Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey, look at my bandanas

It's the last day of Hair Fair, which also means that it's Bandana Day, on which you can ditch your hair to show your support for cancer warriors. Wow, there were too many "which"-es in that sentence, so let me just say it again: which.

I have friends who are adamantly opposed to Bandana Day, and I think it's because back when I was a youngster in SL there was a lot of "OH MY GAWD, IT'S BANDANA DAY AND YOU'RE STILL WEARING HAIR! YOU'RE EVILLLLLLLLLL!" going on. Since then, the community as a whole has mellowed out a little bit, or at least I think so, but maybe that's because I just took a Xanax.

God, I feel laden with commas today. Sorry.

Anyway, if you want to wear a bandana today, good for you. If not, that's OK too. I'm OK, you're OK, we're all OK. Take my hand and let's all sing "Kumbaya." When we're done, look at my favorite bandanas:

Bandana Melanosetus by L+N Signature Design. **bows down before the Steampunk AWESOME SAUCE of this "bandana"**

It was designed as a small replica of the creators' first Steampunk ship. You can open and close that faceshield and it also shoots weapons when you touch it. Do we capitalize "Steampunk"? I have no clue. Let's capitalize it because everything Steampunk is win.

Leggy Mohawk Bandana by She's So Unusual Shoes. I'm trying so hard not to sing ZZ Top right now.

Creator Rowan Carroll also includes a notecard with a touching story about why she participates in Bandana Day. I appreciate it. I believe that sharing our personal stories is one of the greatest weapons we have against cancer. It transforms an ugly word into the faces of people we love. It helps others understand the depth and the breadth and the dimensions of this disease in a way that informational pamphlets and public service announcements just can't. So if you need to, start talking and we will listen with love. I promise.

Showgirl Bandana by Haroin. I thought about putting on a showgirl outfit with this one, but this blog is all about the bandanas. It's also why I'm not crediting anything else here. (But if you want to know what something is, just holler at me inworld.)

Look at the back:

Lovely. Making an exit is just as important as making an entrance, especially if you're storming out of a bar after throwing a beer in a guy's face oops that was my last RL date sorry got carried away for a minute there.

Garden Nymph Bandana by Haroin. I'm a sucker for any kind of flower that I can slap on my head. Give me a ton of them and I'm in heaven.

You can find these and many more fabulous bandanas at the landing points of all the Hair Fair sims. (Wow, I really held back this year, actually. I usually get caught up in a moment and carried away with Hair Fair bandanas.) Bandanas are 50L each and transferable, so you can buy a bunch and pass them around, if you feel so inclined.

I hope to get one more post in today before Hair Fair ends. I had planned on soooo many more posts, but unfortunately the recent death of my grandmother turned my life upside-down during the past couple of weeks. Apologies to the designers who sent me review packs. I feel like an arse. I'm sure your sales suffered greatly because your hair wasn't featured in this blog and I feel really bad about it. (OK, that made me laugh. Mocking this blog always makes me feel better.)

Have a beautiful Friday. ♥

Find SLURLS to all the Hair Fair sims on the Hair Fair blog: HERE.

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Pay said...

I loved the bandanas. Although there was a lovely peacock feather inspired one that wasn't copiable and therefore resizing it via edit made me cry. It was a great fair!