Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oops, Fail


Hey, Tuli has some new Creature eyes!!

(Laugh out loud - I took that picture on accident. It amused me, mainly because I am so damn easily amused.)

I have an obsession with eyes in Second Life. I seek them out and snatch them up like a sick ocular addict. (I originally had a drug simile here, but it made me sound a little too knowledgable about drugs, so I killed it.)

This weekend I spent about 2000L on eyes. I went CRAZAYYYYY! I recently discovered Nomine's Stained Contacts. They are awesome, right up there with some of my other favorites from Beloved Custom Designs and Turquoise Unicorn. I feasted on them. It would've been nice if I would've taken a picture, huh? Oops. (I put the XStreet link at bottom though, if you want to see them.)

But anyway.

I named this post "Oops, Fail" because I didn't make it through the Big Bad Blogger Challenge this year. Hell, I barely even answered the first question. I wanted to be a Big Bad Blogger; I really did — mainly so I could triumphantly scream, "AND I'LL HUFF AND I'LL PUFF AND I'LL BLOW YOUR BLOG DOWN!"

But damn, kids, I'm tired. Bone tired. Whine whine whine about my grueling job right here and then whine whine whine about how I want to get this biopsy over with on Friday and then whine whine whine about how the rambunctious freaky little kitten climbs all over my keyboard and attacks my typing hands and makes me not want to even open up my laptop right now. Those are my weak excuses.

I hate going this long without a picture, so here:


"Hi! Happy Rez Day! I bought you a HOUSE! Now you have to LIVE IN IT so you won't hurt my feelings!"

I knew a guy once who would always buy people ice cream cones without asking them. He would walk out of some fast food place and hand them a Big Damn Ice Cream Cone and go, "Hey, I bought you an ice cream cone!" and then they'd be in the really awkward position of either having to eat it because it was melting right in front of them or being a completely rude asshole and saying, "I don't want this" and throwing it away. Nine out of 10 people ate it.

It was actually quite an awesome prank that only a psychology major would dream up and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying right now just thinking about it, but maybe you had to be there.

Try it on one of your friends sometime.

Let's move on.

Another reason why I'm not blogging as much is because Second Life has become A HUGE CRASHTASTIC VIRTUAL ENEMY that I simply cannot deal with right now. I crash when I walk. I crash when I cam. I crash when I edit. I crash when I rez something. I crash when I TP. I crash when I chat. I crash the minute I log on and instantly lose all messages and inventory offers.

Not only that, my shoes never rez anymore:


Those cute pants and shoes-that-you-cannot-see are by Miel.

Today I downloaded the Beta version of SL 2.1 for Mac. Get it on the Second Life Downloads page. I only crashed twice as opposed to 12 times, so that's progress! I was ecstatic to see that the annoying view tool has been fixed in the new version:


Yay. No more flipping back and forth! It's still huge and cumbersome, but it's a start.

That's me in the Vita's Boudoir tent at the Zombie Popcorn Carnival. I want those three outfits. I really, really do. But they are 550L, 400L and 400L respectively (I think) and where the hell would I wear them?

I did buy this one, though:


So if you see me wearing it, please clap and shower me with compliments.

That's not why I wanted to show you this pic though. LOOK at the new view options in the forthcoming v2.1. No longer do we have to stare at the backs of our heads all day! We can watch ourselves from the front or side if we so choose!

I tried it, and it was weeeeeeeird! But nifty!

Um, my only other news is that I finally took the eyesore of an elven treehouse down. It wasn't necessarily that the house was ugly. It's just that I'm not an elf and I'm not living in a forest and I don't have a lot of woody furniture or burlap clothes.

In its place, I put up this lovely little Blue Orchid House by Modest House. FYI: it recently has been updated with higher ceilings, in case you've checked out the model in the past and found them to be too low.


I think it costs 500L. I'm really slacking off on the whole "news you can use" aspect of this blog. Sorry.

My friend Heidi just taught me how to rez in edit mode to keep all the unlinked pieces together. You have no idea what an idiot I've been during the past two-plus years, rezzing houses and then moving all the little pieces separately. I've left a trail of ruined homes in my wake. But seriously, where the hell is the "how to rez a house in SL" manual???

I'm not in the mood to nest or play Martha Stewart these days. Basically I just need a large, comfortable dressing room.


I am available to decorate your homes for a small fee.


"It's a peacock, bitch!"

Other than that, not much is going on.


I like riot vends.

Those two AVs were staring directly at me the whole time, which was unsettling. How did they do that?? (C'mon, Little Bo Peep! You of all people should cut me some slack. And you too, Girl with One Arm.)

"What the hell is Emerald Wynn wearing now?"

Zombie Popcorn Carnival
Modest House
and see Nomine Stained Contacts on XStreet


Jewel said...

I like your blog! you make me laugh, love those eyes, they are really pretty, oh and the kitten is cute to, if you squint your eyes a bit lol

Chalice Carling said...

God I'm cracking up right now. Those feet of yours (literally rotfl)...what are they, emu feet? And those roller skates...guffaw guffaw.

I'm kicking myself...I just downloaded viewer 2 and not the beta. Now I find that the view and move controls are together....bum bum bum.

I do want to wish you all the best for Friday...squeezy hugs from me and take it easy ok? Keep on truckin' momma. Always wanted to say that :-)

Emerald Wynn said...

Jewel, hello and thank you! I am shipping the kitten to you via express mail. "Hey, I bought you a kitten!" Haha - I wish.

Chalice, try the beta! I should have mentioned that they have one for every OS, not just Mac. Everything'll be somewhat the same - your inventory will just have to reload.

Gidge said...

Emerald I love the eyes! I am so glad to see that someone else is having trouble with the new viewer besides me. I thought I was the only one plagued!
You have made my day, hilarious.

Heidi Halberstadt said...

Drawings. On pics. >insert worship smiley here<

Good luck for Friday, I'll be thinking about you pretty darn hard, so if your ears start bleeding, sorry!

Lila Corith said...

When I first joined SL I scoffed at the places selling eyes- "Look at all the free ones I start out with! Suckers!" Oh man, if I only knew. ES Eyes are my current <3, and I have these prims that add tiny little stars in my eyes I got from A:S:S, once I started getting compliments it was a slippery slope. =/

I can't post comments in my own blog! Here's a reply to your nice comment. :)

Aw, thank you. :) That skin is Elf 2 Bluebird in the Acorn shade, the first dark skin I paid for and really loved.

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