Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me, Obama and a slightly annoying fetus

This post will be meaningless and all over the place, but if you read this blog, you're used to it.

If you're in the mood for more thoughtful posts on love and the state of the SL economy, go HERE and HERE, respectively.

In the meantime:

1. I live in the desert. It was 80 degrees F. here today. I'm so jealous of all you people buried in snow, so I have this creative fantasy of transforming into a really frosty avatar for a while. I've been looking all over for the perfect skin, hair and wardrobe that conveys the feeling of ice, ice, baby.

I saw this Lorilei hair by Exile over on Gogo's JuicyBomb blog, specifically HERE, and wanted it.

Unfortunately, as with almost all of Exile's hair, I CAN'T FIT IT to my BIG FAT HEAD, GAH!


Hot mess.


2. Remember that day recently when SL was having major issues? ("That day," ha ha! Which one?) Some of us could log in, but many were locked out. For those of you who couldn't log in -- or for that matter, can't in the future -- don't feel bad. Whenever I tried to TP anywhere, I ended up in a scene like this one:


(Hey, for the record, Perez Hilton was inspired with the whole "drawing on photos" thing by ME. I've been doing it since I was 7.)

Not only were we all stuck there, but no one could move. And of course, some guy kept yelling, "LET'S ALL GET NAKED!" and everyone got their gestures on.

Good times.

3. I didn't vote for Obama, but he's my President now so he's got my support . . . for now. Mostly I like seeing how optimistic everyone is. I get really emotional on Inauguration Day, and since there was nothing going on in Tucson I turned to my trusty source for all things SLintellectual and SLeducational, Hamlet Au at New World Notes, for ideas on how to celebrate in Second Life.

Hamlet recently Plurked a request for Inauguration Day SL pics. I'd send him mine, but, uh . . . I'm thinking no. I'm sure you are too.

I started off the day at the Netroots Nation Island's live streaming audio/video of the event. But since I recently downloaded a new beta RC for Mac, I lost all my settings and forgot that streaming video wasn't automatically enabled anymore. So I sat there like a dolt, staring at a blank screen for awhile before giving up and watching it on my television while I chatted inworld with a friend. My AV was there the whole time though:


That chick behind me is an SL mentor, BTW. She made me feel better because her ARC was higher than mine. And NO, I didn't make her sign a photo release contract. If any of you see yourselves in my photos and hate it, holler and I'll remove them immediately.

That dress I'm wearing is a gift from my favorite group/store Shiki Designs. Join the update group, go to the store and you can get it too. It's cool but it has a very complicated name: Black and White Winter Dress. Sorry I'm not standing, or you could really see it in all its glory. (Ding Fotherington does it justice in her blog HERE though.)

The people on Netroots Nation Island ranged from the creepy to the completely un-rezzed to the patriotic:


I covered the eyes of the girl in front (with a Photobucket sunglasses 'sticker'!) to protect her privacy, but for the record, I think photosourced hair is CREEPY AS HELL. Let's all just STOP uploading real photos of real textures, please? It freaks me out. Plus, I thought we were all here to ESCAPE reality.

Note the instructions sign that I failed to read. It happened to be RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Maybe if I would have clicked my streaming video on, I wouldn't have wasted all my time taking pics of creepy AVs. Like this chick:


How do I get MY eyes to do that? I think it's just a matter of sliders.

And you know, I really have to hand it to those people out there who are striving to be original. Honest to God, I do. So many of us are too damn concerned with being fashionable, glamorous or cute. And then there are those awesome, awesome hilarious people out there who just say "screw it" and max out various sliders. And frankly, I really think those are the people who truly get it. SL is supposed to be fun and, HELL YEAH, funny. Why burden ourselves with the same pressures to be popular, charming, beautiful and perfect as we do in real life?

I don't know if that sentence was grammatically correct.

I spent a lot of time being fascinated with this woman:


Here's a frontal view:


I really, really want to believe that this was some kind of a glitch or had something to do with my viewer. Otherwise, damn honey, that is a long-ass torso you're rocking there.

I saw Obama in the front row:


Later that night, I crashed a couple of SL's inauguration balls alone. Sigh.

Here's a shot of the party at Sugar Hill with DJ Marjorie Dibou. Actually, there were several other dateless women dancing out there, but I couldn't get the dance ball to work, so I just stood there like a wallflower for a while.


I'm wearing Nicky Ree's Elegant Laura gown in red and white, BTW, because I know you're dying to know. I thought it looked fairly White House.

Here's a side shot of it. Nicky Ree would probably kick my ass if she knew I colored her prims from silver to white, but the silver just looked like blotches that never rezzed to me:


The hair is Shir from Exile, as part of the Heart of Love fundraising effort to raise money for Shir Dryke's heart transplant. I don't know Shir, and I'll probably be the only one to publicly say, "I really HOPE this chick is REAL and honestly needs our help."

I'm sure she is. Clickie HERE for all the information you need.

I went from Sugar Hill to Capitol Hill, where people were rocking Eshi Otawara's gowns, including Eshi herself:


It reeeeeally was fancy, and I was the ONLY one there alone, so I snapped that pretty bad pic and then left quickly.

That's about the extent of my Inauguration Day adventures. I know you're all fanning yourselves and breathing heavily by now.

4. And finally, Kissable Kitties is closing, which is sad, and everything in the store is marked down to about $1L, with fat packs at $5 to S10L. There are some great shapes for $1L along the back wall too.

It was a madhouse in there today. A pregnant woman with a talking fetus kept getting in my way. I know we women are supposed to be all proud of showing off The Belly and everything but, um, it's time for a part of my blog that I like to call:



All that bling cannot be good for the baby!!!

She even had bling on her eyelashes, but I swear she somehow psychically knew I was camming around after her, because she ran away from me and then poofed when I zoomed in for a close-up.

That's all my news.

Signing off.


Learning Teacher said...

I didn't realise that hair was from Exile when I saw the picture on your plurk. Kavar (who makes Exile hair) said in Plurk that he is happy to help you custom fit the hair if you would give him your head measurements. (this is why you should stalk all your fave designers on Plurk, if they are there :P)


Emerald Wynn said...

The hair is awesome. I'm just horribly uncoordinated. And because I'm shy and sort of antisocial, I probably won't bother Kavar about it . . . but it's good to know! Very cool of him.

Learning Teacher said...

You? Ms. PR? Antisocial? Wha--?? LOL

Oh it's not the hair, it's just the fact that the hair is made to fit a certain shape and size head, so can't expect to have "one size fits all". I spent some time yesterday modding hair to fit me, and yes it's tedious and annoying. Finally I trashed one particular style :(


Tymmerie Thorne said...

I didn't think there could be another shop with as dirty a name as Fishy Strawberry...but Kissable Kitties is right up there. And I don't care if people think my mind is in the gutter. :-P

Whatever you do Emerald - DO NOT SHRINK YOUR HEAD TO FIT THE HAIR! make the designer do a custom job or ditch it - you are too cute to become a pinhead.

chestnut rau said... picture on your blog! That is me and Zha on the left, Bevan in the middle, Eshi on the right in the huge matching gowns. dunno who they are dancing with.