Sunday, September 19, 2010

Patron Saint of Procrastinators (*points to self*)

I don't know if you've noticed, but a helluvalotta my blog posts start with a Big Damn Picture of my AV's Face. Oops and wow. (And yeah, Carly Simon, I DO think your song is about me.)

So I promised myself I wouldn't do that for a while. HOWEVER, it's the last day of Hair Fair. You have until midnight SLT to still get over there! That's, well, a little more than three hours! A veritable eternity! Go! (Or you can always hit the actual stores later.)

Some last-minute notables for you:

Bliensen + MaiTai - A Night at Flashmans – Opium (Reds)

I bought every hairstyle in the Bliensen + MaiTai tent. Or section of the tent. Or whatever. I wasn't smart enough to navigate Hair Fair this year. Every time I tried to go somewhere I kept ending up in the Sari's tent somehow. It was like a canvas labyrinth to me. I cried for a while. Then I just TPed to different places straight from the Hair Fair 2010 blog.

Nikita Fride - Cat Goddess
(Skin: Mynerva - Sophie in Nude. Eyes: Forbidden Apple - icoramu eyes in Pink x Blue)

I laugh, therefore I buy.

And the award for "Best Hair for a Bunny Assassin" goes to ...

LoQ Hairs - Caffe Corretto, Black Pack

Now listen! This is important. If you too are longing for a lace mask/hat/bunny hair . . . thingy . . . and buy this hair, DO NOT make the same mistake I did and put it on and shout, "BUT WAIT, I'M STILL BALD UNDERNEATH!" Read the fine print. Hair base not included! (I ended up buying some hairbase tattoo layers from Amacci on Second Life Marketplace while feeling slightly irritated with myself.)

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.

Sparkle Skye - Sayuri

I'm a huge fan of Sparkle Skye.

And now, let's all shout it together:



(Hair: Sallie in Reds. Skin: Mynerva - Sophie - Smokey Red)

Hey, remember last year when Lamb released that fabulous flowing Breeze hair and none of us could live without it? Those were the good old days. This Breathe Me hair by Shag has that same va-va-voom vibe:


I could use some va-va-voom in my life. I bought the fatpack. (Skin: Mynerva - Cynthia's Sister - 16th Apology)

As far as this next style goes, there are all kinds of witty things I could say about it (or I could possibly even offer up an explanation as to why I bought it).

But instead I'm just gonna say, "Hey, look at this hair."

Milestone Creations - Tea Party

I love Milestone Creations. They never fail to serve up the wacky. With a spoonful of sugar.

I'm not even supposed to be blogging about hair today, actually. It's Bandana Day in Second Life. Many people are wearing bandanas to show solidarity for people who have lost their hair during chemotherapy.

Let's pause in reverence as we gaze at The Most Awesome Bandana Ever . . .


Courtesy of L+N Signature Design and Fashion (50L). The water moves. Smoke comes out of the chimney of that house. Those are horses. Really, there are no words. (Eyes: Forbidden Apple again, this time in green.)

I zoomed in to get a closer look at the girl sitting on the hill:



Find the SLURLs for all your favorite creators at Hair Fair on the Hair Fair Blog. Click here.

Forbidden Apple

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