Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bottle full of bub

Any time Keira Seerose plans something, I get kind of giddy because it usually means there's going to be a room full of shopping nirvana.

This time it's Ch1c Management's first birthday, and that means three things: a) I'm really damn proud of myself for remembering to put that '1' there instead of the 'i' in "Chic," b) it's time for another room full of shopping nirvana, and 3) you may or may not be stuck on 50 Cent's "In Da Club" for the rest of the day now.

Go shawty, it's your birthday!

(OK, I'm sooooo white, that was kind of awkward. Sorry.)

It also means that you may or may not be sick of seeing blog posts about this glee-inducing event and if so, I'M SORRY!

You have to understand that all I've been talking about in SL for the past week is how many times I pet my Meeroos a day and how many regard points I have and whether or not I have a Red one (no) or an Autumn one (yes) or a Sienna one (want) and if I'm being a good fellowship member and why oh why didn't I click that stupid broken pipe before that bastard vanished and why the hell is there so much stale shortbread and other random shite buried in my yard anyway and maybe if I buy just one more family pack there'll be a Koi in it and hey where do you sell your Meeroos because I sell mine here and here and here and who do I have to sleep with to get a stall at Red Barn Meeroos because that seems to be the most happening place these days and how much do you think I can get for this Lazy Ursine and why couldn't they have spiced things up a little and named the personality "Lazy-ASS" Ursine and hey isn't that little sound they make kind of annoying after you listen to it for a few hours yes it is you know it is admit it . . . . WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So it feels good to talk about clothes for a change. Or anything else, for that matter. Because in real life . . . well, wait, let's get back on point for a minute:

Me and my shaaaaaadows! (Sorry. I'm just excited that I finally got shadows to work on my Mac. Now you're going to have to deal with a bunch of bad shadow pictures for a while.)

This Ballina Beach Set is W. Winx's contribution to the Ch1c Birthday event. The total setup — and you can pick and choose what you want on that deck and where you want it — is 75 prims and has plenty of texture change options everywhere, including on the privacy wall in the back. I love that everything is Copy and that the folder includes a pre-assembled version as well as all the separate pieces. Nice!

Anyway, in real life I got a little cosmetic tune-up last week. I have this kind of bony face that made me look like a starved bird, so I got a few vials of fat ("dermal fillers") injected into it. I also bought some lips. And for the first time, Botox. Wow, Botox at age *cough* 39! (Yes, I'm 39 again this year. You got that? Good.) I'm not sure if I'll do the Botox thing again - creepy - but I'm totally loving my "hell no, I'm not 40!" face now. My forehead looks worry-free, the dark exhausted-looking grooves under my eyes are gone, my cheeks are filled out and my formerly thin lips look lipgloss worthy now. And it doesn't look drastic. It looks like I've been on vacation for two weeks and maybe kissing people a little too much. Next up: Boobs. Oh yeah, baby! The RL Emerald is bringing sexy back this year . . . or at least my credit card is.

So, speaking of a beautiful face (see, there was a point to that paragraph!):

Mynerva's new Bianca in Latte, with Clarus eyes in Daisy from Aphotic Gloom. Hair: Jaqueline 2 in Burgundy by Truth.

I started to write a poetic paragraph about how much I love this skin, particularly in the darker tones, but I think I'll just let the picture speak for itself.

OK — I want to talk about this flirty fun Animal Print Jumpsuit by Indie Rose for a minute and then I have to go check my effing Meeroos. I didn't even want to get into the whole Meeroos thing, but my competitive spirit wants to assemble a Meeroos gene-machine dream team that'll produce exciting offspring. And everyone will go, "OOOOOH! AHHHHH! OHHHHH!" and then I'll feel fulfilled.

Anyway, I don't know what I love more, this kicky little jumpsuit (shown with lassitude & ennui's Skully pumps in purple; the top pic features the black ones) or the HUD that comes with Indie Rose's fatpacks:

(Sorry I'm underwater here. I'm trying to get my inventory to load.)

I've never seen this type of HUD before, but maybe it's because I'm usually too broke to buy fatpacks. But HOW COOL — you just click the dress on the HUD that you want to wear and it drops that folder in your inventory. You can delete the dress when you're done wearing it because you can always get a new one from the HUD. Now can someone please make one for my 160K inventory?

Let's go sip Bacardi like it's your birthday.

CH1C Birthday Event — features more than 90 awesome designers and runs until 4 p.m. SLT June 19. (And BLESS THEM for specifying the hour when it ends. It eliminates confusion.) You can get everything in this post except the hair there.

Poses in this blog are from Exposeur and Still Life.

I pride myself on listing prices of almost everything I feature in this blog, but in this case these items were all blogger review copies so I have no clue. (But if you want to know a price, I will personally go find out for you.) The fact that someone deemed me worthy of covering this event made me get kind of teary, actually.


SophHarlow said...

I. Love. You.

AWESOME blog... <333333

Sasy Scarborough said...

Yay, thank you so much for blogging the Ballina Beach Set. Whimsy and I worked on it together with much love and fun times.

You showed it so well, and could you please stop refering to your pics as bad :P they aren't.
When I started blogging my pics were done in PAINT, I shit you not, how anyone accepted me as a blogger is still to this day a miracle.


Deoridhe said...

Woo! I love the image-in-inventory idea.

There are a couple organizers out there, and I think one is picturfiable, but outside of ArtiZan they all seem to be hella expensive. I managed to clear a K or two out of my inventory by picking up a pose-organizer, and OMG I love it!

Also... shadows. I drool over your shadows and want to steal them. I tried turning them on once, but it didn't seem to do much...

And... YAY! Emerald post! I was looking at your blog-line on my blog all emo like, and then it hopped to the top, so yay!

Aisuru Rieko said...

I want to pet

your meeroos *leery emote here*

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Damn, I want that Ballina Beach Set, and I haven't logged into SL in months nor will I anytime soon since I've cancelled my home broadband subscription! I will probably only get Internet access at home again in 4-5 months' time (because I'm going to be moving to my very own apartment -- yes, I'm buying one, finally!). I'll hope the beach set is still available by then :\