needs a shower now or something.

For the record, I usually pay for everything posted here. If it was dropped on me for review or given to me by a friend, I'll usually say so.

Sorry my bad: The hair was a gift.

Um, I guess I'm turning on comment moderation. I haven't had enough caffeine this morning to deal with tantrums, profanity and harbingers of doom. :P

Fricker Fraker said...

Great shots! I looked at them with my hand over my eyes and was peeking through a tiny little space :)


Emerald Wynn said...

Fricker, lol. <3

Alicia Chenaux said...

*hugs you* Don't ever do that again! LOL

That skin looks super cute on you. I can't seem to make it work on my shape!

Fricker Fraker said...

you had us concerned there for a bit Em. Lucy? you have some splaing to do :)

BTW - I love the added "edits" ! That's the best way to counter act negativity!

Your Friend, Fricker

ot oh, wonder if I call you my friend if the dreaded "C" word spreader will come after me.. hummmm . nope, not changing my mind .. MUAH!

Truth said...

Yay <3 Nice post! and ...Gala rocks!

nimil said...

hot dayum emmy! you should run around in your undies more often <3

my captcha for this entry was danzym which i can only guess is your blog's way of saying "nice ass"

Emerald Wynn said...

Nimil, that really did make me laugh out loud. Awesome.

Whispers said...

If I was a lesbian I would so do you! Awesome post! And you may not consider me your friend but I do you! lol so hmm wonder what they'd call me? :P (my captcha word was sesse which must mean sexy! ;)

Emerald Wynn said...

Aw, Whispers - I would love to be your friend. The next time I'm inworld, I will hunt you down and send you a friend request.

Chalice Carling said...

Thank bloody was crying for a bit there. Tomorrows a new day and with any luck, a new Em story.

xxxxx your fan girl.

SophHarlow said...

I love you.

Thank you for your every kindness...your great big heart and for being a better friend than I sometimes deserve. All the people who are miserable enough to leave shitty anon comments are just that..miserable in their own skins. And I don't mean the skin we can change in a "game". I pity them and their lonely lives.

Oh and you look gorgeous in your new skin and hair.

xo- Sophia Harlow