Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't you have an off switch?


So this Beta V2 — it makes me feel all giddy, like a noob. Figuring stuff out and all that.

I was gonna write this really amazing post about it.

But damn, I am so tired these days.

Instead, I guess I'll just say, "I hate the new camera and motion controls."

Other than that, it's aiight.

And that dress by Zaara up there? Yep, it's gorgeous. But what people aren't telling you is . . .



It doesn't walk so well.

If I would've known everyone was gonna get all up in my glitch, I would've worn decent underwear.

Thank you for all the dinosaur love. I'm really touched. I had no idea so many people would show up and take photos with my dinosaur. I'm thinking of putting a dance floor up there now.

I would show you some dino pics, but damn, I am so tired these days. Next time, I promise.

Instead of doing anything productive, let's play . . .





Crack with attitude.

(Hahahaha — those two are awesome though. I don't know where they got that diva AO but it was spectacular.)


. . . and a woman, her latex-clad slave . . . and their child. (Sorry I couldn't get a shot of the ball gag.)


That's sick.

You know, when I saw that threesome I almost went off on an unholy rant with this whole, "You need to keep your kid out of your kinky sex life!" thing . . . until, um, I remembered that it wasn't REALLY a kid.

But it's still sick.

Plus, I had to hear about all the whipping and the shocking and the "yes Mistress" in open chat. I get it, you guys are kinky. And pedophiles. Now slowly back away from the shoes and go home please.

As long as I'm speaking to people who can't hear me . . .

Dear Stiletto Moody, I love you and congrats on your new baby but . . .


. . . Roll
On Floor

There's no way in hell I'm ever wearing these new heel-less shoes. I don't care how Emperor's New Clothes-ish everyone gets about them. NOT WEARIN' 'EM!

And what really depresses me is that soon I'm gonna have to watch a bunch of bishes walking around everywhere on their tiptoes.


Anonymous said...

i hate the new camera controls too

Andria Meredith said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks those shoes are gawdawful! :)

Mally said...

ditto to the shoes!!!! seriously, I know it's SL and all that jazz, but those things are just...painful looking.
and I'm sitting here in the coffee shop at my college reading this, and smiling at my computer screen like a doofus while reading your post. and people are staring. a lot. even the weird ones are staring. so thanks for making me smile :) keep it up <3

SophHarlow said...


If only it was that easy, em

Truth said...

i love your blog <3

Chalice Carling said...

Em <3
I hate hate hate the camera controls. What where they thing? I don't like the placement of the viewer to the avatar either. It's like you look downward rater that directly behind. It feels as though I'm not seeing things around me correctly when I walk. I actually swapped back to the old faithful because Emerald (sorry for taking your name in vain) runs so slow for me.

I saw Victoria Beckham in a pair of shoes like that. Didn't like them at all either.

Chalice Carling said...

read before you publish Chalice.

thing = thinking
rater = rather


Aisuru Rieko said...

haha <3 you so much. I'd wear heelless shoes. have some actually. but I wouldn't wear *those* heelless shoes. or any SM. looooove the pictures of her client base though XD

Anonymous said...

Emerald Wynn said...

ugh, Anon -- that is horrible. Just horrible. :(