Saturday, July 10, 2010

C is for Change


(I SWEAR, this is going to be my last unbearably long post. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!! I tried to make it painless for you by inserting lots of pictures. *laugh* And you might want to NOT read it now and come back later because trust me, I will edit it about 50 times during the next 24 hours. And then maybe it'll be shorter.)


Bear with me because everything's different!

I'm using Flickr today instead of Photobucket. I DO have another Flickr account — see the slideshow somewhere on this page, the retro one — but for the life of me, I can't remember the password or the e-mail address for it. So those pictures are frozen in eternity. That's OK though. I like looking at my sweet little nooby pics. That was back when everything was "FRESH and EXCITING and DRAMA-FREE."

(I feel like that should be a cereal label.)

So I made a new Flickr account, but I'm rusty at the whole blogging-with-Flickr thing. So have patience.

I finally got rid of the blog header I made in 2008. *sniffs while the crowd cheers* Let's look at it one last time though!

Goodbye Header Sniff Sniff


When I first started Emerald's Eyes, my intention was to be this sort of geeky AV who didn't really have a Second Life presence aside from wandering around observing things and commenting on them. I think I planned to change glasses in every post. That was going to be my big distinguishing blog gimmick: What pair of glasses is Emerald wearing in this post?


Flash forward to now, more than two years later. I don't know if I should be grateful or disturbed that I'm still writing this thing. I guess a little of both.

As a final farewell gesture to that header, I decided to a) dig that look out of my inventory and put it on my current shape, and b) get out there and see if all that stuff is still available.

So there it all is today, up there in the lead pic (except with Belleza's Alyson skin, 9 in Sunkissed). WOW — I forgot about the whole "effect of Windlight on old-school prims" thing. Yet another reason for me to throw out all the sentimental stuff from 2008. I don't have the energy to re-tint all those prims. Even the classics from beloved designers. *thinks about Last Call and weeps*

In that original header, I was wearing a skin that I loved passionately — a Tres Very skin in Peachy, Tan. Back in 2008, the Tres Very skin line was fabulous, and I firmly believe creator Verotica Lewis was ahead of her time. Sadly, Tres Very is gone now (or if it's around, I can't find it) and I don't think Verotica is making skins anymore. I sent her a query. If I hear back, I'll let you know.

For old time's sake, here's what that skin looks like on my shape now. (My God, this post is so exciting, I can barely stand it!)


Woo! It looks so strange now in this era of high-definition skins, but the face is still really pretty. Her lips, for example, were awesome. *sniffs and throws it away*

*and continues to laugh at the mismatched prims*

OK, so the rest of it?

Hair: Sophie, Blonds pack by Maitreya (295L)


BINGO! It's still there, albeit upstairs with the older styles. The hair tie is color-change.

I guess we should talk about Emerald's eyes.


BWAHAHAHAHA! Honey chile, I NEVER left my skybox without the EYE BLING! What's the point of even EXISTING in Second Life without sparkly eyes?! At least that was my attitude back then. Ha ha ha! They were BLANGIN' too! I'm not sure where I got those eye prims. They're called Sparkle Eyes and I think they're full-perm if you want some.

Those eyes are Expressive Eyes, Green 3 by Nany Merlin, and they were my favorites. I went to Nany's Unique Megastore to see if they're still around. Sorry Nany, but it was full of fugly street-walker-type chicks who were stressing me out a little. Plus it was taking forever for everything in there to rez. So I didn't look too hard. I did find "Normal Eyes" and "Sensitive Eyes" though. I stared at them for a long time to try to figure out what exactly makes eyes "sensitive" instead of "normal." I couldn't figure it out. I could've IM'ed Nany and asked her, but I'd already reached my quota of IMs to creators I don't know (which would be 1).

Glasses: *dolce* by NALA. CHECK! They're still there, 200L. I rock.

And I have no clue where I got that smug, smart-aleck look on my face in that header. I don't think I even knew what an AO was back then, so maybe it was just a magical moment in the midst of the spread-legged noob stance.

Hey, let's go to Japan!!

Back in the day, I loved loved loved Kumamoto, Japan. It was a magical place with walls of beautiful things, all for 0L. That's where I got the wood jewelry I'm wearing in that header. Today, Kumamoto looks nothing like it did in 2008, but there are still stores scattered everywhere with plenty of inexpensive things.


I bought that pink P_Chan AV down there. Hell, it was only 10L. And hell no, I have no clue what P_Chan is. But damn, that place has a lot of monkeys. Even monkey pants!!!

I also found this FUKIDASHI! For only 10L! Not to be confused with the most awesome, um, "personal massage tool" ever — the Fukuoku 9000 (link NSFW!!!) — fukidashi, I'm pretty sure, means something like "thought bubble." You can change your thoughts when you're wearing it.


I'm thinking of beer.

Aren't we all?

OMG! Look what I found!!!


There it is! In all its glory! The "KJ Wood Necklace and Pierce"! For 0L! Exclamation point!

*checks it off the list*

(If you're into that kind of thing, the Deco Rose earrings next to them are also free. In fact, everything in that store is free.)

OK, on to the shirt.

I was wearing the exotically titled Halterneck ($350L) from the ecstasy and the agony that is Ce Cubic Effect. I swung by — Halterneck is still there and in a new vendor, so I'm thinking the prims have been updated. I thought about buying it again . . . but then I thought "no." If I remember correctly, I had to shrink my AV down to skeletal size just to fit into that shirt because even at the widest "stretch" level, it was way too small for my normal shape.

And because I love you, I'm going to dig up a really old, ridiculous photo of me dancing in it for your entertainment:


Laughter. That was my SLanorexic phase. At least the Amazon chick next to me had not yet mastered the fine art of pulling up her skirt prim. See. Some people *do* shoot rainbows out of their asses!!

OK, so I fell asleep twice writing this post - no joke - so I'm gonna end it now. Actually, I should just NOT publish it because it's THAT boring. But I wanted to chronicle this transition in my SLife. And plus, we've all learned a very valuable lesson from it. Or at least I have:

Damn, my little nooby self had pretty timeless fashion taste! (OK, at least sometimes.)


Enjoy your frog life!!

Unique Megastore
Kumamoto (the necklace)
Ce Cubic Effect


Kumamoto (the shopping district)


Casandra Shilova said...

I still like you best as a blonde. :-)

Although I've tossed several pieces thinking...I spent lindens on that?!, when I really want to wear something I'll re-tint.

Skins have come so far since then. I still haven't thrown out my Celestial Studios limited edition skin. Who knows someone might throw out a challenge and I'll want it for photos.

Emerald Wynn said...

Aw, Casandra - in RL I'm light brunette, or at best a wannabe blonde with (usually) dark roots. I try hard to make my AV look exactly like my real self, especially the chest . . . . . . . HAHAHAHAHA!

OK, sorry - I couldn't say that with a straight face.

Maybe Ali could throw a "Break Out Your Oldest Skin" Hump Day party. Then we could all share fond noob memories!

Casandra Shilova said...

It shows as med-dark blonde on my monitor and I thought you were about that shade in RL.

Have fun in the pool.