Saturday, March 13, 2010



Almost every week, a sexy guy drops a "New Releases" folder in my inventory, and honestly ladies, that's about the only action I'm getting from a man these days. Sad but true.

This week when I opened that folder and saw this Emerald hair by Truth, I got a little sniffly.

It's been a really crappy week — not to mention one of those times when you don't realize that it's been an eternity since anyone's done or said anything nice to you until they do, and then it takes you by such surprise that your initial reaction is to get all shocked and touched and weepy and such.

(HELL YEAH, that sentence sucked. Read it 10 more times in a row to feel the full force of my big damn dangerous "I can't write for sh*t these days!!!!!" POWER!)

Shoot, now I lost my train of thought . . . .

OH, the hair! So yes, that was an extraordinarily kind gesture and I really love it. It means the world to me. I'm not really the kind of gal who inspires people to name things after her — mainly because, you know, my name is, well, sort of GREEN . . . but also because I'm kind of boring and I don't exactly have a face that could launch a thousand ships or anything like that.

Thank you, Truth. It is so me, it's almost eerie. I look at my AV in this hair and it reminds me of better times in my real life, as weird as that is.

And because my real hair is finally growing out of [insert Samuel Jackson's voice here] THIS MOTHER-EFFING GRADUATED BOB, it even gives me hope that it won't be too long before I'll be that Fun Messy-Ponytail Girl again.

I wanted to pair it with a skin that's also a little more like me because — and I know this revelation is gonna shock you — as much as I love those sultry Curio Cupid skins, I don't actually look like that in real life.

Not that I look like that Belleza Alyson skin up there either . . . well, actually 10 years ago I kind of did! But with a wonkier nose. And thinner lips. And no freckles. But the rest of it? Spot on, baby!

OK, I have to wrap up this Pulitzer Prize-winning blog post and get to bed.

So, drumroll please, that hair is Truth's Emerald in Almond, which is pretty close to my real color. So just call me "Emerald 'Keepin' It Real' Wynn," please. Actually make that, "The Reverend Emerald 'Keepin' It Real' Wynn."

Now if I could just get Prad Prathivi to wear this hair in a picture with my dinosaur, ALL my wildest dreams would come true.

(My rez day is in three days.)

And that "Pure Sweet Hell" T-shirt is from Terri.Tees. The next time you see this post, the SLurl will be HERE.  I don't know you, Terri, but I love you. Your T-shirts make me laugh so hard. I promise I'll do them justice in a totally normal and sane post in the near future.

But anyway, I meant to write Truth a really sweet public thank-you note here, but unfortunately it turned into kind of a rambling worst-post-I've-written-this-month thing, but, um, the sentiment is still there.

I haven't been this moved since the Emerald viewer came out. *sniff*


Eva Bonner said...

Congrats Em !!! You made the big time. Reached SLebrity status. You were always up there for me. Hope you will still remember the little people.

Chalice Carling said...

YAY YAY YAY. I was dying for you to find out about your Truth hair. I'm so pleased for you and the style Truth chose for Ms Emerald is absolutely wonderful.

First Truth hair, next SL domination.

The moment I spotted it on the feed I was imagining your reaction.

SophHarlow said...

I could not wait for you to log in so you could see it! That Truth Hawks is a good dude, one of the best that I know. I know that he thinks you are pretty okay too <3

You are just pure love, my friend. If you ever need someone to tell you how wonderful they think you are..I am only a phone call, text, email or IM away.

Love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my TRUTH hair :)