Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Lost! (another stealth blog)


I'm typing in The Numbers! I'm saving the world!

(We'll get back to that in a minute.)

Actually I'm stealth-blogging from work again.

The Online Gamers Anonymous (OLGA) Web site -- and hell no, I'm not linking to it -- lists "unable to stop thinking about your virtual character while at work" (or something like that) as one warning sign that You May Have an Addiction. I know because my parents sent me the link and gave me a pamphlet.

SCROOOO YOU, OLGA! Yes, I'm at work. But a) I'm supposed to be writing a pamphlet on Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), and b) I have Sexual Assault Awareness writer's block, so c) kiss my ass. Anyone who's a friend of the real me on Facebook can hopefully see that I'm not a socially isolated, troll-like basement dweller who can't pry myself away from my computer. I'm tired of feeling guilty about my affection for SL and the Metaverse.

Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

I really want to talk about the show "Lost" and its incarnation in Second Life.

(In SL's version of the Sydney airport, waiting for the doomed Oceanic Flight 815 and practicing my pose for the poster. Any minute they're gonna ask me to join them -- I can feel it!)

Sorry about the "dead space" -- I just couldn't crop out my beloved Sayid.

I'm a Lost geek -- that, I will willingly admit. And many of you who survived my last attempt at Plurk, as well as those of you who are my real FB friends, know that I've been on this frenetic quest to finish all five previous seasons and then get caught up on the current one. DONE! WIN!

Of course now that I'm watching the final season, I can see the parallels and clues linking back to earlier seasons . . . so now I'm watching all the previous seasons AGAIN!

My friends gave up on this show a long time ago. "They lost me around Season Three" is the most common reason I get. So, sniff, I have no one to geek-out over this show with.


Until now. IMAGINE MY DELIGHT when I discovered that there's an SL-Lost group for fanatic fans like me!!!!

You have to request an invite, so if you want to join, check out my profile and grab the group link from my list. They're nice -- you don't have to pass a trivia test or anything to get in.

Once you're a group member, you get access to The Island, which I have to say is a pretty engaging place considering that the "Laws of the Island" warn you that it was not created by professional graphics artists/builders.


Don't forget to grab your free Dharma jumpsuit when you arrive!

Wander around the island and you'll find The Hatch, the beach campsite, the Caves, plane wreckage . . .


. . . The Temple, Mr. Eko's church, the graveyard and more. You might even run into Vincent!!

[shoot there's supposed to be a picture of Vincent here! WTF?]

and . . .

(Looking 'hot' in Jacob's Cabin)

I pretty much stumbled across all these places while I was searching for my TV crush Sayid.


If you don't have time to wander, don't fret -- you'll have the opportunity to pick up a list of LMs to all these places and more near the beach. If you can't find it, I have one for you.

There's also a store there that sells Lost-themed AVs, T-shirts, prefabs, props and more. I grabbed a DriveShaft T-shirt and a big box of Lost-themed freebies which I have yet to check out.

Again, you have to wear your SL-Lost group tag to gain access to the island, and the group meets at 2:30 p.m. SLT every Sunday (I THINK -- have to double-check when I get home) for trivia and to discuss the most recent episode. They also have impromptu parties on the beach.

This was my first week to be a member and unfortunately I didn't get to check out the discussion. I was too busy trying to hit my favorite spots on the Steam hunt, which ends EOD March 31.

[See those prizes HERE. Get a list of hints and location SLURLS (alas, not cheats) HERE.]

Hey, I'm on a bike:


"Can't . . . reach . . . handles!!"

Sorry - that was random. I bought that posing bike (23 poses!) for 99L at Phoenix Design and Firefall. It may have been half-off over the weekend though -- I have to check.

If you're wondering what I'm wearing, it's the Asuka Steampunk Set ($765L) from League -- comes with two styles of pants, two styles of corsets, bolero jacket, skirt, two styles of gloves and so much more that I'm already too damn exhausted to type it all.

I'm wearing it with the League Asuka Boots (325L) because I'm matchy-matchy like that.

I got the Hedera Vine "jewelry" at the Illusions booth at the 2009 Jewelry Expo.

My hair is Emerald by Truth. :D

Skin is Alyson by Belleza.

I mentioned Sayid up there. GoSpeed Racer recently dragged me out of my house to a party on someone's beach . . . and I think I saw him there!!!!



Here's a really bad pic of me and GoSpeed at that party, by the way. She's one of the few people who can talk me out of my hermit shell, mainly because I can just hang out with her and I don't think she really expects me to say much, which is awesome. Plus, she takes me to cool places.


Yes, I am available to photograph your SL weddings.

And yesterday I logged in to this. Maybe you heard my scream. I guess it's the new way to "get Ruthed":


Oof, I'd better get back to work. This is not the final version of this post. I may jazz it up when I get home -- if any of my brain is left.

Have a great day!


Daila Holder said...

OH MY GOD! Lost in SL! Why didn't I ever think to look for that? Sounds like a lot of fun! I may have to stop by for those Sunday chats.

nimil said...

yay! lucas and i are members of that group! its so much fun. they sit and talk about lost all the time in the group chat XD

Emerald Wynn said...

Oh cool - I know some people in it now!

SpAnKi said...

Thats pretty cool :) I have friends who are big Lost fans, I will point them in the direction of this entry.

Another great post, made me :D
*stealth-reading blogs from work...*

Steven said...

It started out as such a compelling show.

I wandered away around Season 3 as well. It was the frequent senseless torturing of the characters - for no other reason than to drive up ratings and build up some kind of "tension".

I was going through my "stop showing me torture an calling it entertainment" phase.

Anonymous said...

I am going to get on the LOST sim if I have to crash a plane to get there...
I watched from day one and never lost interest.
In a year of traveling, I missed a season, and watched those to catch up before the next season started.

Mysti Thorne

Emerald Wynn said...

Sawyer is hot. Like, jaw-droppingly hot.

I'm going to miss him when this show ends.


Chalice Carling said...

I so wanted to love Lost but I simply didn't have the attention span needed at the time plus it was driving me to drink not knowing what was going on.

I just wish someone would tell me what it was all about without having to watch.

Have you taken your hair off yet?? lol

nimil said...

Chalice, there are catchup things on hulu.. at least there were... they give you a pretty quick condensed version of the story so far without having to watch all the seasons.. i tried to cram most of the show into my brain before the new season and failed, ended up having to watch those to catch up on it lol

i really never got into lost but my dad was a big fan, and now i'm addicted... wish he was around to talk about it though!

Emerald Wynn said...

*hugs Nimil*