Friday, January 30, 2009

Bow wow wow yippee-o yippee-ay

I logged on this morning and laughed so hard at this damn couch that I am now forced to break my "don't write two stupid blogs in a row" rule.


Before you call my couch GHETTO, check it one more time: It's FLYING.

Flippin' WEEEEEEEEEE, y'all!

And that little grey box on the back is a BOOMBOX!

(Yeah, I'm in an enthusiastic, all-caps mode today. You'll live.)

As you can see, the island on which I live (my fifth-grade English teacher just clapped right there) was dark and deserted this morning, so nobody saw me flying around blasting, "ATOMIC DAWWW-OO-AW-AWG!" 

(It's actually just "Atomic Dog," but when you sing it, you have to put four or five syllables in "dog.") 

**runs to go download that song**


It may be the fact that I'm delirious with fear and anxiety due to the harsh reality that I'm down to my last $2,500 real-life bucks and only one more day of health insurance, but two hours later I'm STILL LAUGHING at this couch. I cannot wait to roll up to a party in this thing and see how many people I can cram on it.

Here's the best news ever: YOU TOO can have this awesome couch FOR FREE if you swing by Aurora Limited Menswear. It's called Best Couch Ever (of course) and even the ad for it induced FREAKIN' UNCONTROLLABLE GIGGLING:


"Looks alright" - LMAO!

My gawd, I am so easily amused. Maybe because that ad looks so much like me and my friends slumming around on some junky couch somewhere.

Speaking of friends and amused, I want to thank my talented pal Ali for making me a skin with nipples the size of Texas (see previous blog post):


This skin was a joke, but actually I really love the face!!

And hey hey hey, this morning I learned not to pose with my arms behind my back!

(Let's see if Photobucket deletes that photo.)

I posted that pic on Plurk but then quickly took it down because I'm suddenly feeling unsure of social boundaries there. Even though my nips are covered and that chest is a cartoon, I don't want anyone to accuse me of forcing my boobs on them. :P

Um, I had a lot of productive things planned today. But now that I see the fashion bloggers have got this Same Damn Thing challenge going on, I'm tempted to scratch my best-laid plans and jump back on and give it a shot, even though I'm so not an official fashion blogger.

We'll see.

Have a master-blaster, soopa-boombastic weekend!


Learning Teacher said...

That couch ad is a hoot!

I'm not a fashion blogger either -- official or otherwise -- but I did the Same Damn Thing challenge, so go for it, Em! I DEFINITELY wanna see what you come up with! It's going to be hilarious, I know XD


Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Go Texas!

That skin is actually just from the Sezmra templates. I think they're a lot prettier than the Eloh templates so whenever I'm doing a skin, that's the one I use. :)

Word verification: chembog. That makes me laugh for some reason.

Emerald Wynn said...

I'm living in a Chem-Bog right now!!! As in, a bog of narcotics to numb the pain of my existence!