Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Mother, make it STOP!"


OK, so I sort of never wanna hear the words "The Deck" again. Thank you.


In the blitz of this weekend's blog chatter about The Deck's two-day free-for-all, I haven't yet seen anyone talk about these rockin' Alice Comfort Capris, one of two styles in the gift from TuttiFrutti at The Deck (this weekend only). So there they are.

And if you're like me and you prefer to throw on a plain T-shirt with your hyperactive pants, terri.tees has a fat pack of plain shirts for 125L. It's now in my "Fashion Essentials" inventory folder.

Anyway, if you're trying to scoop up all the free anniversary celebration gifts at The Deck (THANK YOU, Designers!), be sure to don your full suit of armor because it's a MOSH PIT over there! Woooooo! The sim has been full all weekend, so you'll have to fight your way in.

You can do it! I believe in you!

And actually, skip the suit of armor. The ARC police are out in full force, and they'll bitch-slap the hell out of you if your number's in the red. I would really like it if a Linden *cough* would confirm or dispel the possible urban legend that a high ARC causes lag. I lean toward the "no it doesn't" camp.

Regardless, I'm not in the mood for stressing people out on Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day, mothers!), so I went over there bald and . . . whoops, legless! Love that new alpha layer! I'm thinking about covering my whole body with it and running around as just a floating head. With a 'sexy walk,' though.

Um, so it took me about 50 tries to get in that sim. (Yep, I have no life.) I wanted the gorgeous and generous Lelutka gift. But you know what? We're ALL gonna be wearing that gown now, so it sort of kills the buzz a little. We'll be an army of SL Fashion Clones, parading our snatch-and-scavenge skills around for the whole grid to see.


I snapped this pic because it's a shot of me fantasizing about how sick and awesome it would be if I whipped out my 7Seas pro fishing pole and just started fishing there today. See -- I'm laughing out loud right now.

If you've heard the clamor that's been going on ALL WEEKEND in the Tuli group (she's got a free limited edition skin there, this weekend only), you understand. People wailing that the sim is full. The usual "I'm entitled to everything" folks bitching that some stores don't have gifts. Snotty girls gloating and laughing at the people who can't TP in. People who are just flat-out dense and make me feel bad for laughing at them.

Not to mention some awesome CATFIGHTS!

People are sort of touchy about that sim today, to say the least.

(Dear Tuli Group moderator, please don't ever disable group chat. Your group is a constant source of entertainment. And just to say it again: "group.")

Gah, I have a lot more I want to say but I guess I'll save it for another post. Two things though:


Um . . .


There I was, minding my own business, checking out those Alice capris, when suddenly my head started spinning around and ended up facing backwards. You know me, I totally thought about leaving it like that all day. But it was just too damn disturbing.

(Hence this post title quote from "The Exorcist," but I recommend the version in the song "Tubular Bells" by Book of Love. Play it while you drive to work. Like I do.)

Eventually I figured out that "Stop animating my avatar" will exorcise your SL demons.

Last but not least, my . . . holy cow 49 (!!) regular readers *tears up for a minute, seriously* (thank you) . . . know that I dig the blog Moonletters (although I'll always think of it as SLFix).

So I've gotta give props to Shauna Skye for today's post, "Why Most SL Fashion Blogs Suck." I don't necessarily agree with all of it -- some of my favorite fashion blogs are in the blog roll here, and I'm probably forgetting a few -- but she makes some valid points. Mainly I just want to salute her BALLS! (Yeah, I said it. I hate that word. It'll be the one and only time you see it here. Especially with the verb "salute.")

If I wrote a post like that, I'm pretty sure the haters would descend all over my ass. So, um, good luck with that, Shauna! *runs like hell*

I like her suggestion to put the SLURLS at the end. I'm doing that from now on.

Visit Inworld:

The Deck (use your ninja skills and Jedi powers to get there)

(Wow, I was in a really parenthetic mood today. Sorry.)


Aisuru Rieko said...

hiya. i'm not complaining in Tuli chat, usually I close it immediately because its like the text equivalent of a bunch of crows shouting in the yard. However, not to sound like an entitled person, since I bought the fatpack of Sayuri, ($20, goodbye) I kind of think that these additional makeups could be sent our way, yeah, without having to go through hell to get to them. I did, and I got it (yay) but a little love for the people who dropped cash on it would be ok by me.

Emerald Wynn said...

I was kind of hoping she'd send it to the group just to shut everybody up. I just logged in (six hours later) and they're STILL complaining about the lag on that sim.

(said the person who's complaining about people complaining)

Emerald Wynn said...

And Aisuru, for some reason that "($20, goodbye)" made me giggle uncontrollably for about three minutes. :D

Steven said...

Yes, Avatar rendering cost is real.

Your Avatar Rendering Cost is computed based on the relative cost of all those fantabulous features your avatar has hanging off of it.

Tashi Core said...

Hi Emerald

I am a newbie (2 weeks old) in SL. I was running after SL blogs to get ideas in picking up the SL ropes when I came upon yours.
I was reading a post where you said you would like your readers to say "hi" or something (not sure if I got that right or did you say something else? :p) so here I am.
HI! You've got a wonderful blog! You have me in stitches everyday! Thanks. :)

Tashi Core

Emerald Wynn said...

Welcome Tashi! Thank you and hugs to you!

It's Steven! Yes, I know it's real because I check my number often out of curiosity . . . but does it really cause lag? I guess I should check the handy links you provided. Thank you!