Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emerald Wynn still can't teleport

Honest to God, I feel like holding a funeral for my avatar at this point.

It would have to be IN MY HOUSE though, since I still can't teleport anywhere. I managed to get home. I can't get out now. Whatever.

I wonder if my 92K inventory has finally gotten so heavy that my AV can't move. I finally got the thing down to a guilt-free 78K, but I'm not joking when I say that it only took about two months to accumulate almost 20,000 new things in my inventory. Second Life hoarder. Second Life pack rat. Second Life shame.

I realize another viewer would probably fix my teleport problem. I'm just too damn lazy. Plus, I don't wanna go back to a retro viewer, and I'm ironically the only one I know who is steadfast in my resistance to the Emerald viewer.

Unlike many people, I actually like V2. I think the tattoo layer is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I love the fact that I can layer an eyeshadow I like over a nude skin that I like and THUS further customize my avatar.

Thus further. And steadfast.

I really should have named this post, "EVERYTHING IS FREAKIN' BROKEN" because my iGoogle page freezes and crashes my computer whenever I land on it, and Photobucket is down for maintenance right now.

Here are some things you can do when you can't teleport:

1. Change your clothes.
2. Change your face.
3. Change your shape.
4. Change your house.
5. Sit on your dinosaur and actually talk to people for a change instead of being a SLoner.
6. Log off and make it to work on time.

Speaking of, I have to go.

I'll come back when I have pictures and something to say. :-\


Chic Aeon said...

While it MIGHT be Viewer 2 *wink*, I have been having teleport issues and using Emerald so it isn't JUST the viewer :D.

On thing that helped me a lot was to log into one of the sims that have been around forever (a hub would work too, but I can't think of any). I used PLUM. From there I could TP. The last day or two seems to have been particularly bad with some sims affected more than others. Sometimes you can't get from "here" to "there" but you CAN get somewhere in between and then go on to "there".

This was from advice from a tech support person LONG LONG ago when the teleport problems happened more often. So give that a try and it might help. You can also log into PLUM from the viewer if you have the drop down box enabled. Not sure if that still works in Viewer 2. Good luck

Alicia Chenaux said...

I've been able to teleport with no issue lately. However, when I get somewhere, I might possibly be sent back to where I was before without doing anything. It's just this random teleport that slings me back across the grid. I have absolutely no idea what the issue is.

nimil said...

have you by chance spoken to LL about it? i don't think the inventory would keep you from tp'ing.. i'm at 75k and i still tp around fine. they have been having weird teleport issues lately but nothing as bad as what you are experiencing! i hope you get it figured out :(

Whispers said...

You COULD throw a party and have all your friends come to you! :P Hope you get it fixed soon! I have some bunnies I could share with you if you need some to keep you company. :D

Chalice Carling said...

Awwww I'm sorry you've been grounded :-(

I hate V2 and Emerald makes me crash so I'm happily living in Retro land tp'ing like it's going out of fashion. If they take that baby away from me, I'm stuffed. My main gripe with V2 is the camera/movement controls. I just can't work with it.

When SL goes weird, I go to a region called CYCLOPS. There's nothing there, its under water and every time I've had problems, I head there. Someone told me to do this years ago.

Take care darling Em xx

Alicia Chenaux said...

Em, you know what? I was just thinking, but this friend of mine was having TP issues not too long ago. He updated his video card drivers & reinstalled his SL client. It seemed to fix him right up. Maybe that might be something to try?

Velveeta Biedermann said...

this might sound reallly stoopid but..have you tried taking off your hair then tp'ing?

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Sometimes TPs are affected if you have too many prim attachments, or one of them is problematic. Try taking your attachments off (including... gasp... hair! And shoes! And AOs!) and see if that helps. If it does, then put them all back on one by one, to figure out which one was causing the problem!

Also, Rainbow Viewer by Boy Lane is compliant with the new Third-Party Viewer TOS thingies although not listed under the official Third-Party Viewer Directory. It also supports the tattoo layers and has been reported by some residents to be very stable and fast (as usual, there are others who have different experiences, so your mileage may vary). You could try that one:

I've always used Boy Lane's viewer and I'm sad she's not making any new ones. She said this is the last one she's ever going to release.

Mally said...

BTW: Rainbow Viewer lets you use the tattoo layers, and for me it's much faster :) like...MUCHHHH faster. I hope your problem gets fixed soon! <3

Emerald Wynn said...

Excellent suggestions from everyone - thank you! I'll try them . . . one of these days when I have the patience. :-D

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the delay, I hope you celebrated in style!!

*hugs you till you can't breathe anymore*

Krissy Muggleston said...

Here's a quick suggestion for your pile: Look at your maximum bandwidth on the Network tab in Preferences. Draw it in to about 500 and then try to tp. I keep mine at 1000 normally, anything much higher and I crash - my Internet access isn't the best. But when I have tp issues, I go down even further to 500. It's a quick thing to try before you go installing new drivers and clients.