Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The dinosaur chronicles (Part 1) and Gaaaaaaaa Ga


So, I have this dinosaur on my roof.

(It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.)

People started swinging by to snap pics on it. Now I collect them. (The pics, not the people.) And yeah, it's my lunch hour. I'm stealth-SL-blogging at work, so the creative process is a little stilted. Or stinted. Pick one.

I logged in the other day and discovered to my great delight that Deoridhe Quandry had been hanging out with my dinosaur. She snapped that pic up there, as well as this one:


Laugh out loud, Deoridhe! You rock. And I hope I'm spelling your name right.

Speaking of laughing out loud, I decided to give up "LOL" for Lent. Hey, you may think that's a stupid thing to give up, but you try not saying "LOL" for 40 days! TRY IT!

I found almost the exact same post proclaiming that I was giving up Second Life for Lent in 2009, so I already know that attempt would be total fail. I think I lasted 24 hours last year.

And as long as we're on the subject of total fail, if I would've known everyone and their grandmothers were gonna blog that ballerina dress down there, I would have never touched it. I swear!

Um, so . . .

"Dear Alexander McQueen, I thought you were cool. I'm sorry your life came to a tragic end. You will always be remembered fondly as an icon in fashion history. However, I'm done wearing weird shoes that were inspired by your designs. No offense. Love, Em"


I'm sorry, but they look like FRAGGLE ROCK FEET.

*ducks as the fashionistas throw things*

These aren't the ones at Pacadi Jasha (sorry if I spelled that wrong -- like I said, I'm at work). These are called GaGa Black Snake Heels from O! Bleak, which is a small store but SO DAMN COOL. I discovered it during Weekend Fever or on 50L Friday or on Where the Hell Have All My Lindens Gone Wednesday or during one of the other very rare sale days we have in Second Life (cough).

I think these shoes cost 250L. I bought them mainly so I could wear them in this blog and say "No mas!" But also because I'm a collector. (hoarder) I appreciate the thought behind them, I really do. And the fact that their SL creation was inspired by a fashion milestone, albeit a sad one, as well as a musical milestone, albeit kind of a WTF one. So I'm proud to have them in my inventory, if only for the sentiment.

(Who wants to buy them from me?)

But you're probably not gonna see me wearing them again . . . unless I break them out for a "Lady Gaga in a Bad Romance with a Dinosaur" portrait, which I start thinking about whenever I drink vodka.

Well, actually first I think about Naveen Andrews on "Lost" when I drink vodka. Then I kind of start fantasizing about the lawyer on Floor 11 of my office building. Then when all else fails, sometimes my mind goes to "What weird things can I do with my SL avatar?"

That's a roadmap of my drunk time for you.

(You don't have to tell me. Yes, I need to get a life.)

I also got these rockin' DNA Earrings at O! Bleak. I want to say they were 180L. Or maybe I want to say they were 200L. Or maybe I just want to say that I didn't write it down so I really have no clue. Sorry.


(Skin: Cupid, Crave 2 in Sundust by Curio; hair: Melinda in Cocoa by Troof)

Um, and you can get this GaGa Sparkler Bra there too. (/me prays that the IT Department at work hasn't flagged the word "bra.")


Set Environment to Midnight. Turn on nipples.

(Shoot, I just said "nipples" at work.)

The only thing I have left to say is about the store MEB. I'd never shopped there before last week. No offense to anyone who may get offended, but I've always kind of glanced at the stuff there and said, "Meh(b)."

HOWEVER, I stopped by there on the My Heart Bleeds Blue hunt and REALLY took a good look at the clothes this time and OK, now I'm a fan. I'm a texture fanatic. As such, I really love the work there. The clothes look so touchable, if not lickable.

I never want to take off this dress, called "prada skirt Lelie" (490L), and hey, I type it like I see it.


And that's one of my all-time favorite poses. It's called "Imma Just Stand Here and Look to the Side."




Deoridhe said...

I'm glad you liked the pictures! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt resist...

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL! WOOOT! (awesome picture)

Emerald Wynn said...

(GAH, I just said 'LOL'!!!!)

Aisuru Rieko said...

I totes bought the hoof boots, those very ones, actually. LOL (hee) probably the day before you posted this? or maybe day-of, who knows. for the McQueen tribute that Acha is doing, so I'm wearing them in it :P I... kinda like them. they kinda work on me. maybe I got used to them because I wore them for like 4 days straight.

I regret not taking a picture with your dino before I moved off the island :(

Emerald Wynn said...

Aisu, I didn't know you moved away! I need to pay more attention to my neighbors.

Come by any time! I opened it to public, so you won't get bounced - haha!

Jenna Montpenier said...

I need to take a picture .. that is just win!

Emerald Wynn said...

Jenna, c'mon over anytime! My dinosaur is your dinosaur!

nimil said...

omg! its the awful crabclaw shoes.. i hate those things D:

remind me i need to come by and sit on your dinosaur and take a picture!