Saturday, March 27, 2010

Noob time-traveler


I've been away for awhile, not because I'm being emo, but because in real life I'm trying to find a place to live. Looking at apartments and condos and trying to decide if I should rent or buy and blah blah blah. Boring. And draining.

For those of you who know my real-life woes, I tried dating Stupid RL British Ex-Boyfriend again and it only took about three dates for me to remember why I CAN'T STAND HIM. Ugh.

So yeah, I've been a little preoccupied and now I'm FREAKIN' CRUSHED to discover that I missed the whole RFL Clothing Fair. EXCELLENT news for my Visa balance but HEART-BREAKING news for my inventory. It looked so COOL this year -- not a pirate to be seen in the place! *weeps*

Speaking of hot men (oops, I edited out that paragraph, but let's pretend we were), Prad sent the real me an invite on Facebook to join the fan group of Heritage Key, and even though I had no clue what that was, I would pretty much do anything Prad asks me to do -- so I joined.


Right now, I *am* going to refer to it as a game because it's a lot more educational, involving teleporting to various historic sites and completing tasks to earn cool things for your inventory. (Oh, and to learn things.)

Maybe I'm the last person around here to discover it, actually, because the AV skins are designed by Ryker Beck -- UPDATE: Actually the more I play this game, the more I see that many objects are "given" to me by Ryker; if I weren't so lazy, I'd ask her "What up with Heritage Key?" -- and apparently Rezzables own/created it (?). It uses the old-school opensource SL viewer, except I can't find the Advanced Menu, which is bugging me. And yeah, this info is sketchy because for once I didn't feel like acting like a journalist and hunting down the story behind this game's 2009 inception. The FAQ page is HERE, though.


Like a girl, I'm sort of stressing because the clothes and hair options are limited and my AV isn't that stylin'. After you choose your noob avatar during registration, you can go to the Avatar Center after you log in and choose a different shape, skin, hair, clothes, etc. THANK GOD you can also pick up a decent AO because you've got that stupid duck walk as soon as you rez. Everything there is free and pretty decent . . . but the selection is small.

"No shopping for YOU!!"

Then you can hop over to a travel hub and choose a historic time and place, like King Tut's Tomb. I couldn't get there though. My TPs kept failing. So I settled for . . .


Stonehenge, bitch!

None of those men are real!

Looks like they're eating sushi!

I got some druid clothing when I arrived, so maybe that's an incentive to get the girls more involved. Free clothes at each location! Woot!

I earned that druid staff as a reward for building a wagon and the falcon as a reward for completing a historic nature walk.

Um, so yeah, my greedy competitive side likes to hang out there and finish challenges to get stuff. I crash frequently though and the place seems like it's still a work in progress. It's also pretty isolated -- I've yet to run into anyone else there. And I only have three bad photos here because I got stuck at Stonehenge in 2400 B.C., when they were supposedly building it.

(I still think aliens made it though.)

If you're comfortable with SL, it'll be easy for you to hit the ground running in HK -- controls, menus, etc. are pretty much the same, albeit more limited.

What's better, so far I see no need to use REAL MONEY there -- every inventory item I've found has been free, and I can't find any options to become a premium member or anything like that.

I don't know -- if more people got involved and there were more options for AV customization, with time it might become a pretty cool place: sort of a Second Life for history buffs, with a lot of RP potential.

I have no friends over there. I can't find a Search feature. I did get to choose my own name, so of course I picked Emerald Wynn just to keep my virtual self real throughout virtual history and all that.

I'm going to keep exploring there, but have no fear -- this isn't going to become a Heritage Key blog. It's a nice change of virtual scenery though. I'm curious to see if and how it evolves.

Ugh, this post is flat and lifeless (like my real hair these days!). I blame Welbutrin. It keeps me comfortably numb.

But thank you, Prad! I had writer's block (not that this post is going to win any literary awards) and I needed a new diversion. (Actually Prad kicked me off his blog roll, so I don't even know if he swings by here anymore.)

Stop! Sandwich time! ♥


SpAnKi said...

hehe, far from flat and lifeless! this entry made me LOL. Dont ever stop writing :D

Prad Prathivi said...

Hah! I'm on holiday at the moment (and only got around to catching up on the blog reader thingy) but yeah - course I swing by =P

Awesome that you checked out Heritage Key - I'm actually part of the team behind it, so glad you enjoyed it! =)

Emerald Wynn said...

Wow, Prad-- that's really impressive!!

Can you make me a T-shirt there that says, "STONEHENGE, BITCH!!"

Because that would be cool.